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  1. TreeBard86

    TreeBard86Anos atrás

    when is the giveaway for the iPhone X you said you were doing one

  2. LeDinx

    LeDinxAnos atrás

    Where's 11.2 Beta 5?

  3. SebiPlayzGames

    SebiPlayzGamesAnos atrás


  4. Deed Tech

    Deed TechAnos atrás

    Someone is stealing your videos brtube.net/play-video-C3DV2AUH8gw.html

  5. Youssef Rami

    Youssef RamiAnos atrás

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  6. ankit prajapati

    ankit prajapatiAnos atrás

    i'm waiting for your next video . please upload soon bro. #everythingapplepro

  7. Jasper Sanity

    Jasper SanityAnos atrás

    i love this channel so much i literaly rely on it

  8. Prince Bricks

    Prince BricksAnos atrás

    Hi Everything Apple Pro, I was wondering if you could help me with a problem on my iPad Air 2 on IOS 11.1.2 . The volume bar in the Control Center disappeared, and I don’t know how to get it back. I tried to see if I could do something in Settings, but I couldn’t. Can you please try to find solution? Thank you!

  9. firoz khan

    firoz khanAnos atrás

    iphone 7plus vs samsung s8plus which is best

  10. firoz khan

    firoz khanAnos atrás

    iphone 7plus vs samsung s8plus which is best

  11. firoz khan

    firoz khanAnos atrás

    iphone 7plus vs samsung galaxy s8plus which is best

  12. firoz khan

    firoz khanAnos atrás

    iphone 7plus vs samsung galaxy s8plus which is best

  13. firoz khan

    firoz khanAnos atrás

    iphone 7plus vs samsung galaxy s8plus which is best

  14. Jānis Alksnsi

    Jānis AlksnsiAnos atrás

    Still hoping for iphone 8 and iphone x case drop test

  15. Gulab Singh

    Gulab SinghAnos atrás

    bro im economicallyvery poor...I have a desire in having a big phone but i cant afford (sgulab005@gmail.com this my email id) u spoil many phones...can you sponcer me one(if you do so i'll post ur profile and then phone u sent me on the media and tell about ur kindness) god bless you brother

  16. Hashmika Slacio

    Hashmika SlacioAnos atrás

    hey bro. I am using iOS 11 in my iPhone, unfortunatly i need to downgrade to iOS 10 version. Please help me through a video. MY phone sucks and i need to wait 5 mins to open my camera and phone lags too

  17. Angel Taveras

    Angel TaverasAnos atrás

    can you please make a video on total charge time from 0% with a qi charger on 11.2 with 7.5w feature and one without?

  18. Gabriel De Leon

    Gabriel De LeonAnos atrás

    Please make a case drop test of iPhone X and 8!! :)

  19. AppleEater

    AppleEaterAnos atrás

    YOUR THE BEST @EverythingApplePro

  20. Stefanus Basoeki

    Stefanus BasoekiAnos atrás

    hey, im a newbie in Apple i just bought a new Iphone 8 is that Iphone 8 lightning cable has a different function (more Fast) than Iphone 7,6,5 cable? im still using my Iphone 5 cable when i charge my Iphone 8, coz ive been searching about the spec and theres no different between that new cable (Iphone 8) as far as im learn about it, is that true or im in a wrong way? thank you Apple Pro

  21. Bora Ergör

    Bora ErgörAnos atrás

    Love your videos man and happy (and a bit jelaous of the Tesla Roadster) i'm in the market for a MacBook Pro 2017 model, will the 640 Iris Pro model be enough to play with "good" graphics ?

  22. Gianni Antonelli

    Gianni AntonelliAnos atrás

    When you will make a water contest with Iphone X, Samsung note 8, HTC U11 and LG v30? I like so much the tests in the river.

  23. stanley juma

    stanley jumaAnos atrás

    space grey, 256 gb ultimate wishlist fingers crossed thanks!

  24. Bishop Henry Adekogbe

    Bishop Henry AdekogbeAnos atrás

    PLEASE Count Me In On The iPhone GIVEAWAY ... Thanks.

  25. Devin Silver

    Devin SilverAnos atrás

    Can you please do a macbook drop test?

  26. Bishop Henry Adekogbe

    Bishop Henry AdekogbeAnos atrás

    You know how when you charge your phone in the OFF mode it charges faster ... HOW do I charge my iPhone X when it's in the OFF mode without it turning ON?

  27. shohag hossain

    shohag hossainAnos atrás

    what do you do with so many phones? give me a good phone :P

  28. Juan C. Bonilla

    Juan C. BonillaAnos atrás

    What case do you have in your iphone X? Carbon Fiber?

  29. uppalapati sainandan

    uppalapati sainandanAnos atrás

    My iphone 6 is running ios 11.1 can you tell me how to jailbreak this firmware

  30. Huan Nguyen

    Huan NguyenAnos atrás

    Do you guys notice the text ghosting effect in iphone X screen? It is like text left tail behind when being scrolled? is that normal for OLED screen?

  31. Mehmet Ali Tuğrul

    Mehmet Ali TuğrulAnos atrás

    ulan yıllardır aynı telefonu kullanıyorum sen son model telefonu parçalıyon

  32. Md. Raisul Hossain Rakib

    Md. Raisul Hossain RakibAnos atrás

    in my iphone 7 youtube app vdos dont show up.. they dont finish up loading ... every time i open a vdo it keeps loading ..(iOS 11.1.1)

  33. djsdnmusic

    djsdnmusicAnos atrás

    pls subscribe me

  34. Olivier chartier

    Olivier chartierAnos atrás

    its for when the leak and rumor for the iPhone 11 of 1018 ?

  35. Cory L

    Cory LAnos atrás

    Love your channel & love apple. I have the watch, ipad and Iphone would love a macbook just can't aford it. Done with PC

  36. Jus1 Scales

    Jus1 ScalesAnos atrás

    also love the video and info !!!

  37. Jus1 Scales

    Jus1 ScalesAnos atrás

    are you hiring lol, if you need a 2nd helping hand

  38. Jonathan Velazquez

    Jonathan VelazquezAnos atrás

    do a video using iphone 4s in 2017 :)

  39. Jonathan Velazquez

    Jonathan VelazquezAnos atrás

    you are cool evrything apple pro!

  40. Jonathan Velazquez

    Jonathan VelazquezAnos atrás


  41. Luxury Wrist Watches

    Luxury Wrist WatchesAnos atrás

    It must be boring to have a whole channel dedicated on Apple.

  42. Raman Khanal

    Raman KhanalAnos atrás

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  43. Sri Ram

    Sri RamAnos atrás

    i want those clown fish wallpaper so badly... where did u get it..!!!1

  44. StarX

    StarXAnos atrás

    Turn iphone 6s into silver iphone 8.

  45. dont matter

    dont matterAnos atrás

    what did you do with that louis Vuitton case

  46. آرش نجفی دلجو

    آرش نجفی دلجوAnos atrás

    killl huawei mate 10pro

  47. Francisco Marenco Villena

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  48. Hassam Khan

    Hassam KhanAnos atrás

    Can you make a video by defending apple in this new Samsung commercial: brtube.net/play-video-R59TevgzN3k.html

  49. Venkatesh R

    Venkatesh RAnos atrás

    can u make video about upcoming S9

  50. Kumarran Mathisekaran

    Kumarran MathisekaranAnos atrás

    Do a video on the APPLE PAY coming to iMESSAGE