DREAM, believe, and make it happen!


  1. S Jonid

    S JonidAnos atrás

    Shitnez poo poo

  2. Stefi Oke

    Stefi OkeAnos atrás

    fdyuh gvjngi sz jugiku

  3. Elizabeth Hutabarat

    Elizabeth Hutabarat2 anos atrás

    Selamat malam Ka Agnez. Saya Elizabeth dari Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta, mau ngadain acara Seminar Nasional. Saya sudah cari kontak manager kakak tapi ga ketemu. Bisa minta kontak managernya ka?

  4. JJ West-The Magic Man

    JJ West-The Magic Man2 anos atrás

    Hi, again! Just saw Coke Bottle-WOW-you always had such an inner power, talent, and spirit that everyone felt-it is stronger than ever now! Drop me a line : jjwestmagic@---(gmail), thanks & best wishes!

  5. JJ West-The Magic Man

    JJ West-The Magic Man2 anos atrás

    Dear Agnez-I miss you & Indonesia so much (remember "Inlingua school"? A writer below mentions Christian, check out the TV special I did for Rev. John Hartman-I just uploaded to my new channel :JJ West-The Magic Man. I'm so happy for you and your success! :JJ

  6. Winner Tanles Tjhin

    Winner Tanles Tjhin4 anos atrás

    Dear Agnes, my sister in Christ, How are you doing? Don't forget to re-think about what God has given you the talent you had said about taking such responsibility for... Re-think twice, or three or four times or more. Because I didn't find any God-glorifying-act in your most recent video. Did you miss anything? Because I do miss your act, the glorifying thingy. It's never too late to come back 'home' as our Father would always for so. Salam kasih, An Indonesian Christian brother

  7. Tommy Yuranda

    Tommy Yuranda5 anos atrás

    Nez, akun profile billboard lo kemana sih? Kok ilangg? Dulu adakan? Buat lagi donggg

  8. Tommy Yuranda

    Tommy Yuranda5 anos atrás

    Nez, sumpah kecewa banget! Kenapa lo dengan bangganya ngasih link situs download illegal?! Lo bangga #1 disitus illegal? Lo bangga karya lo dibajak? Link itunes aja gak lo kasih? Parah banget sih nez?

  9. arna kurniawan

    arna kurniawan5 anos atrás

    tadi rencana mo upload apa sih kak... hehehehe... #kepo

  10. Puja Damayani

    Puja Damayani5 anos atrás

    Please update your Offiicial Channel youtube with some new videos ...Video yang tersebar di youtube semua videonya tidak official, gimana mau go International kalau hal sederhana seperti tidak diperhatikan... Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....We want something fresh from this Superstar...

  11. Lvckyta Lee

    Lvckyta Lee5 anos atrás

    agnezmo, keren, asik banget.

  12. ROY Banzel

    ROY Banzel5 anos atrás

    ini akun asli dong .. uda di verifikasi kok .. yg lain tu palsu .. oleh sebab tu langganannya kurang banyak ...?? terlalu banyak plagiat .. tingkat penayangan jga dikit krn video banyak yang upload

  13. cahyo bobby

    cahyo bobby5 anos atrás

    ngenes de

  14. arna kurniawan

    arna kurniawan5 anos atrás

    we miss you so muach!!!

  15. Hendro Wijonarko

    Hendro Wijonarko5 anos atrás

    AGNEZMO : akun yg asli..

  16. Bunga Wijayanti

    Bunga Wijayanti5 anos atrás

    Kak AgnezMo, pleaseee,,,, kalo show bawain lagu2 slow.nya lagi :(

  17. M. Baihadz

    M. Baihadz5 anos atrás

    AKUN yang asli yang mana sih ? AGNEZMO atau AgnezMonicaVEVO???

  18. Ibnu RizkiOvan

    Ibnu RizkiOvan5 anos atrás

    #HBDAgnezMo !

  19. Ayu Mauldyah Nur Sari

    Ayu Mauldyah Nur Sari5 anos atrás

    *DREAM, Believe, and Make it Happen!* I Love you my beloved sister Agnes Monica <3 :)

  20. Yomas Armando

    Yomas Armando5 anos atrás

    kamu dipikiranku, sampai mate-e-e:-)

  21. Bona Putra

    Bona Putra5 anos atrás

    dream believe n make it happen, thx to be my inspiration to get my future :) LOVE

  22. nezTriz

    nezTriz5 anos atrás

    I always pray the best for you! I can't wait for your international single this year. Xoxo Mo ♥__♥

  23. Deni Kusuma

    Deni Kusuma5 anos atrás

    "ka agnez, di youtube ada akun bernama AGNEZ MO (pake spasi). Dia mengaku,bhwa chanel nya official,terus dia upload lagu2 terbaru kaka.

  24. Deni Kusuma

    Deni Kusuma5 anos atrás

    ka AgnezMo, sumpah! Lagu falling enak banget.. Cocok buat jd Soundtrack film tentang war gt.. Mantap!


    FIRMAN NABABAN5 anos atrás

    u are my INSPIRATOR!

  26. ANAZ DI

    ANAZ DI5 anos atrás

    excited ur new song international FALLING & Amore baby i love you .. release soon SEPTEMBER..

  27. maya agnesia

    maya agnesia5 anos atrás

    Falling itu sengaja di upload atau gimana nez?

  28. maya agnesia

    maya agnesia5 anos atrás

    Paralyzed of course

  29. Jerymia Bangun

    Jerymia Bangun5 anos atrás

    #NEZinLA..... we miss u here nez...

  30. Baskami Meliala

    Baskami Meliala5 anos atrás

    Kenapa ya banyak yg suka berkomentar "miring" kalo ada cowok yang ngefans ama agnes, salah satu korbannya saya. Kadang berusaha acuh, tp ngeganggu juga. Tapi, saya ngerasa ga ada yg salah dengan pilihan saya. Agnes pantas buat punya fans, pantas buat jadi panutan, tp asal jangan jadi fans yang "bodoh", harus "pintar". I believe in you Nez.

  31. Kerist Lau

    Kerist Lau5 anos atrás

    BELIEVE in DREAM, and MAKE IT HAPPEN. im here for u!

  32. Made Angga

    Made Angga5 anos atrás

    U must see my video Nez,, i was making it!! And all of my video is inspiring by you and u make me a winner in conpetition!! Thx Nez!! Succes!!

  33. Linggom Simamora

    Linggom Simamora5 anos atrás

    I believe that you'll reach your big dream soon. All the hard work you did will surely give you a GREAT result. I just hope you'll always walk on the right track Agnes, walk on His way :)

  34. Romanto Naibaho

    Romanto Naibaho5 anos atrás

    I just suggest to all Indonesian young generation that Agnezmo is the right role model that you all can follow up. With a lot of talents and deep faith in God, those make her inspiring for youth. And my view about haters and lovers, they are really integrated in human's life that we can not get rid off. Every body has different interest and that comes from the way they were raised in the childhood by their parents. So far AgnezMo moves positive, we have to support her to be bigger. Talking about fashions, stage act, vocal quality, she has got all of it. One thing to concern by the management side is to fully concentrate on and spread the quality of Agnezmo on social media. My biggest wish to come up is that Agnezmo can release the International Album soon. We have been hungry of your spectacular stage and we'll be very happy to see you success in the future>3

  35. Deni Kusuma

    Deni Kusuma5 anos atrás

    ka, ga sabar nih pengen denger full lagu.. Na na na na na amore baby i love you.. Aaahh musik nya keren.

  36. Awing sadjali

    Awing sadjali5 anos atrás

    mv baru'a dong nez, love u my Queen a lots

  37. Yanii Chan

    Yanii Chan5 anos atrás

    Agnes... I love u so much!

  38. Rita Tjokrowardojo

    Rita Tjokrowardojo5 anos atrás

    I will always LOVE and SUPPORT you.. Agnez... believe in your dream..coming true... God Bless you... :)

  39. Kaki ngukurjalan

    Kaki ngukurjalan5 anos atrás

    Renegade is myfav song of Agnezmo new album but pitty i cant download on ITunes coz the album is only for Indonesian Market.. hugh from Holland

  40. Ondreh1989

    Ondreh19895 anos atrás

    maybe im the lucky one...who inspired by you

  41. am Ilhamtok

    am Ilhamtok5 anos atrás

    jgan lupa post kan behind scene pembuatan MV nya nezmo, , excited what u do. . waitttt as always for the ur surreprised because BELIEVE That all is COMING TRUEE

  42. Yomas Armando

    Yomas Armando5 anos atrás

    Agnes,always DREAMing of you, i BELIEVE someday will be cometrue, its so hard to MAKE IT HAPPEN this time. Maybe another time, another live. Always pray the best for you.

  43. Xtina Lotus VEVOice

    Xtina Lotus VEVOice5 anos atrás

    We want Agnes Monica's International album. cant wait

  44. Aldy Syahputra

    Aldy Syahputra5 anos atrás

    bad girl and things will get better NEZ my favorite's album

  45. Rhandiano Tamelan

    Rhandiano Tamelan5 anos atrás


  46. TommYuranda

    TommYuranda5 anos atrás

    Congrats ya nez!! Udah dapet verified akun utubenya ;)

  47. fabutophia

    fabutophia5 anos atrás

    live streamingnya kapan?

  48. Riik Kom

    Riik Kom5 anos atrás

    albumnya mana nic? share me dong

  49. CEO CumiRumpi

    CEO CumiRumpi5 anos atrás

    cintaku sedalam samudra setinggi langit diangkasa, emh... kepadamu....

  50. Hawhaw Hehe

    Hawhaw Hehe5 anos atrás

    dari dulu mah ngefans'a,kl udh jam 3 pulang sekolah pzti nonton tralala trilili,,, sebayaan qt nez... hahaha