Cardi B Carpool Karaoke

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Cardi B hops in the car with James Corden for a Carpool Karaoke through Los Angeles singing her biggest songs, discussing growing up in the Bronx and the subtle art of ASMR. And James encourages Cardi to get behind the wheel and give driving a chance, which he learns she doesn't really do for good reason.
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  1. yamira ts

    yamira ts12 horas atrás

    good way to start my morning 😂

  2. Amadeus E.G.

    Amadeus E.G.12 horas atrás

    Aww that was so cute when she shouted out the children at the park. She's so real and funny and witty all at the same time. Cardi Bae ❤️

  3. Diaconu Alexandra Vasilica

    Diaconu Alexandra Vasilica12 horas atrás

    Cardi looks AMAZING! I lovee her outfits lately 🔥🔥🔥

  4. Kaylee Miranda

    Kaylee Miranda12 horas atrás

    She getting so hype up ❤️❤️😂

  5. Naana

    Naana12 horas atrás


  6. Hoorain Baig

    Hoorain Baig12 horas atrás

    My Queen CARDIII. 😻😻😻👑

  7. SuperBlueRock K-POP's Top Ranking

    SuperBlueRock K-POP's Top Ranking12 horas atrás

    I don't like rap songs but I love her personality, that is why I stan her !!

  8. Rose Lopez

    Rose Lopez12 horas atrás


  9. Soso Sanchez

    Soso Sanchez12 horas atrás

    Good morning kids, stay in school ,tell your mother to COP my Cd..

  10. Adinda Utamie

    Adinda Utamie12 horas atrás

    Here before 1M

  11. Andrej Kuntić

    Andrej Kuntić12 horas atrás

    ''Do you mind if we leasn to some music'' ''Yeah!''

  12. Ian

    Ian12 horas atrás

    Awesome video. Personality goes a long way....

  13. Ayse Aydemir

    Ayse Aydemir12 horas atrás

    How all those kids knew kardi b 😂

  14. Nikki ‘s

    Nikki ‘s12 horas atrás

    It was the best

  15. Pvpii Wilson

    Pvpii Wilson12 horas atrás

    Cardi is the Best😍😩🙈

  16. Andi Wilson

    Andi Wilson12 horas atrás

    wwwooowww this is my mood 24/7 on xmas

  17. rafa

    rafa12 horas atrás

    La cantante más sobrevalorada. No destaca ni por su voz ni por su forma de rapear, no se mueve bien, es zafia, maleducada, un caracter agresivo... un mal ejemplo. Siempre maquillada como una puerta para parecer bonita... por no hablar de las cirujías... Es que la mires por donde la mires es un desastre.

  18. Nyx Alexandra

    Nyx Alexandra12 horas atrás

    I need Money Bag and I do!!

  19. Ilyas Bz

    Ilyas Bz12 horas atrás

    What's the reason of showing her tongue 🤔😈

  20. luv ariana

    luv ariana12 horas atrás

    One of the best episodes ever!!!SOO FUN!😂💕💕💕

  21. Sophie

    Sophie12 horas atrás

    Okay, I might get a backlash for this, but I am sorry. The way she speaks, the way she acts, the way she carries herself, its just so so dumb looking. So ghetto. Like you can be dressed in designer clothes from top to bottom and when you act like that, you look cheap af.

  22. Natalia Delgado

    Natalia Delgado12 horas atrás


  23. 私は あなた私は

    私は あなた私は12 horas atrás


  24. Simi J.

    Simi J.12 horas atrás

    ‘are you looking for a significant other?’ chivalry ain’t dead

  25. MikeySevenBoss

    MikeySevenBoss12 horas atrás


  26. AmassoDor

    AmassoDor12 horas atrás

    James looks slimmer?

  27. recoveringdreams

    recoveringdreams12 horas atrás

    I can’t 😂 Cardi funny asl

  28. Baby Tesfaye

    Baby Tesfaye12 horas atrás

    Good Morning Bitchhh!

  29. Richard Roman

    Richard Roman12 horas atrás

    Old man is pimp😂

  30. Mariana Vilchez Rios

    Mariana Vilchez Rios12 horas atrás

    Amo 😂😂😂😂😂 genios

  31. Keara

    Keara12 horas atrás

    Look at the 4th member of Migos

  32. Lazydaisyyy

    Lazydaisyyy12 horas atrás

    A whole new fan base 😂😂 . no other carpool will be as great to me than this one , migos one was funny too tho

  33. Veronica Bryington

    Veronica Bryington12 horas atrás

    omg i dont think I have laughed so much in my life hahah

  34. Baby Tesfaye

    Baby Tesfaye12 horas atrás

    I love her personality sooo much.

  35. Spread Love

    Spread Love13 horas atrás

    Ok I always hated Cardi, but this made me love her💗 Never seen such a funny woman for a long time💎

  36. Yonni Galeano

    Yonni Galeano13 horas atrás

    You are a copy of nicki minaj


    EVERYTHING MINNIE13 horas atrás

    She was like, "say little ehh"- Corden was like "bitch" She was like ooohhhhh. He was like yeah.

  38. Joan Anedez

    Joan Anedez13 horas atrás

    Fact that cardi is heartful and true and know how to respect... when she was singing and the lyrics was "bitch" she censored it but when james say "bitch" she say "oh you do that on TV?... ok!?"

  39. Pink Aisiah

    Pink Aisiah13 horas atrás

    I love cardi like y’all don’t know ❤️❤️❤️

  40. Officially HALIM

    Officially HALIM13 horas atrás

    She screams out of the window, The kids recognised her Giving preschool kids advice, I don’t know what to feel

  41. uᴉʇsᴉɹd

    uᴉʇsᴉɹd13 horas atrás

    1:10 Bhad Bhabie Is That You ??

  42. Baby Tesfaye

    Baby Tesfaye13 horas atrás

    Bardi Gang!

  43. Haykal Arsya

    Haykal Arsya13 horas atrás



    TATA GGUKIE13 horas atrás

    I'm done with you eyaahhh -james 2018

  45. Tayma Saad

    Tayma Saad13 horas atrás

    Honestly this is the best

  46. Jada Walter

    Jada Walter13 horas atrás

    My dude Gunter got game

  47. Mystical Dønut

    Mystical Dønut13 horas atrás

    Off topic question buuuuuut: Where can I get James' shirt

  48. Ziare Bey

    Ziare Bey13 horas atrás

    Here before 1 billion views

  49. CheyAnne Whitfield

    CheyAnne Whitfield13 horas atrás

    I fucking love her

  50. Tonka Nakić

    Tonka Nakić13 horas atrás