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Jeremy has a pool filled with 100 Red Belly Piranhas, to demonstrate how they will only attack when blood and flesh are thrown into the water.
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    He should have cut his Middle leg!

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    Normally if you had a cut which had blood coming out or some sort of pre bleeding cut piranhas will be attracted to that, him going in with no pre bleeding or bleeding wounds was just like a piece of plastic to us, nothing interesting and not something we should eat. Throwing a dead body into a piranhas pool and that body had wounds the piranhas would instantly devour it only leaving bones. How does an 11 year old girl know this? Well I’ve loved pretty much all animals since pretty much I knew animals existed and I just took such interest in them. I’ve always enjoyed finding more about animals and if anybody dares to argue with me about an animal then they better get ready for me to write a huge paragraph about that one animal, needless to say I’ve taught myself a lot about animals and took a lot of info of school and the internet.

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    Hola, fans de Arnoldo

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    *Top 10 stories Science Can't Explain*

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    Warum ist der titel deutsch und das video englisch?

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    Whaaaaaaaaaaa......aaaaaaa......aaaaaht... 😮

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    Holy crepes :00

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    Fue ason broso

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    they don't eat daddies .

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    BR da like cara louco da porra kkkk

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    No teeth

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    Aqui no Br elas atacam o bolso

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    Chame elas de piranha que vc vai ver a reação

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    Dalaklarını yer dikkat et

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    Desse jeito elas não querem mesmo não, mas corta só um pedacinho do seu dedo pra ver o que acontece...

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    видос на русском а комментарии не от русских

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    Algum BR?

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    Eu não tenho coragem de fazer isso. Meu Deus do céu, eu estaria com muito medo caso fizesse isso.

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    Who would win a shark 🦈 or a piranha 🐟 the same size ?

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    Deli mi lan bu

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    my eggs would be inside my body (just to save them from the fisches lul)

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    E é por isso que as mulheres vivem mais

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    They kept to the far side of the pool because he pooped in his shorts.

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    Come to Amazonas 😎

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    Если бы он прыгнул ани ево сажрали

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    Why couldn't you keep the fish there they belong to? Suffering for entertainment....how disgusting! Jump into the sea around the great barrier riff and film this....that would be entertained when the great white will taste you.

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    Plot twist. They went vegan after eating that piece of veggie bacon.

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    they will eat your d!#ck 😂😂

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    Wow... So funny guys.

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    You see these fish only sense blood like sharks but if u do like this go to the water calmly then theres no.problem

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    Is that piranha that kill people

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    Achei que ia aparecer minha prima na piscina

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    Little cut on your leg mate and it’s game over