Craziest Things Ever Stolen (CAUGHT ON CAMERA)

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Just how much is an aquarium shark worth? Retta's here to guess how much these crazy stolen items cost! GMM #1422
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  1. -

    -Dia atrás

    clicked on the video and it’s RETTA! she is so amazing!!!

  2. Kyler Evans

    Kyler EvansDia atrás

    I have been to that aqaurium! In San Antonio! I live in Houston

  3. Infamous Rage

    Infamous Rage6 dias atrás

    Stop bullying us Texans😂😂😂

  4. Sean Loves You

    Sean Loves You6 dias atrás

    why is she so damn shiny?

  5. Dani Jo

    Dani Jo5 dias atrás

    Sean Loves You she’s glowing, like the queen she is!!

  6. dragonNINJAdx

    dragonNINJAdx7 dias atrás

    I think Link likes Five Finger Death Punch.

  7. Josefine Emilie Bjørklund

    Josefine Emilie Bjørklund12 dias atrás

    okay you guys need to check the facts haha, I am from Denmark and the vodka was being borrowed to a vodka museum in the basement of a bar long term from the Dartz empire and the bottle was stollen with keys to the bar and basement, but a few days after it was stolen, the bottle was found empty and dropped on a building site a few cities away(actually my city haha), and the bottle was given back to the guy who has the vodka museum.

  8. wolverine96

    wolverine9612 dias atrás

    I was guessing 1.2M on the fajitas

  9. kohl cooke

    kohl cooke12 dias atrás

    Poor Link might have to get a new best friend, because Retta and Rhett have good chemistry.

  10. Mr. Peapoo

    Mr. Peapoo12 dias atrás

    Retta is such a treat

  11. Hosah Niebauer

    Hosah Niebauer14 dias atrás

    I read rettas mind on the first one

  12. Ismael Rivera

    Ismael Rivera15 dias atrás

    okay not to be like mean or anything but uh did anyone else notice R etta's eyes when she's being introduced?...

  13. Unbrose

    Unbrose16 dias atrás

    Retta and Dolph Ziggler have been the best guests on GMM in my opinion.

  14. Danica Suizo

    Danica Suizo16 dias atrás

    There is a Link between the names Rhett and Retta. 🤔

  15. ARoseByAnotherName

    ARoseByAnotherName16 dias atrás

    "That's a lot of fajitas..." Me staring at my plate at every Mexican restaurant I've been too.

  16. LordBhorak

    LordBhorak17 dias atrás

    There was clearly a link between Rhett and Retta ;)

  17. Amelia Hyatt

    Amelia Hyatt17 dias atrás


  18. Luck310455

    Luck31045518 dias atrás

    DONA MEAGLE!!!!!

  19. FireFly Hunter

    FireFly Hunter18 dias atrás

    He showed his work. A+!

  20. Dark Wolf Productions

    Dark Wolf Productions20 dias atrás

    I actually know the fajita bandit i played baseball with his son

  21. PullGod Joe

    PullGod Joe20 dias atrás

    I do not appreciate this slander against San Antonio 😂😂

  22. Tyler Feeger

    Tyler Feeger21 dia atrás

    Is link high?

  23. Nevaeh Givens

    Nevaeh Givens21 dia atrás

    I GUESSED 12 CHICKEN COMBOS ON THE DOT!!! It’s sad that I found that as an accomplishment.

  24. X Klein

    X Klein21 dia atrás

    Hey I live in San Antonio

  25. MarkDuhShark

    MarkDuhShark21 dia atrás

    The wheel of mythicality announcement was so cute it made me tear up a little

  26. Alexis Esparza

    Alexis Esparza21 dia atrás

    That face though

  27. Llama Mama

    Llama Mama21 dia atrás

    I’m from San Antonio and whenever they mentioned the shark I died a little and just thought oh ya that 🤣

  28. jdssurf

    jdssurf22 dias atrás

    A zoo shark....lmfao

  29. its noon

    its noon22 dias atrás

    I live in a small town and our dinner had a life size plastic Bart Simpson sitting on the bench in front and he went missing for a few years and then it turned out some teenager stole him on a dare and hid him in her room and when the mom found out she made the kid bring it back. He went missing in maybe 2010 and came back in 2012. I haven't seen Bart for a couple years and I wonder what became of him...

  30. Bird

    Bird22 dias atrás


  31. SuperSilver759

    SuperSilver75922 dias atrás


  32. SuperSilver759

    SuperSilver75922 dias atrás

    Just saying, I know her from the Key and Peele skit where they Scat Battle

  33. Alaina Williamson

    Alaina Williamson22 dias atrás

    Link could be a teacher! He is great at math.

  34. Alaina Williamson

    Alaina Williamson22 dias atrás

    This is my favorite episode. I LOVE Retta! She is so funny, she makes me laugh so much! "Not very, but... I am very competitive so I'm really gonna put my heart into this." - Retta 2018 My favorite quote now!!

  35. Wes Eaton

    Wes Eaton22 dias atrás

    i live used to live in san antonio

  36. Hulk 2015

    Hulk 201523 dias atrás

    san antonio guy right here

  37. Rock Ryan

    Rock Ryan23 dias atrás

    I love you guys and would take any chance to meet you

  38. A.H TxFar

    A.H TxFar23 dias atrás


  39. dani Cruz

    dani Cruz23 dias atrás

    I came here to have a good time but yall wanna diss San Antonio and now i feel personally attacked 😂😭😭

  40. Denisa AKA Wolfy

    Denisa AKA Wolfy24 dias atrás

    Woah She has A Beatiful Voice ❤

  41. fate_clotho

    fate_clotho24 dias atrás

    So, what you in for? .... Fajitas...

  42. Isabelle Araujo

    Isabelle Araujo24 dias atrás

    Rhetta was such a GREAT GUEST on GMM!

  43. jssangel416

    jssangel41624 dias atrás

    OMG, I LOVE Good Girls!! I was so surprised at how much I love the show.

  44. Thomas Pickens

    Thomas Pickens24 dias atrás

    Rhetta is dead sexy. The things I would do..... 🤤

  45. Thomas Pickens

    Thomas Pickens24 dias atrás

    There were 5 pairs of ruby slippers that survived from the movie. There were more used in filming.

  46. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Anastasia Beaverhausen25 dias atrás

    Rhetta is my favorite guest in recent memory!

  47. Cole Noble

    Cole Noble25 dias atrás

    RHEET READA book

  48. Puff Ball

    Puff Ball25 dias atrás


  49. Jojo's Corner

    Jojo's Corner25 dias atrás

    i love ❤️ your videos I woch them all time🦄❤️💕💗💕💕🦋🦄🦄🦋💕🦄🦄🦋💕💕💗💕💕🦋🦋🦄🦄🦋💕💕💗❤️🦋🦄🐬🦄🦋🦋❤️💕💕

  50. bnenomore

    bnenomore25 dias atrás

    Ever since Julien spilled the tea, I can't look at Retta the same!

  51. Rordon Gamsay

    Rordon Gamsay23 dias atrás

    what tea

  52. Wayne H

    Wayne H25 dias atrás

    Does anyone know the brand of shirt Rhett is wearing?