BEST All You Can Eat SEAFOOD Buffet in Saigon VIETNAM!

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I have been to A LOT of all you can eat seafood buffets around the world and this was one of the BEST! Not only did it have an amazing array of FRESH seafood including LOBSTER! It was only around $50! That's an incredible value.
This video was NOT sponsored, I know I seemed really excited about it, but that's just because it was amazing!
Hotel Nikko Saigon Buffet
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  1. Jalynn Williams

    Jalynn Williams8 horas atrás

    18:43 the lady is taking a picture of her food lol. Second time watching this video, I love it every time. Although, I don't eat seafood haha.

  2. Asz

    AszDia atrás

    Just visit this hotel last august. Their staff is sooo friendly and the food tho. And youtube recommend me this video out of nowhere. Feelsgoodman

  3. 143marine

    143marineDia atrás

    Would love to visit sometime

  4. Ever Hernandez

    Ever HernandezDia atrás

    once again you have provided a great movie 😀

  5. tyler ghai

    tyler ghaiDia atrás

    Once when I went to a buffet I had so much lobster , if u guys did the same thing like this comment

  6. Longinus

    Longinus2 dias atrás

    That dude's accent is all over the world lol

  7. yahye khalif

    yahye khalif2 dias atrás

    why is there a battery at 4:57

  8. Mladen Vidic

    Mladen Vidic3 dias atrás

    $50 and not $500. I would be there as long as possible just contemplating my plan of attack.

  9. Christopher Pineau

    Christopher Pineau4 dias atrás

    On a different note; my goodness, are all the women in Vietnam as pretty as the ones I saw throughout this video?! If they are, I'm doomed if ever I go there!

  10. Lachlan Lambo

    Lachlan Lambo5 dias atrás

    I sat right behind you at the window

  11. ahmad freihat

    ahmad freihat6 dias atrás

    I came here to see jakichan

  12. yehsj

    yehsj7 dias atrás

    i like the veit guys accent

  13. Charine Carty

    Charine Carty7 dias atrás

    Does ur camera man eat?! Lol

  14. Leonel Lomas

    Leonel Lomas8 dias atrás

    This has to be the most tortured video that any human being known to man can ever watch. I had to subscribe after watching this.

  15. Wavy.becky

    Wavy.becky9 dias atrás

    Who else had their mouth drop when they saw the clip of the buffet??? Cause mine did

  16. Robert Pirlot

    Robert Pirlot11 dias atrás

    Damn. You make me want to work for them.

  17. CHEF Q AND The Hungry Squad DIVAS

    CHEF Q AND The Hungry Squad DIVAS11 dias atrás

    We love seafood I wish we was there yummm

  18. Concorde_ SmolderGirl

    Concorde_ SmolderGirl12 dias atrás

    Vietnam knows how to make food

  19. Shelby Seidel

    Shelby Seidel12 dias atrás

    Not order A lobster, “order SOME lobsterS”.

  20. Laurie Wilkins

    Laurie Wilkins13 dias atrás

    sometimes I wonder if the person that controls the camera gets to eat

  21. Ulzzang Aesthetics

    Ulzzang Aesthetics13 dias atrás

    Any room for another person?

  22. Sascha Thesiger

    Sascha Thesiger13 dias atrás

    your videos make me happy

  23. OG AsianGod

    OG AsianGod14 dias atrás

    I would eat the Peking duck in one bite

  24. babybluex

    babybluex15 dias atrás

    Hope the camera person got to eat lol

  25. babybluex

    babybluex15 dias atrás

    It's only 50 bucks!! Wow! How do they even make money? That's insane!

  26. mistamartinz

    mistamartinz15 dias atrás

    There's something about a Vietnamese guy with a heavy English accent that feels off lol

  27. Yashica Agarwal

    Yashica Agarwal17 dias atrás

    How much do you eat🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  28. Carlos Viedas

    Carlos Viedas17 dias atrás

    Did you eat the rest of the crabs?

  29. Carlos Viedas

    Carlos Viedas17 dias atrás

    Damn have a big stomach... ..i envy you ..

  30. Unhumanized

    Unhumanized18 dias atrás

    This place looks amazing. 53$.....? how much *would* you have spent?

  31. Pepperygrunt21 ;3

    Pepperygrunt21 ;318 dias atrás

    I’m a huge fan of seafood is happened to my eyes

  32. Pepperygrunt21 ;3

    Pepperygrunt21 ;318 dias atrás

    Heaven not happened

  33. Sam .P

    Sam .P18 dias atrás

    I can't watch anymore. This is killing me that I'm not in there with you eating that. I feel like a third world poor person that can't afford to eat something like that. Well I guess I am in ways where I don't have money, but I'm still able to eat that. I love lobster, and all sea foods. You're in heaven right ow.

  34. lucky love

    lucky love18 dias atrás

    how do you train your stomach to eat this much? is there a trick to it? personally, I would want to try so much i would have to go to the ladies and discretely vomit to make more room lol,

  35. lucky love

    lucky love18 dias atrás

    I wouldn't eat bread or anything filling, more room for seafood, prawns are my fave.

  36. de Vlogmug

    de Vlogmug19 dias atrás

    Oohhh myyyy I'm definitely gonna try out this one 😍😍

  37. Katie Rowen

    Katie Rowen19 dias atrás

    I love your channel so much. The love and joy you get from food just shines through. And I love how nice you are to restaurant staff!

  38. Arm Collector

    Arm Collector19 dias atrás


  39. Tania Souf

    Tania Souf19 dias atrás

    18:51 the lady at the back taking a pic for social media haha it's what I do before eating. NZ FAN

  40. gog magog

    gog magog20 dias atrás

    mike! are you canadian?

  41. Victor Henriques

    Victor Henriques21 dia atrás

    I have a question: How this guy can eat so much? 😂😃

  42. SimpleHumbleLife Philippines

    SimpleHumbleLife Philippines21 dia atrás

    how much cost for the buffet?

  43. realthundercat17

    realthundercat1721 dia atrás

    Why is the vietnamese guy have a european accent

  44. Andrea joi

    Andrea joi22 dias atrás

    12:06 the lady in the back needs to calm down

  45. Carl Mohan

    Carl Mohan22 dias atrás

    man, i just gain 10kg by watching your video

  46. PepeTheFrog

    PepeTheFrog22 dias atrás

    Living in America and not have the money to travel, I literally just thought... Wow! I feel like Panda Express!

  47. StarlightRose

    StarlightRose23 dias atrás

    The guy who led him around has an amazing accent, it's like 3 accents combined. Also, Mikey is honestly awesome, I love how he loves the food. You have the rest of the world being mean as unsatisfied but, Miley is one of the odd serendipities of this world

  48. Twilight Gaming

    Twilight Gaming24 dias atrás

    Watching this I think I was meant to be Asian but American at the same time.

  49. Ghastly Grinner

    Ghastly Grinner25 dias atrás

    Địt mẹ cộng sản

  50. Aki Jay

    Aki Jay25 dias atrás

    Your confidence is killing me

  51. B2 bb

    B2 bb26 dias atrás

    Seriously, how do you consume that much food. It's insane.