24 HOURS WITH A NEWBORN BABY! | Ellie and Jared Routine

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We show you what it's like to live 24 hours with a newborn baby AND two other kids! In our daily routine, things go smooth, and unexpectedly!
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  1. the Corpuz famILY

    the Corpuz famILY5 horas atrás

    All of you are just so beautiful looking! 😍 Love this family! ❤️

  2. Corisa Hills

    Corisa Hills15 horas atrás

    What swaddle are you using??

  3. casskim

    casskim16 horas atrás

    Oh! Loved the video!

  4. Flowerchild Moonbeam

    Flowerchild Moonbeam16 horas atrás

    Dirty diapers on the floor...

  5. Breakfast Burrito

    Breakfast Burrito18 horas atrás

    thats one ugly potato

  6. GuffaCake

    GuffaCakeDia atrás

    Do you wanna know the funny part? Family Fizz had their baby near the same time as you!

  7. MoSteel2

    MoSteel2Dia atrás

    BRtube is a cess pool thanks for adding to it.

  8. Ari K.

    Ari K.Dia atrás

    The mom is loud af around a sleeping baby.

  9. Don't Read My Profile Picture!

    Don't Read My Profile Picture!Dia atrás

    Don’t read my name

  10. Aaron Slifka

    Aaron SlifkaDia atrás

    Kick the baby

  11. Simplifying Smiths

    Simplifying SmithsDia atrás

    Trending whattttt!!!!! 🤗

  12. Amber D

    Amber DDia atrás

    i usually never comment on videos, but am i missing something here? his name is Tommy, but why does his onsie say Cody?

  13. Jillian Paige

    Jillian PaigeDia atrás

    You're #47 on trending!!!!!!!♥️♥️♥️

  14. Emily H

    Emily HDia atrás

    Wow this is TRENDING!!

  15. soul sista

    soul sistaDia atrás

    girl those wee hrs in the morning feedings are brutal, i just had my son on june 19 and my lil boo boo has no mercy on me and dad😰😰😰 and omg my night stand looks likes yours wit all the diapers

  16. leeloo2ify

    leeloo2ifyDia atrás

    Its lovely having siblings of the same sex, they have a lovely bond, look at how those little boys play together, its very sweet!

  17. Sebastian Acuna

    Sebastian AcunaDia atrás


  18. Tia Roach

    Tia RoachDia atrás

    OMG #44 on trending!!!!

  19. Karon S.

    Karon S.Dia atrás

    Congrats on the new baby. I am expect my first Grandson in the Morning( 7-16-18). We will have a TJ too. Ellie you are looking good girl just giving birth .A good looking son too. Many Blessing for the Family From:Jacksonville ,Al.

  20. MaryKate Scholzen

    MaryKate ScholzenDia atrás

    It’s trending!!!!

  21. Victoria McGuire

    Victoria McGuireDia atrás


  22. Tahira Hussain

    Tahira HussainDia atrás

    He looks like Calvin

  23. Jay Vert

    Jay VertDia atrás


  24. T Hobbs

    T Hobbs2 dias atrás

    Why is this trending? Having a newborn baby is unique??

  25. Isaac Gonzalez

    Isaac Gonzalez2 dias atrás

    24 hour challenge with your baby and next day u abandon him

  26. Dorhkas Ramos

    Dorhkas Ramos2 dias atrás


  27. Mrs. Knight

    Mrs. Knight2 dias atrás

    You both are doing GREAT. The newborn stage is the absolute hardest in my opinion. You want to sleep, but you want to spend as much time as you can with your baby. Enjoy, because time is a theif. 💕 and Jared you are a great father, not many men, step up to the plate, and realize “hey, this baby is my responsibility too”. And Ellie you are a great mama, those boys are your world. I’m so glad, that you both allow us, to watch your family grow. Blessings to you both.

  28. Ting Zhang

    Ting Zhang2 dias atrás

    You two seems to be getting boys only. 😂😂 In Asian countries, that means you have a good gene. Do y'all want girls? I get that another baby might not happen because you two went through a lot getting a third baby, and TJ was that lucky one.

  29. NickyL

    NickyLDia atrás

    Ting Zhang If everyone has boys who do those boys have babies with? It makes absolutely no sense to favour boys over girls. The idiot men who favour sons expect someone else’s family to produce a breeding machine for their grandchildren but don’t want one themselves.

  30. Max4Million

    Max4Million2 dias atrás

    It feels like just yesterday my little brother was that little. Dayum time passes by fast

  31. Max4Million

    Max4Million2 dias atrás

    Ima go get a vasectomy

  32. 16bitFishing

    16bitFishing2 dias atrás

    Did you pee on it yet?

  33. everything.emma

    everything.emma2 dias atrás

    isn’t that cody shark dee dee onsie just PRECIOUS! too cute!

  34. Illiana Reyes

    Illiana Reyes2 dias atrás

    My baby was super good as a new born all she did was sleep and eat she slept so much

  35. posie666

    posie6662 dias atrás

    I can feel myself going gray already

  36. Alicia Rife

    Alicia Rife2 dias atrás

    Tommy is such a cutie and a cute name

  37. Kayla Peters

    Kayla Peters2 dias atrás

    What saddle sleepsack is that in his bed???

  38. BatmanPwnage

    BatmanPwnage2 dias atrás

    I wish my son only ate from one boob. He drinks from both.... He ate close to 200 ml once he was out of the hospital (10 days after birth). He was born 7lbs11. 2 month checkup 16 lbs. Hes 3 months now and I think hes 20 lbs or more. Ayudameee

  39. Melody Suo

    Melody Suo2 dias atrás

    I really loved this!!

  40. Come to Butthead -

    Come to Butthead -2 dias atrás

    Who cares?


    TROPHYSEEKER1232 dias atrás

    That baby has the fanciest crib ment to make him sleep off the entire day.


    TROPHYSEEKER1232 dias atrás

    The little boys are so confused how hes eating and sleeping.

  43. Lindsey Ramirez

    Lindsey Ramirez2 dias atrás

    Congratulations 🎉🎊🍾🎈

  44. Savanna Jensen

    Savanna Jensen2 dias atrás

    I just realized his onsie says Cody shark dee dee I am dyinggg haha!!


    MARIJUANA CANNABIS2 dias atrás


  46. Jinger Holyoak

    Jinger Holyoak2 dias atrás

    He is such a sweetheart! 💕 I was dying over his “Cody Shark Dee Dee” onesie. 😂

  47. Domivator G. Rex

    Domivator G. Rex2 dias atrás

    My bro was born on the 12th

  48. Official Laiah Bunts

    Official Laiah Bunts2 dias atrás

    I love babies! When I'm older I'm going to hope for a baby girl

  49. Katie Watson

    Katie Watson2 dias atrás

    Baby fever!!!!! What a precious baby!

  50. FKHD Gaming

    FKHD Gaming2 dias atrás

    Jared might be on the DL 🤣.

  51. Latasha Boatner

    Latasha Boatner2 dias atrás