Anna Faris Teaches Conan How To Look Sexy - CONAN on TBS

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CONAN Highlight: Anna teaches Conan that the secret to looking sexy is making a face that conveys, “ow, that hurt."
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  1. kimberly kim

    kimberly kim18 horas atrás

    I love her bt this interview is really uncomfortable to watch.

  2. dear Sal

    dear Sal2 dias atrás

    I just wanna say that I want to put my tongue in her butt hole

  3. Jerry Charlemagne

    Jerry Charlemagne6 dias atrás


  4. ooopaulpeterooo

    ooopaulpeterooo7 dias atrás

    love her

  5. Gandalf the White

    Gandalf the White10 dias atrás

    5:41 Some kids laugh in the audience

  6. Vince Mok

    Vince Mok13 dias atrás

    Damn her voice changed so much since scary movies

  7. lolwhodis 345

    lolwhodis 34514 dias atrás

    Everyone's hands are everywhere

  8. Candy Palazzolo

    Candy Palazzolo29 dias atrás

    Anna is so cool and funny...She is a very attractive lady and she is a great actress....💋💞💓💞💋

  9. Doug Carruthers

    Doug CarruthersMês atrás

    5:28 Now we Cocos O face

  10. Rhyme Oddysey

    Rhyme OddyseyMês atrás

    hilarious actress, damn she's doing great for 41.

  11. Jonathan Cipriano

    Jonathan CiprianoMês atrás

    I've never related to someone so much before...

  12. alternativeforest

    alternativeforestMês atrás

    she is anorexic?

  13. C N

    C NMês atrás

    What do you get when a tall irish ginger gets ''to know'' a turtle? Conan O 'Brien xD

  14. Sheena lyne

    Sheena lyneMês atrás

    This was painful to watch. Poor Conan.. wow

  15. RaikaSTi

    RaikaSTiMês atrás

    damn she look good for her age

  16. جرعتك اليومية من الإنترنت

    جرعتك اليومية من الإنترنتMês atrás

    The solution to social anxiety or worrying to much about people's opinions is to not give a f*** my friend, growing older u realize that most Things/people do not matter at all, and u regret all those years you spent torturing yourself because of some silly things/people in life, of course u have to always be grounded and humble but also you must know that to yourself you are the center of everything as as Rumi said: “Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”

  17. Joe Jeff

    Joe JeffMês atrás


  18. Bob

    BobMês atrás

    I love how he said she could swear, yet they still bleeped it out of the video

  19. Barack Obama

    Barack ObamaMês atrás

    Anna Faris is such a unloyal bitch and a fake ass for leaving chris pratt

  20. Kenny Cobra

    Kenny CobraMês atrás


  21. chlselyn17

    chlselyn17Mês atrás

    That was so beautiful. Honest and lovely ❤️

  22. Bruno Escoto

    Bruno EscotoMês atrás

    She talks so much and says so little...

  23. LordStickMax

    LordStickMaxMês atrás

    i can't tell if she hasn't aged or she always looked older. i do like her though.

  24. deem manning

    deem manningMês atrás


  25. vivian garcia

    vivian garciaMês atrás

    3:35 is me trying to flirt with my crush

  26. Charlie B

    Charlie BMês atrás

    15 years too old...

  27. Genotoxic

    GenotoxicMês atrás

    I don't find her funny

  28. Alain Bruno

    Alain BrunoMês atrás

    She has the best personality

  29. ryandc ranchdel

    ryandc ranchdelMês atrás

    My favorite actress 😊

  30. Thémis Babalis

    Thémis BabalisMês atrás

    it was hard to watch, but I sometimes have these anxious I totally understand.


    SQUADLYMês atrás

    She looks a lot better without bangs.

  32. Gustavo campos

    Gustavo camposMês atrás

    Conan seems like he can’t wait to get out of this vapid interview

  33. Michael James

    Michael JamesMês atrás

    Proof-positive that Chris Pratt has a mental defect. That is all.

  34. Jack Aurier

    Jack AurierMês atrás

    She became funny because she smashed Chris Pratt.

  35. Lothario Bazaroff

    Lothario BazaroffMês atrás

    For the whole conversation I was imagining that she's sitting on my lap while talking to Conan. Quoth the raven, and nothing more... Honestly.

  36. dyoooooooooon

    dyoooooooooonMês atrás

    I love her so much, but it seems she's drunk here.

  37. M Ouija

    M OuijaMês atrás

    I've always liked her. By Hollywood "standards" she looks like she should be a 7, but always comes off as a 10. Total smokeshow.

  38. sexntuna

    sexntunaMês atrás

    FINISH A GOD DAMN SENTENCE! She constantly starts to sat something and then never finishes it. Arrrrrrgh makes me insane!

  39. Jacob Lewis

    Jacob LewisMês atrás

    Damn niggas head look like a box

  40. Dilan Khangebam

    Dilan KhangebamMês atrás

    Chris you was lucky

  41. ahmed

    ahmedMês atrás

    Enough. With. Cirurgy. Please.

  42. D0n't @ Me

    D0n't @ MeMês atrás

    I think she was out Conaning Conan for a minute, she has that same loveable awkwardness about her.

  43. Bob Of All Trades

    Bob Of All TradesMês atrás

    6:06 Boom! Nailed it Coco!

  44. Abhi Abz

    Abhi AbzMês atrás

    Wow. Never knew that Anna Faris was such a nice person! awesome beautiful soul. Gem of a human. So grounded. Thanks for sharing. She reminds me of Goldie hawns, at least as talented, but is very under rated and got much less opportunities. Have a gut feeling she could be great at serious deep roles as well.

  45. F E

    F EMês atrás

    00:59 she seemed so genuinely grateful there. Too cute. Edit: 4:25 I laughed so unexpected and violently at Conan here that I think i injured myself.

  46. True Seeker

    True SeekerMês atrás


  47. M. Lewis

    M. LewisMês atrás

    A lot of sexual tension, especially at the end there lol

  48. Yon ce

    Yon ceMês atrás

    Conans face could be an old women 😂

  49. lovelywaz

    lovelywazMês atrás

    She's 42 but looks like in her late 20s here 😲😲😲

  50. T K

    T KMês atrás

    Anna Farris is the female Chris Farley for me :D period.

  51. F E

    F EMês atrás

    +T K oh ok good, I wasn't sure XD

  52. T K

    T KMês atrás


  53. F E

    F EMês atrás

    Like in a good way?

  54. Natalie Christine

    Natalie ChristineMês atrás

    Conan wants to make out with her so bad

  55. F E

    F EMês atrás

    Im kinda lamenting his marriage right now a little bit, I think they'd be a lovely couple.