Jail Cellmate - SNL

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A new prisoner (Seth Meyers) meets his cellmate (Kenan Thompson).
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  1. Tyrone Warfield

    Tyrone Warfield10 horas atrás

    not funny at all

  2. Mickeal Night

    Mickeal Night18 horas atrás

    Not funny fuck all u white people

  3. fullyloaded one

    fullyloaded oneDia atrás

    I remember when Kenan used to impersonate Bill Cosby on Nickelodeon’s “All That”, but now he’s on SNL!! Keep it up Kenan!!

  4. Rock On!

    Rock On!Dia atrás

    They read too much

  5. Rick Tata

    Rick Tata2 dias atrás

    Seth Myers libtard poster child


    /G\ LIGHTNING LODGE 6663 dias atrás

    Kenan is my favorite!💖

  7. collegeman1988

    collegeman19883 dias atrás

    WTF is Seth Myers doing in prison? (I don’t even want to know how Bill Cosby ended up being his cell mate.)

  8. Ronald Harris

    Ronald Harris4 dias atrás

    Why does the turtle look high as fuck

  9. MisoHorny

    MisoHorny4 dias atrás

    keenan is so boring..i dont like episodes when he "play"

  10. tiverton road

    tiverton road4 dias atrás

    too soon

  11. JK Stan

    JK Stan5 dias atrás

    Lame what happen to SNL being funny

  12. Zenetta Lee

    Zenetta Lee5 dias atrás

    Oh crap lmfao! His impression is so good

  13. More ThanMusic

    More ThanMusic5 dias atrás

    I remember Keenan saying when he met Bill Cosby years ago (I guess during Fat Albert) that it was a let down and he actually seemed disturbed. Now we all know why. I think he wasn’t very nice to him either.

  14. mekman4

    mekman46 dias atrás

    The accusers of Cosby, Seth Meyer an their constituents are all (or behave like) furries. brtube.net/play-video-CDa9w_XoP7Y.html

  15. sinkiy

    sinkiy7 dias atrás

    I know Cosby is a scumbag but I still feel bad for him lol

  16. Doug N

    Doug N7 dias atrás

    Very bad acting SNL sucks now!!

  17. anil bhatia

    anil bhatia7 dias atrás

    You'll be safe in here Denise

  18. TheCumberCoIlective

    TheCumberCoIlective8 dias atrás

    Okay this skit is definitive proof that Kenan Thompson is a universal treasure and needs the immortality serum you know someone is inventing ;-)

  19. justin Kassel

    justin Kassel6 dias atrás

    You may have, quite possibly, the worst judgement of talent ever.

  20. Trophy Dad

    Trophy Dad8 dias atrás

    Great comedic timing, Not.

  21. Olivia-davis Andrews

    Olivia-davis Andrews8 dias atrás

    His turtle is beautiful 😍😍😍

  22. Zenobia Russell

    Zenobia Russell9 dias atrás

    He lost before the tunnel...

  23. Playbackjunkie

    Playbackjunkie9 dias atrás


  24. Playbackjunkie

    Playbackjunkie9 dias atrás

    Kenan is A GREAT ACTOR.

  25. Kyere Nilrem

    Kyere Nilrem9 dias atrás

    Member when keneen was fat albert

  26. 2malee1

    2malee110 dias atrás

    Kenan is the best. Hahaha.

  27. Apoc goodman

    Apoc goodman10 dias atrás

    This is kinda bad. SNL needs to go back to being funny instead of just propaganda.

  28. Free Dining Project

    Free Dining Project11 dias atrás


  29. Jaw Tooth

    Jaw Tooth11 dias atrás

    The writers for SNL are really awful. What happened to the writers of the 70s and 80s?

  30. Dreha Gergerg

    Dreha Gergerg11 dias atrás

    They all died of AIDs

  31. Connor Stickels

    Connor Stickels11 dias atrás

    I remember when I respected Bill Cosby more than just about anyone on the planet. I listened to his stand up every day, and if I was ever down, he could cheer me up. Then it turned out my childhood hero was a monster. I refused to believe it when stuff started coming out. Eventually it was impossible to deny. Now there's a hollow space where laughter used to be.

  32. Kyler Murray

    Kyler Murray11 dias atrás

    I watched this in my criminal law class🤣🤣🤣

  33. momo koko

    momo koko11 dias atrás

    scat man turtle!

  34. Deanna Jones

    Deanna Jones11 dias atrás

    people attacking kenan like bill cosby isn’t a serial rapist that deserves no pity. I know, it hurts me as a black person who was raised on his work. But what he did negates that. And besides, kenan did some stand up years ago about off color things bill said to him during the filming of fat albert and overall bad vibes he got from him.

  35. Tigerman899

    Tigerman8999 dias atrás

    NO Means NO Bill Cosby

  36. DesertScorpionKSA

    DesertScorpionKSA11 dias atrás

    Not really funny. SNL sucks now.

  37. footballfan8989

    footballfan898911 dias atrás

    Seth is an asshole

  38. H Khan

    H Khan12 dias atrás

    Doesnt this mean that seth is also a rapist?

  39. Andrew Flood

    Andrew Flood12 dias atrás


  40. 369 Rising

    369 Rising12 dias atrás

    Sad not funny. Keenan is being set up to be next.

  41. justin Kassel

    justin Kassel6 dias atrás

    Set up? He was a racist. Just like you're probably a moron who believes that all Blacks are just victims, oppressed by the white man. Lol

  42. Lygar X

    Lygar X12 dias atrás

    Cosby's cellmate died of dehydration because he didn't trust anything liquid near him didn't he?

  43. Josh Brackelsberg

    Josh Brackelsberg12 dias atrás

    Oh I hate that phony, retarded, corrupt, cuck late night host so bad. I'm really glad to see him phoning in his performance and showing off how he has zero talent at live performances.

  44. Mister Feola

    Mister Feola12 dias atrás

    SNL is total garbage

  45. SB SB

    SB SB12 dias atrás


  46. Ezekiel Deji Ojo

    Ezekiel Deji Ojo13 dias atrás

    Kenan Thompson is THE BEST on SNL

  47. Les Gold

    Les Gold13 dias atrás

    I don't know exactly what to think about this video 🤔

  48. Karl Lentz

    Karl Lentz13 dias atrás

    Back in the Day, Quaaludes/Valium were a big ticket item so women would exchange sex for Quaaludes all of them knowingly took it and he enjoyed the sex, so did he provide them with the drug yes did he involuntarily have sex with them NO! he was a multi-millionaire back then they would have sued him a long time ago he wasn't a politician he wasn't a cop he wasn't anybody who could threaten them, if they wanted to press charges and pasty white Republican California they would have locked his "uppity" ass up in a heartbeat to teach him a lesson, so no he did not Rape them!

  49. justin Kassel

    justin Kassel6 dias atrás

    Yup. You obviously know better than the women who testified, and where actually there. Please stay of the Internet. You aren't welcome. You're just too stupid.

  50. Hawks fan

    Hawks fan13 dias atrás

    I fell asleep around 1.35. This sucks Long is the days of Chris Farley - motivational speaker, Will Farrell - Mr peepers - more cowbell.

  51. Lenin

    Lenin13 dias atrás

    Snl is so funny

  52. 8 UP Performance

    8 UP Performance13 dias atrás

    Honestly SNL was something I looked forward to as a kid but now its trash and it needs to end.

  53. Karl Lentz

    Karl Lentz13 dias atrás

    It's amazing how NBC Saturday Night Live it's sticking to the BLACK man who tried to buy the corporation

  54. Karl Lentz

    Karl Lentz13 dias atrás

    Yes it did not help when he was telling blacks to get off the welfare system and stand on their own two feet. It really started with him and some other black billionaires wanted to buy NBC and MSNBC that's when it really started... The zionists we're not going to let that happen

  55. Mr. Spartan

    Mr. Spartan13 dias atrás

    This is actually funny