Hurricane Florence, the storm's first strike

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The storm-force winds are starting to lash North Carolina and officials are imploring residents to evacuate before the dangerous storm surges and flooding take over.

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  1. saiful hashim

    saiful hashim5 horas atrás

  2. Green Lightning Studios

    Green Lightning Studios17 horas atrás

    Dont they know the circle is never at haunted hills

  3. Ultraspire X

    Ultraspire X2 dias atrás

    Now that’s a lot of damage!

  4. Jasmine Singh

    Jasmine Singh2 dias atrás

    And i heard its coming to england!

  5. Lalo Rodriguez

    Lalo Rodriguez2 dias atrás

    God,is coming son

  6. Clawo

    Clawo3 dias atrás

    This Hurricane is artificially manipulated (like so many others too) !!! Hurricane Florence, Geoengineering Mass Destruction And Distraction ( Dane Wigington ) ---------------------------- Are NEXRAD Radars Steering Hurricane Florence? (Jim Lee) ---------------------------- climateviewer videos

  7. jeff howard

    jeff howard3 dias atrás

    Fraud. CIA fear porn. it's just a hurricane, not the end of the world. The Light has already WON! Puuuraise God!

  8. Quantum resonance Frequencies

    Quantum resonance Frequencies3 dias atrás

    Fake news fake meteorologists

  9. angry feminist

    angry feminist3 dias atrás

    This is why i love living in finland

  10. angry feminist

    angry feminist3 dias atrás

    I dont have to deal with this kinda stuff

  11. Meng four

    Meng four3 dias atrás

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  12. Braedan Kennett

    Braedan Kennett3 dias atrás

    +tigerass Alison Funny since you don’t really know how to write

  13. Boy George

    Boy George3 dias atrás

    Be save every one God bless you all

  14. Richard Garza

    Richard Garza3 dias atrás

    Hey merica....did you know there is a more severe storm landing in the Philippines? Do you care? No.....that's obvious, cause your media is all about you, yourself, and nobody else. EVER.

  15. Frost Roxie

    Frost Roxie3 dias atrás

    I’m surprised they know how to report with out slamming Trump.... I’m sure it’s the 1st non Fake News that’s been reported by them in years!!!! MAGA!!!!!

  16. Blake

    Blake3 dias atrás


  17. Mario1611

    Mario16113 dias atrás

    Lol. Americans are so dramatic. In the Caribbean we're just like "Bring it Oooooon!"

  18. Isabella Stephens

    Isabella Stephens3 dias atrás

    By the way I live across the world from this the worst storm we’ve had was 100 miles per hour and it caused chaos for days maybe a week

  19. Isabella Stephens

    Isabella Stephens3 dias atrás

    Florence is sassy she ain’t playin

  20. Iris Lange

    Iris Lange3 dias atrás

    1:40, let me Just stand in Florence and don’t look for a shelter, um ok

  21. nate

    nate3 dias atrás

    God punishing the south. Smh

  22. Whisper Turner

    Whisper Turner3 dias atrás

    Prayers from JOPLIN MISSOURI 🕇

  23. Daveyboy _

    Daveyboy _4 dias atrás

    Why do Americans build Nuclear power plants in storm paths and earthquake zones ?

  24. Cajunman Dick

    Cajunman Dick4 dias atrás

    Monster hurricane , cat 1,,,,, fake news Obama boy !.

  25. Ben Friar

    Ben Friar4 dias atrás

    How do I watch this moron. Hes so disconcerting! Its like constant panic!Ahhahhhaha

  26. Flower Power

    Flower Power4 dias atrás

    i was thinking " these people had enough warning. please dont let them leave their animals behind". i watched the first footage of this storm and what do I see? a man going from house to house to help people and rescuing a dog and kitten from an empty house...bastards!!!! good man who rescued them but BASTARDS that left them behind..thank god karma did her job...2 black men doing what they do best: looting, stealing, taking advantage of people's misfortune, stealing from that same house..anyone ever hear of black people actually doing good in time of need? no they steal..

  27. Blake

    Blake3 dias atrás

    I heard of helpfull black people ☝

  28. Cassidy Warner

    Cassidy Warner4 dias atrás

    Wherr is his jacket

  29. Anataro

    Anataro4 dias atrás

    Sorry but this is the biggest nothing this year.

  30. jaysehhh

    jaysehhh4 dias atrás

    be safe

  31. tigerass Alison

    tigerass Alison4 dias atrás

    God can y read my texts??

  32. Drag AJ

    Drag AJ4 dias atrás

    I think it'll increase in chances per year due to global warming.

  33. Andrew Maddox

    Andrew Maddox4 dias atrás

    Drag AJ no evidence to support that at all. The average number of hurricanes that make landfall every 100 years is 17. Recent studies have not shown any evidence that hurricanes are becoming more frequent or stronger than past hurricanes. Also, blaming Trump for causing this after he’s been in office for 2 years makes you look like a moron. Just saying

  34. Patsey Poodle Beanie Boo

    Patsey Poodle Beanie Boo4 dias atrás

    Florence: **exsit** Pumped up kicks play.*

  35. Alejandro Jaime

    Alejandro Jaime4 dias atrás

    Build that wall . smh

  36. dawg 1

    dawg 14 dias atrás

    All the flat earthers are headed to the ice wall

  37. Meme planet

    Meme planet4 dias atrás

    Why is everyone saying its fake? People are dying and you're blabbing out bullshit

  38. Abundant Peace

    Abundant Peace4 dias atrás

    Fake news

  39. capotillo 28

    capotillo 284 dias atrás


  40. Nick Mckeehan

    Nick Mckeehan4 dias atrás

    Fake danger

  41. Nick Mckeehan

    Nick Mckeehan4 dias atrás

    Fake waves

  42. Nick Mckeehan

    Nick Mckeehan4 dias atrás

    Fake blue jacket

  43. Nick Mckeehan

    Nick Mckeehan4 dias atrás

    Fake hair

  44. Nick Mckeehan

    Nick Mckeehan4 dias atrás

    Fake wind

  45. Nick Mckeehan

    Nick Mckeehan4 dias atrás

    Fake green screen graphics

  46. Nick Mckeehan

    Nick Mckeehan4 dias atrás

    Fake reporters

  47. Nick Mckeehan

    Nick Mckeehan4 dias atrás

    Fake storm

  48. Normiecide

    Normiecide4 dias atrás


  49. Normiecide

    Normiecide4 dias atrás

    This storm isn’t exactly as worrisome as it’s portrayed to be. A lot of our friends in Charleston aren’t even moving.

  50. Bing

    Bing4 dias atrás

    That’s the best cgi I’ve ever seen

  51. i have head lice

    i have head lice4 dias atrás

    Idea... They need to build high concrete walls around the towns. I wouldn't stay their though hope everyone evacuated

  52. Steven Rodriguez

    Steven Rodriguez4 dias atrás

    But it's only a category 3 , I can't even imagine how a category 5 will be

  53. phily jr

    phily jr4 dias atrás

    Massive hurricane. less than 50 mile an hour winds. The media just can't tell the truth once,can they. Could you see the massive ripples Under the Pier. Surprised they don't have David Hogg out there talking about hurricane control.