$1 Street Food Around The World

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From taiyaki to pav bhaji to pan-fried pork buns, experience these different types of $1 street food around the world - POV style!
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  1. Noel Brown

    Noel Brown12 minutos atrás


  2. A Week

    A Week12 minutos atrás

    In my country you can get a medium size bag of chips for 75¢

  3. RUNAI

    RUNAI16 minutos atrás

    in Korea you can get tteokbokki (ricecake with fishcake and Korean chillipaste) for 1000₩

  4. A .J

    A .J41 minuto atrás


  5. Phux Lord

    Phux Lord51 minuto atrás

    Why dont have Viet Nam

  6. Ana Paula H Brito

    Ana Paula H Brito52 minutos atrás

    Woooooow. India woooooon

  7. Jaimee Liwaliw Baldeo

    Jaimee Liwaliw Baldeo59 minutos atrás

    Oi! In mexico they call it pesos In da phillipines they call it pesos I thought “only in da phillipines”?!

  8. Shining KPOP

    Shining KPOPHora atrás

    How about you travel this country, Brazil, Korean,Malaysian,Singapore,Indonesian And Taiwan

  9. GL Foxie

    GL FoxieHora atrás

    AUSTRALIA Idk where but somewhere

  10. Mege Marcus

    Mege MarcusHora atrás

    I want to see the philipines here like its 54 or 45 pesos for one american dollar here plu si can do some work if you want but i dont really know how much pesoes does it take to get 1 dollar i mean you can get alot of stuff with one american dollar

  11. Dragonmanthefire

    DragonmanthefireHora atrás


  12. Md Samir

    Md SamirHora atrás

    3:35. Indiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa The best

  13. Zaida Estrella Coronado

    Zaida Estrella Coronado2 horas atrás

    In Puerto Rico we have alcapurrias 😋

  14. GachaBear Lol

    GachaBear Lol2 horas atrás

    5:19 So buttery - I know he'd just showing it for the vid but why make healthy soup if you're gonna have soo much BUTTER

  15. Dilawar Abbas

    Dilawar Abbas2 horas atrás

    In pakistan You can buy 6 parathas 3 cups of tea 3 plates of curry

  16. Kayzel. io

    Kayzel. io2 horas atrás

    Idk why but the way Indian people make food is so satisfying..

  17. Clendy Pettry

    Clendy Pettry2 horas atrás

    maybe sweden?

  18. awais aziz

    awais aziz2 horas atrás


  19. Dream Time with Carlota

    Dream Time with Carlota2 horas atrás

    Porro not porra

  20. Shiva Krishna

    Shiva Krishna2 horas atrás


  21. M 802

    M 8023 horas atrás

    I’m so hungry

  22. Sekar Ningrum

    Sekar Ningrum3 horas atrás

    In indonesia you'll get nasi uduk it's a rice cooked with coconut milk

  23. PapaPitty

    PapaPitty3 horas atrás

    Go to greece for souvlaki is best thing on world teust me you can ask any greek man and ge will say the same

  24. Ap3_

    Ap3_3 horas atrás

    Хуй без соли

  25. na na

    na na3 horas atrás

    If u come to Indonesia,u can get 6pcs instant noodle/7 eggs and that only cost 1$

  26. lance ganalon

    lance ganalon3 horas atrás

    in philippine 1 dollar can get you 5 burgers

  27. Teshiku

    Teshiku3 horas atrás

    In uk it will be just a salt packet things are soo expensive her

  28. Сабина Князькова

    Сабина Князькова3 horas atrás

    In Russia for 1 dollar you can by nothing

  29. 겁나 T R A S H ガンガン

    겁나 T R A S H ガンガン3 horas atrás

    Malaysia pls

  30. Swatfair123

    Swatfair1233 horas atrás


  31. Lucas Clementsen

    Lucas Clementsen3 horas atrás

    In Denmark, you’ll get nothing for that amount.

  32. Sol_ hey

    Sol_ hey4 horas atrás

    In France with 1 euro you can buy a croissant 👍

  33. morenavine c

    morenavine c4 horas atrás

    I was hoping for holland and then Stroopwafels

  34. Itz_ Mochalexi

    Itz_ Mochalexi4 horas atrás

    philippines pls

  35. INFINITE IRoboUman

    INFINITE IRoboUman5 horas atrás

    Go to Romanian and try "sarmale"

  36. Pikachu

    Pikachu5 horas atrás

    Can you try cambodia food?

  37. Ege Cengiz

    Ege Cengiz5 horas atrás

    Adanadaki mahmut usta daha iyi

  38. Y Lun Trinh

    Y Lun Trinh6 horas atrás

    I want see food Viet Nam

  39. BTS Is Life

    BTS Is Life6 horas atrás

    pls tell the indian man to use gloves😭

  40. Thashana Kones

    Thashana Kones6 horas atrás

    In switzerland you can buy for 1 chf a bubblecum nothing else🤧

  41. Bình Xuân

    Bình Xuân6 horas atrás

    why not have vietnamese

  42. Kaper.

    Kaper.6 horas atrás


  43. Xeria Aiono

    Xeria Aiono6 horas atrás

    In New Zealand you can buy two whole Big Macs for $1.80

  44. Kelvin Setiawan

    Kelvin Setiawan7 horas atrás

    $1 di indonesia bisa dapat bakso Seporsi 😁

  45. Kelvin Setiawan

    Kelvin Setiawan7 horas atrás

    $1 di indonesia bisa dapat bakso Seporsi 😁

  46. ANCUTA Savu

    ANCUTA Savu7 horas atrás

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ♢ 1000000.00000000.000000

  47. art1st1cly

    art1st1cly7 horas atrás

    You can actually buy a lot of food for *$1* in the Philippines istg

  48. Akiane 69

    Akiane 697 horas atrás

    in the philippines we have kwek-kwek

  49. Hoàng Văn An

    Hoàng Văn An7 horas atrás

    Does anybody here try street food in Vietnam?

  50. Strawberry Cookie :3

    Strawberry Cookie :38 horas atrás

    I'm from California On the streets we have fruit sellers and eloteros so you can buy like 2 elotes for 2 dollars Also my mouth was watering when I saw the pork buns they looked so GOOD