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Do you like building, weapons, and blasting away foes? Check out these awesome titles available now on the Nintendo Switch eShop!
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Enter the Gungeon:
Dragon Quest Builders:
West of Loathing:
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  1. toya niroula

    toya niroula20 dias atrás


  2. Pink Sylveon

    Pink Sylveon25 dias atrás

    bullet for smash

  3. Serpico

    SerpicoMês atrás

    Fortnite, Arena of Valor and Paladin are all free, right? Sounds like a decent gaming library already. If I as a poor man can finally afford a switch, I already have good games to play with

  4. TheFuturamaFanboy

    TheFuturamaFanboyMês atrás

    *_w h y ?_*

  5. Ninja

    NinjaMês atrás

    Is this real?

  6. curtis ley

    curtis leyMês atrás

    Why are you putting fortnite on nintendo switch it's not nintendo

  7. Cowboy Ninja

    Cowboy NinjaMês atrás

    I'm tired of hearing fortnite everywhere

  8. cadafinn

    cadafinnMês atrás

    Dejen copiar minecraft culeros

  9. Michael Larsen

    Michael LarsenMês atrás


  10. Dr. BlackBerry

    Dr. BlackBerryMês atrás

    If you play fortnite you don’t like Pubg because your bad at Pubg

  11. Forasken

    ForaskenMês atrás

    I think that game is called fortnite

  12. Johnny azza8

    Johnny azza8Mês atrás

    Whats so toxic is that _Lilttle Kids are gonna play Fortnite on the switch_ .

  13. Lapis Blaze

    Lapis BlazeMês atrás

    God no

  14. LaTia Twilley

    LaTia TwilleyMês atrás

    This SUCKS

  15. badboyzes _2

    badboyzes _2Mês atrás


  16. Natalie Jones

    Natalie JonesMês atrás

    Y Yo You Your Your g Your ga Your gay Y Yo You Your Your g Your ga Your gay...

  17. 1,004,941 views

    1,004,941 viewsMês atrás

    I’m helping people on fortnite /fortnite teacher dm on instagram @diego3hunnah for more questions and let’s do this I’m charging $5 very cheap and Play with u for about 1 or two hours depends but dm and tap in

  18. err0r

    err0rMês atrás


  19. thecraftykingdom king

    thecraftykingdom kingMês atrás

    The good stuff starts at 0:24 thank me later

  20. Kayden Perry

    Kayden PerryMês atrás


  21. Yekim 10

    Yekim 10Mês atrás

    And splatoon

  22. Yekim 10

    Yekim 10Mês atrás

    Fortnite is best

  23. John Fisher

    John FisherMês atrás

    Do more stuff for 3ds

  24. RW_Thunder

    RW_ThunderMês atrás

    3ds family is over 7.5 years old and developers are already moving on to Switch. Nintendo's primary focus will be on the Switch, and they can't force 3rd party/indie to make games for 3ds. 3ds had a good run, but best to accept that it will soon be retired.

  25. Joshua is cool mc Hi

    Joshua is cool mc HiMês atrás

    Nintendo is gay

  26. J & J Twins

    J & J TwinsMês atrás

    Fortnite is for babys but pubg is for men

  27. Gael 2006

    Gael 2006Mês atrás

    F O R T N U T F O R S W I T C H

  28. Nicholle Miller

    Nicholle MillerMês atrás

    Add free dlc skins in Nintendo eshop pleas

  29. Super crazy bros

    Super crazy brosMês atrás

    eveyone is talking about fortnite. Just stop and think i need to get a life

  30. iXi Vibez

    iXi VibezMês atrás

    My dixk

  31. Ability501

    Ability501Mês atrás

    Wii u too

  32. RW_Thunder

    RW_ThunderMês atrás

    Sorry, but Wii u was discontinued in 2016.

  33. 4mq

    4mqMês atrás


  34. merameshi

    merameshiMês atrás

    Its stupid that I cant use my epic account for the switch. I'm not buying the battle pass twice 😤.

  35. merameshi

    merameshiMês atrás

    +I lose faith In humanity let's us play PC players, and my mobile account still counts the xp as my main account 🤷‍♂️. I just dont want to start over

  36. A_nub1108

    A_nub1108Mês atrás

    Bro Fortnite on swtch is the largest game I’ve played

  37. raptygaming 64

    raptygaming 64Mês atrás

    Can't wait to jump off the battle bus and *THROW A GRENADE RIGHT IN MARIOS FRIGGIN FACE*

  38. Fam Spam

    Fam SpamMês atrás

    No. Super mario RPG was a different game.


    DWA FOR LIFEMês atrás

    Please put it on 3ds and 2ds

  40. Jurassic Weeb

    Jurassic WeebMês atrás

    People only like Fortnite bc it’s *free*

  41. GD Freddy Tracks

    GD Freddy TracksMês atrás

    Just get rid of Fortnite on your EShop, Nintendo. We didn't need it in the first place. I can't wait to see all the little kids hating on my comment....

  42. RiskyPhoenix

    RiskyPhoenixMês atrás

    I would love to blast some FOES

  43. Ruins8840

    Ruins8840Mês atrás

    Why is it always about fortnite

  44. itz ya boi kid with an ak

    itz ya boi kid with an akMês atrás

    Suck my dick fortnite

  45. Alex Anagnostos

    Alex AnagnostosMês atrás

    Listen Nintendo I don’t care about switch I like new 3ds xl more so that’s why I have the 3ds xl and not switch

  46. Trippy Blaze

    Trippy BlazeMês atrás

    Can i play with ps4 players now ?

  47. Blow your Screen b1tch

    Blow your Screen b1tchMês atrás

    *Time to steal mommy’s cReDiT cArD*

  48. A not-so aesthetic name

    A not-so aesthetic nameMês atrás

    Add Pepsiman for smash and his echo could be diet Pepsiman

  49. Endless23 23Endless

    Endless23 23EndlessMês atrás

    Boi fortnite on switch? Hard controls Have smoother buttons, better grip and bigger triggers

  50. Catalina echevarria

    Catalina echevarriaMês atrás

    F u Nintendo you made pokemon brick bronze get deleted your devices suck also

  51. Catalina echevarria

    Catalina echevarriaMês atrás

    Nintendo owns the pokemon company are you stupid

  52. Super Wonner

    Super WonnerMês atrás


  53. A Commenter

    A CommenterMês atrás

    Mk so I downloaded fortnite but I couldn't redownload it like I can with other crap

  54. gaming_ with jennifer

    gaming_ with jenniferMês atrás

    I came here for fortnite

  55. Swoosh Kid

    Swoosh KidMês atrás

    I hate fortnite