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Today in our test kitchen we discover the "dark" truth behind crystal clear potato chips and provide an alternative recipe that might just be the greatest discovery we've ever made.
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Potato Starch:
Silicone Mat:
Black Food Gel:
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  1. HellthyJunkFood

    HellthyJunkFood3 meses atrás

    What else should we make clear??

  2. Cycl0ne

    Cycl0ne15 dias atrás

    My Dick.

  3. Blessings

    Blessings18 dias atrás

    HellthyJunkFood jelly

  4. Roselina Mendoza and mukbangs

    Roselina Mendoza and mukbangs19 dias atrás

    HellthyJunkFood 4:36 let make a black illuminati potato chip

  5. Urmomgay

    Urmomgay19 dias atrás

    JP- it’s boogery.- y’all should make clear boogers.

  6. Eugene Staiger

    Eugene Staiger21 dia atrás

    Clear salad

  7. Kim Jisoo

    Kim JisooDia atrás

    Crystal clear? CLC? ANYONE?

  8. Babies Nunez

    Babies NunezDia atrás


  9. arieana bailey

    arieana bailey4 dias atrás

    Can you please make clear fries pllllleeaassee! Or don't it's ok


    PENNY to FREEDOM10 dias atrás

    It taste black xD

  11. Khushbu Malviya

    Khushbu Malviya15 dias atrás

    Make a clear taco shell

  12. richie le

    richie le18 dias atrás

    giant gum

  13. Azzaixhs Rara

    Azzaixhs Rara18 dias atrás

    I love you guys specially julia bit i love jp too!

  14. John Vazquez

    John Vazquez19 dias atrás

    It taste black! Lol

  15. zack payne

    zack payne19 dias atrás


  16. zack payne

    zack payne19 dias atrás

    do a giant pie!

  17. zack payne

    zack payne19 dias atrás

    btdubs, dorito's are corn chips.....

  18. reaper 231113

    reaper 23111321 dia atrás

    Make giant clear children nuggets :3... Guy that sees this comment: dafuq

  19. TheRoblox Master

    TheRoblox Master22 dias atrás

    Doritos bag: Vegan/clear

  20. Krystel Marie

    Krystel Marie22 dias atrás


  21. Guav Guy Zach

    Guav Guy Zach23 dias atrás

    Doritos are not made from potatoes..

  22. Sarah L

    Sarah L24 dias atrás

    You had to fry the chips before eating them. After baking them you had to fry them.

  23. adam tantawy

    adam tantawy27 dias atrás

    LOL black arrow more like black COCK

  24. Big_Baller Queen30

    Big_Baller Queen3028 dias atrás

    You guys didn't fry it on low heat

  25. Fanta Diarra

    Fanta Diarra29 dias atrás

    Hi what is the song at 5:58 please ?

  26. Bree Wheel

    Bree Wheel29 dias atrás

    It taste "Black" 😂😂😂😂 💀. Most corn starch products are made from GMO corn, so may not be too healthy. Low cal doesn't equate to healthy

  27. Randa Mcgahee

    Randa McgaheeMês atrás

    That's so cool

  28. turtlebomb cat attack

    turtlebomb cat attackMês atrás

    Giant Fudge Popsicle

  29. Aljohara Alsaud

    Aljohara AlsaudMês atrás

    That’s not clear that’s off white

  30. Seimaj Jabali

    Seimaj JabaliMês atrás

    You should do a callab with threadbanger

  31. Aleksi Linna

    Aleksi LinnaMês atrás

    New video idea: How to make dorito smoothie

  32. Eric Diamond

    Eric DiamondMês atrás

    Can you guys make a giant Doritos

  33. ShiniV2 ShiniV2

    ShiniV2 ShiniV2Mês atrás

    Throws Up after eating because i made it out of a hot glue gun* XD

  34. Flor Carrillo

    Flor CarrilloMês atrás

    Make a big clear cup of water lol

  35. Battlecraft_ RB

    Battlecraft_ RBMês atrás


  36. ephraim adams

    ephraim adamsMês atrás


  37. Kesha Valdes

    Kesha ValdesMês atrás

    I got kind of excited when JP said he was going to make galaxy chips, and then was slightly sad when he didn't.

  38. Asiha Pokdin

    Asiha PokdinMês atrás

    Can you make tomatoes soup as clear.

  39. Tiffany Bradley

    Tiffany BradleyMês atrás

    You guys should make Mountain Dew Chips

  40. Miss.Vpanda

    Miss.VpandaMês atrás


  41. Precious Jewel

    Precious JewelMês atrás

    Julia : what does this look like to you guys ? Me : cum ...i mean slime

  42. Da-Non Brothas-inlaw

    Da-Non Brothas-inlawMês atrás

    Make your burger logo in real life and with the flames

  43. Lora Stylianou

    Lora StylianouMês atrás

    Why didint you put the dorido musss in the the thing that made pumking pie to be clear

  44. Nasser Hammouche

    Nasser HammoucheMês atrás

    i thought they were cool ranch because of the background of the thumbnail

  45. Mark Lester  Bobila

    Mark Lester BobilaMês atrás

    You guys are supposed to fry it after you bake it

  46. Guadalupe Delgado

    Guadalupe DelgadoMês atrás


  47. Savoy Whittick

    Savoy WhittickMês atrás


  48. BuBba KuShInGToN

    BuBba KuShInGToNMês atrás

    Doritos purée fuckin nasty.

  49. Karma Lots

    Karma LotsMês atrás

    Wait why didn't you guys fry them😕🤔

  50. Dashley Barnes

    Dashley Barnes2 meses atrás

    Hello JP, you and my boyfriend are so much alike. He came up with the idea for the black arrow super hero last year for Halloween.

  51. Jokur Love

    Jokur Love2 meses atrás

    Julia Do u like Markiplier's vids ?

  52. Marlah4

    Marlah42 meses atrás

    Points to mustard and says ketchup... points to ketchup and says mustard? Smh 🤦‍♂️

  53. Alana Camps

    Alana Camps2 meses atrás

    Looks like slime 2 me I love u

  54. Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith2 meses atrás

    Taste black ight

  55. Rahsia Rahsia

    Rahsia Rahsia2 meses atrás

    Make glow in the dark pizza