Don't Hug Me .I'm Scared

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared


  1. QualityFilms

    QualityFilms11 meses atrás

    please. do. more.

  2. An Undertale Fan

    An Undertale Fan11 meses atrás

    Did you help with the amazing world of gumball do the episode The Puppets the voices and look are similar

  3. sam broadfoot

    sam broadfoot11 meses atrás


  4. Ank Ookami

    Ank Ookami11 meses atrás

    What happened ?

  5. Maximo SackBoy

    Maximo SackBoy11 meses atrás

    HolaSoyGermán envidia esta inactividad :v

  6. ninjadoge playz

    ninjadoge playzAnos atrás


  7. TheMacabre

    TheMacabreAnos atrás

    I am sad that this show is over now but I am also happy that the ending was happy...If you know what I mean.

  8. besser kaufen

    besser kaufenAnos atrás

    Well this Channel's pretty dead huh?

  9. Mūn hits a yeet

    Mūn hits a yeetAnos atrás

    Really like the gumball episode

  10. Yudai

    YudaiAnos atrás

    Quiero mas Dont Hug Me

  11. Brightest Shadow

    Brightest ShadowAnos atrás

    please bring back the series

  12. maurice meerts

    maurice meertsAnos atrás

    i suppose you guys donzo?

  13. Jasmine Ramsarup

    Jasmine RamsarupAnos atrás

    Its close to the end of 2017. Still no DHMIS 7. is it over? does a new one start now around the 20th? Will a new series similar to the "bad things that could happen" emerge? who knows.

  14. acertainperson

    acertainpersonAnos atrás

    I wish they made a seventh :'(

  15. TestSubject

    TestSubjectAnos atrás

    Who thinks there should be a season 2?

  16. Princess Flare The Canon X Oc Shiper

    Princess Flare The Canon X Oc ShiperAnos atrás


  17. Roger Alonzo

    Roger AlonzoAnos atrás

    who else wants this to continue? i've tweet the creators like 5 times to continue.

  18. juanbrujox

    juanbrujoxAnos atrás

    I need you guys to come back

  19. - Meme Lord -

    - Meme Lord -Anos atrás


  20. unkown creature

    unkown creatureAnos atrás

    dont hug me im dead

  21. unkown creature

    unkown creatureAnos atrás

    guys, stop fucking around we have 2 seconds till our show is on

  22. Andrea

    AndreaAnos atrás

    i like eggs

  23. Gaming Ninja

    Gaming NinjaAnos atrás

    Someone respond

  24. Jasel71

    Jasel71Anos atrás

    and on june 19th we hope dhmis 7 comes

  25. Jasel71

    Jasel71Anos atrás

    we only only have 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 years till our steaks done

  26. Big Boi

    Big BoiAnos atrás

    Is this channel ever going to release something again?

  27. Ezekiel Urquiza

    Ezekiel UrquizaAnos atrás

    do a face reveal

  28. Indigo Simpson

    Indigo SimpsonAnos atrás

    Bruh i love red guy! :D

  29. Priscilla Ibarra

    Priscilla IbarraAnos atrás

    suck my nuts

  30. Mr.Gamer 5xG

    Mr.Gamer 5xGAnos atrás

    make gumball the puppets don't hug me I'm scared 7

  31. Keith Rumer

    Keith RumerAnos atrás

    You did a great job on Gumball!

  32. bad entity

    bad entityAnos atrás

    how still nothing its been a year i mean COME ON!

  33. JaydenIsOverrated

    JaydenIsOverratedAnos atrás

    never forgetti


    SAVAGE FRITOAnos atrás

    I heard rumors of a gumball one?

  35. Aqua Peri

    Aqua PeriAnos atrás

    You did amazing in "The Puppets!" I loved the episode!

  36. matheus nobrega

    matheus nobregaAnos atrás

    faz mais!!

  37. Ella Harner

    Ella HarnerAnos atrás

    I can't believe you guys are having an Amazing World of Gumball episode. I can't wait to see it :3

  38. Kozmik Kreator

    Kozmik KreatorAnos atrás

    Is it over?

  39. darkheart productions

    darkheart productionsAnos atrás


  40. Dusk Wolf

    Dusk WolfAnos atrás

    I would love to see new stuff. I wander if that pirate episode will ever happen.

  41. Elliott

    ElliottAnos atrás

    Just discovered these. Damn these are awesome, please make more!

  42. Thomas Curran

    Thomas CurranAnos atrás

    please guys make more videos, we need you now more than ever

  43. Felipe Malischeski

    Felipe MalischeskiAnos atrás

    Still waiting for #7

  44. RepairedPillow

    RepairedPillowAnos atrás

    its inactive

  45. RepairedPillow

    RepairedPillowAnos atrás

    no one

  46. TAR JET

    TAR JETAnos atrás

    This series is done. If you want a continuation watch the series again, but imagine them as different colors.

  47. SUVU

    SUVUAnos atrás


  48. jeffy fan

    jeffy fanAnos atrás

    /this is so weird

  49. PoseidonHeir

    PoseidonHeirAnos atrás

    If you look very closely at the channel name, you noticed that the period is misplaced.

  50. Brogyn Smith

    Brogyn SmithAnos atrás

    welcome to my home