12 Craziest Foods at the LA County Fair!

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“Whoever thought of putting buffalo chicken and mac & chest together in an ice cream cone…I want to marry that person.”
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Today we’re at the Los Angeles County Fair to taste test all the crazy foods you’ll only find at a modern state fair - from deep fried avocados to the triple decker Krispy Kreme burger to a Girl Scout Cookie donut - the food was indulgent & awesome. Basically, Cheat Day hit the road! And it was great - until our car got hit on the way home... Never a dull moment with the Clevver crew!!
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  1. Aneiyah Turner

    Aneiyah Turner4 horas atrás

    These people act so white 😂

  2. Amanda Veach

    Amanda Veach13 horas atrás

    12:07 weird flex but okay

  3. Lyra Johnson

    Lyra JohnsonDia atrás

    im vegan why am i watching this😂

  4. peace outme

    peace outmeDia atrás

    Kennedy page that so true that what relished that🙂😂

  5. Dora I Ema Ivanić

    Dora I Ema Ivanić2 dias atrás

    I hate coconut

  6. Hermione Marquez

    Hermione Marquez2 dias atrás

    I love food my best talent is eating🌭🥞🥓🥙🌯🍔🍕🍟🍩

  7. du1roger

    du1roger2 dias atrás

    I love coconut, but I really don’t like the texture of dried, shredded coconut. I can handle like, pina coladas or coconut flavoring, but not that shredded stuff.

  8. xonslaughtlioness

    xonslaughtlioness2 dias atrás

    I'll only get the beef corndog at the fair. Everything else looks awful to eat.

  9. زهره اليمن

    زهره اليمن3 dias atrás

    There are all so freaking pretty ♥️💗💞💖💕 💗

  10. MakeupBy IvoryB

    MakeupBy IvoryB6 dias atrás

    “No it’s not like... a REAL frog leg they can’t sell frogs” 😂😂 Should I tell her orrr? 😂

  11. Kate Bernard

    Kate Bernard6 dias atrás

    I do not like coconut🥥🥥❌❌

  12. Hebba Snobar

    Hebba Snobar7 dias atrás

    So deep fried Oreos aren’t that good. I love Oreos and deep fried foods but when u have them together u can’t taste the Oreo like at all

  13. Ryann Bacon

    Ryann Bacon7 dias atrás

    Buffaloie is now a word

  14. macy kaye

    macy kaye7 dias atrás

    ItS A FrIEd AvACaDo ERIn

  15. Sophia DiMucci

    Sophia DiMucci7 dias atrás

    When she said I just wanna big d I havent had one in a while I screamed

  16. Morgan Rose

    Morgan Rose7 dias atrás

    Don’t ever say buffaloy

  17. Allison Hunter

    Allison Hunter8 dias atrás

    I can assure you they are ACTUAL frog legs. Frig legs are eaten ALL over the world. My Grandpa grew up eating frog legs sauteed in butter, fried, in soups and stews. He was born and raised in Alabama, Erin is right, they eat EVERYTHING that isnt a pet in the south. Squirrel, gators, you name it. IT IS A REAL FROG DUH! And yes, pickles are literally just pickled cucumbers. You take cucumbers, vinegar, herbs, spices, and stick it all in a jar and leave it until the vinegar permeates the cucumbers and flavors them.

  18. Kayla Perry

    Kayla Perry9 dias atrás

    "it's not actually frog." what do you think frog legs are!? Lol I love this episode!

  19. hey bihhh

    hey bihhh12 dias atrás

    Loren is my spirit animal

  20. Landon Y

    Landon Y13 dias atrás

    Why is the first thing they show at the LA county fair a bunch of Gourmet donuts from Texas? Ironic.

  21. Lola Rose

    Lola Rose14 dias atrás

    Coconut is definitely horrible to eat

  22. Bethany Maher

    Bethany Maher14 dias atrás

    Ok what all my favourite people in one video... how am I just seeing this

  23. Omg_Itz_Ani

    Omg_Itz_Ani15 dias atrás

    Thanks guys you made me sooooo hungry

  24. MiriamB

    MiriamB17 dias atrás


  25. Abdullah Javed

    Abdullah Javed19 dias atrás

    Erin 😂

  26. Brittany Kayy

    Brittany Kayy19 dias atrás

    Deep fried Oreos are my weakness ❤

  27. Lil Yoda

    Lil Yoda21 dia atrás

    Who’s gonna tell her it’s frog ?

  28. HollyAnnxo

    HollyAnnxo22 dias atrás

    It is real frog.

  29. HollyAnnxo

    HollyAnnxo22 dias atrás

    I dont like cocanut.

  30. Thunderhorse9 9

    Thunderhorse9 924 dias atrás

    Me and my mom don’t like coconut but her mom and some of my cousins do

  31. Layla Hedrick

    Layla Hedrick24 dias atrás

    Erin’s excuse is I’m from the south! 😂😂

  32. Bella Foster

    Bella Foster26 dias atrás

    Loryn looks like Bernadette from Big Bang theory!

  33. kaitlyn beard

    kaitlyn beard27 dias atrás

    me and my friends at a buffet

  34. Kenasia Young

    Kenasia YoungMês atrás

    I love them but they are honestly sooooo dumb about the food

  35. ciara mclean

    ciara mcleanMês atrás

    That song at the beginning was something

  36. colorfulfreak1

    colorfulfreak1Mês atrás

    "It's not like real frog they're just called that cause of the shape." What??? Of course it's real frog! What the hell else would lt be??? XD

  37. Samantha Jimenez

    Samantha JimenezMês atrás

    “I’m from the south” that is arons excuse to everything

  38. Owlicous Vlogs

    Owlicous VlogsMês atrás

    I love coconutttttt

  39. Mya De Lovos

    Mya De LovosMês atrás

    No coconut.

  40. Alexandria Hernandez

    Alexandria HernandezMês atrás

    Erins right, you really gotta work if you wanna impress someone from the south with carnival food

  41. Queen K

    Queen KMês atrás

    "They just taste like cold little balls". "Yeah you like the hot big balls like big D " " yeah I like the big D" 😂😂💀💀 I can't. The further I watch it the funnier it gets 😂😅

  42. Queen K

    Queen KMês atrás

    "This is the big D you just pick it up with your hand like you would another D " 😂💀 " kids don't just pick up D's with your hands "😂😂 I'm dead I can't breathe 😂😂😂💀💀" Big D is coming home with me ,. Does Matt know? I'll share it with him if he's good" I'm officially done you guys are seriously awesome and hilarious 😂😂😂💀💀

  43. Queen K

    Queen KMês atrás

    "OMG I love big D" 😂

  44. Jadyn Newton

    Jadyn NewtonMês atrás

    Erin: "There's too much avacado" Its a fried avacado Erin! 😂😂😂 I love Erin

  45. Molly Hayes

    Molly HayesMês atrás

    If you like coconut leave my life

  46. Ski Mask The Meme God

    Ski Mask The Meme GodMês atrás

    It is real frog 😂

  47. Fatima Fuzz fuzz

    Fatima Fuzz fuzzMês atrás

    This is the definition of a pickle: A pickled cucumber is a cucumber that has been pickled in a brine, vinegar, or other solution and left to ferment for a period of time, by either immersing the cucumbers in an acidic solution or through souring by lacto-fermentation. Pickled cucumbers are often part of mixed pickles.

  48. Amy Bohn

    Amy BohnMês atrás

    They are so thin👅

  49. Hayley Barnes

    Hayley BarnesMês atrás

    I make pickles

  50. Haleigh Bolton

    Haleigh BoltonMês atrás

    you know what would be delicious, deep fried bacon wrapped mac and cheese.