Jail Cellmate - SNL

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A new prisoner (Seth Meyers) meets his cellmate (Kenan Thompson).
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  1. Omar Gonzalez

    Omar Gonzalez16 horas atrás

    Anyone who gave drugs to women and raped them belongs in jail, at least. And I won't say what at least means.

  2. Joshua Leforce

    Joshua Leforce4 dias atrás

    The people in this comment section some of yall need to stop acting liberal. You know who you are. Or actually you probably don't.

  3. Best Boss

    Best Boss4 dias atrás

    I was so disappointed when I didn't get to go to a Bill Cosby show near me on my birthday

  4. John Rodriguez

    John Rodriguez8 dias atrás

    This skid would've been funny if it wasn't for the other actor. So lame and unfunny. SNL has really gone downhill. I'm surprised its still even on the air. I miss the originals, ackroid, belushi, murray, morris, curtain, radner! Those were true comic geniuses!

  5. 999889989889

    9998899898899 dias atrás

    Was I the only one who didn't want to except it when the truth about Cosby came out?

  6. Keylah Jane

    Keylah Jane2 dias atrás

    999889989889 right there with you

  7. swacfan100

    swacfan1009 dias atrás

    Kenan sounded like Dave Chappelle at 1st.

  8. Jsn Wk

    Jsn Wk10 dias atrás

    Good clip..Kenan is always funny..it's just too bad that Seth Meyers is on it..he sucks

  9. Michael Robertson

    Michael Robertson10 dias atrás

    If I was Bill Cosby I would've died on they asses too.

  10. Michael Robertson

    Michael Robertson10 dias atrás

    This shit is too stupid I'm dying😂😂😂😆😆😆😆funny as fuck...

  11. Juan Gonzalez

    Juan Gonzalez10 dias atrás


  12. Crack Baby

    Crack Baby11 dias atrás

    All the bitches that accused bill Cosby 30 years later need to be raped annaly now for ruining his life they should a came forward when it happened.fucking whores.

  13. Jim Goodwin

    Jim Goodwin12 dias atrás

    Wow I must be old cuz I remember when Saturday Night Live was funny.

  14. Wyatt Booth

    Wyatt Booth13 dias atrás

    I would have never guessed that guy was playing Cosby if they hadn't said it. The make up department really didn't a crappy job on this one.

  15. king luwee 2

    king luwee 213 dias atrás

    This is some bullshit


    NHAN LUONG13 dias atrás

    Why does there clothes all say DOC

  17. zekand

    zekand13 dias atrás

    That guy keeps his eye on the teleprompter the whole tome

  18. Kayak1088

    Kayak108814 dias atrás

    I still don't know what Cosby did wrong. He took the drugs also didn't he? And it sounds like he told the hoes that he was going to give them something. Idk

  19. D wood

    D wood15 dias atrás

    Another black prison sketch another kenan role, it getting old.

  20. Francisco Javier Adrien Hernendez

    Francisco Javier Adrien Hernendez17 dias atrás

    What are you in here for? Kenan: you don't ask a old timer that 🤣🤣 That's how it be!!!

  21. Robroy333

    Robroy33317 dias atrás

    Horrible writing/acting

  22. Ricky Munoz

    Ricky Munoz17 dias atrás

    Remember when SNL was funny

  23. Sam Steffen

    Sam Steffen22 dias atrás

    Will cosby be on snl

  24. goodguynow

    goodguynow23 dias atrás

    Snl doesn’t get big laughs nowadays

  25. Poodles rock

    Poodles rock24 dias atrás

    Kenan Thompson is an awesome actor and comedian!!

  26. Briguy1027

    Briguy102725 dias atrás

    Kenan does a great Cosby.

  27. Side Effects

    Side Effects26 dias atrás

    Damn I thought that was Tracy Morgan at the beginning

  28. tokiesgalore

    tokiesgalore27 dias atrás

    ..and STILL I have yet to find him funny!

  29. Eric Magee

    Eric Magee27 dias atrás

    The skit was kinda funny

  30. Pheunith: Psychic-Water Type

    Pheunith: Psychic-Water Type27 dias atrás

    "Dont look at quincy jones, quincy jones aint goin' help you,"

  31. Aka CaliMinO

    Aka CaliMinO28 dias atrás

    KT is fuccing talented. Love him

  32. Bad Element

    Bad Element28 dias atrás

    It's funny because Bill Cosby is in prison now

  33. rudy

    rudyMês atrás

    Seth Meyers is horrible. I never thought he was funny. His writing and his acting is so bad. He looks so stiff on this one. Kenan the MVP. Without him this skit is shit

  34. rudy

    rudyMês atrás

    LOL That Cosby dance is so gooooooood

  35. UrbanProfessor

    UrbanProfessorMês atrás

    Seth is Damn near terrible!!!

  36. Big T

    Big TMês atrás

    R Kelly, marries a child of 14, multiple cases of child pornography, pisses on a child in a home movie....walks free. Martha Stewart tries to protect her money, prison. Michael Jackson screwing kids for years, walks free. Robert Downy jr.... failed drug test....prison. Oj Simpson murders two people walks free. Dog the bounty hunter charged with accessory to murder 5 years in prison. Snoop Dogg charged with murder walks free. Phil Spector charged with murder, 19years to life. I can do this all night. I dont give a shit if your black or white, you rape kids, you drug and rape women, you commit murder your ass needs to go to jail. Stop passing blame for crimes and own it. Black or white.

  37. Dreha Gergerg

    Dreha GergergMês atrás

    Is Seth Meyers supposed to be portraying Timothy Geithner in some utopian alternate reality where Jews can go to prison without links to President Trump?

  38. Nickolaus Afon

    Nickolaus AfonMês atrás

    By the time justice systemics works in the US, you're already an old man with celebrity status. I think the point of comedy is insulting people, often in painfully real ways. Disappointment is a present too.

  39. Luiz Perez

    Luiz PerezMês atrás

    what's depressing is that SNL sucks. where has the talent gone. this show used to make me laugh..

  40. Danté W

    Danté WMês atrás

    every time Kenan appears he makes me laugh

  41. NBA DOS

    NBA DOSMês atrás

    Yea let's get that Woody Allen skit going next SNL

  42. Kenton Pryor

    Kenton PryorMês atrás

    I got Woody Allen to drive the getaway car!

  43. Kenton Pryor

    Kenton PryorMês atrás

    The Shawshank Redemption 2!

  44. Ellen ms

    Ellen msMês atrás

    Lol lol.

  45. Leo Timtom

    Leo TimtomMês atrás

    Seems like Meyers understood how lame the sketch actually was. Script written by varsity team.

  46. John Ledbetter

    John LedbetterMês atrás

    Kenan Thompson is the face of SNL's decline.

  47. K Sprizzle

    K SprizzleMês atrás

    Absolutely love me some Keenan. His shadow has more talent than Seth.

  48. artemus ward

    artemus wardMês atrás

    Awww Jesus, that was BRILLIANT

  49. Jin Luncheonmeats

    Jin LuncheonmeatsMês atrás

    OMG!!! This entire time the Turtle WAS Quincy Jones!!!!

  50. Lucas Woods

    Lucas WoodsMês atrás

    Do you have solitary

  51. Robert

    RobertMês atrás

    It's a rough looking 43