Klay Thompson is key to LeBron’s quest for a Lakers championship - Stephen A. | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith marvels at Klay Thompson’s shooting prowess and breaks down how Klay could potentially elevate Los Angeles’ championship odds alongside LeBron James if he becomes a Laker in free agency.
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  1. Isaac V

    Isaac V50 minutos atrás

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  2. Canaan Carter

    Canaan Carter50 minutos atrás

    1:00 that point is invalid because the extra point you get from the 3 point shot makes it 1.5x more effective than the 2. Kawhi is shooting 50% from the field this season, Klay is shooting about 42% from 3. That’s like Klay shooting 63% from the field.

  3. Nicholas Volosyn

    Nicholas Volosyn50 minutos atrás

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  5. Jacob Hyde

    Jacob Hyde51 minuto atrás

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  6. _ ExtremelySpicyPotato _

    _ ExtremelySpicyPotato _51 minuto atrás

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  7. Zaddy Zoot

    Zaddy Zoot51 minuto atrás

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  8. Kenneth raiford

    Kenneth raiford52 minutos atrás

    I never seen first take ever just keep pushing a player to the Lakers just to have something to talk about for lebron its really sad klay is not even thinking about the Lakers just face it alot of players dont wanna play with lebron

  9. julia gentile

    julia gentile52 minutos atrás

    CHECK THIS VIDEO OUT - this guy is on the come up crazy talented brtube.net/play-video-dQUgQYOmbuo.html

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    Jake Y52 minutos atrás

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  12. Jonathan Colon

    Jonathan Colon53 minutos atrás

    Another example of dick riding lebron . Man leave them boys over there at golden state bruh they not interested in any of that non sense . The season ain’t even over n they talkin about trades n Breslin up golden state already lol . Clown asses

  13. Moid D. Khan

    Moid D. Khan53 minutos atrás

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  14. Matt

    Matt53 minutos atrás

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    Mainol Santos54 minutos atrás

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    justachannel54 minutos atrás

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    Tyler Maiorino54 minutos atrás

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    Yah yheet Harris58 minutos atrás

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  26. john chapman

    john chapman58 minutos atrás

    Klay is the best oh yeah yeah

  27. hey_37291738

    hey_3729173859 minutos atrás

    Klay Thompson

  28. Nerik Ledesma

    Nerik Ledesma59 minutos atrás

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  29. Jackson Froh25

    Jackson Froh2559 minutos atrás

    Oh yeah yeah Klay Thompson isn’t that good good

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    Nerik Ledesma59 minutos atrás

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  31. hank nelson

    hank nelson59 minutos atrás

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    Nerik Ledesma59 minutos atrás

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  33. David

    David59 minutos atrás

    Klay isn’t a top 5 shooter

  34. Nerik Ledesma

    Nerik Ledesma59 minutos atrás

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  35. Kengozin

    KengozinHora atrás

    Honestly it depends on where klay is at mentally. If he was money and fame more than he has now and wants to maximize the asian marketplace L.A. is the spot. He probably wont make it anywhere playoffs wise. LBJ more uncertain than ever. I know he'll bounce back. But if Klay wants to have say in his organization and wants to solidify his status in the bay area and established markets, he may want to consider resigning. If he wants good money and to stay with that franchise hes gonna have to jockey offers to raise the salary but then resign after reaching a do-able # with Joe Lacob.

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    Subscribe to pewds372 372Hora atrás

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  37. On-Demand Mobile Truck Repair

    On-Demand Mobile Truck RepairHora atrás

    Klay to philly please thanks.

  38. clipside

    clipsideHora atrás

    We know at the end of the day that lakers will get nothing out of all the players that they alleged to join them ...

  39. One Skill Point

    One Skill PointHora atrás

    Love him or hate him Durant was right. It is toxic around Lebron thru no fault of his own. The media is a real problem.

  40. N B

    N BHora atrás

    The talk should be about Warriors winning 3 straight and where that puts them on all time list. Not breaking them up. I never once heard in any sport media make it their mission to break up a team in their prime that was winning. This is why I need KD and Klay to resign and GS to win 4 straight and set history. Media Lebron disciples know that if Lebron doesnt win a ring next year he is done winning in the NBA. That is why they are trying to break up GS this off season. Problem is, GS knows this and will not make it convenient for Lebron and his media worshipers. Hell KD will resign a long term max deal just to piss off haters.

  41. Gabriel Sanchez

    Gabriel SanchezHora atrás

    They are trying to speak it into existence, they need to stop it.. GSW all day

  42. Alexkamaal

    AlexkamaalHora atrás

    Max is right though, Leonard is undoubtedly better. Not even a comparison

  43. Nkosi Rooms

    Nkosi RoomsHora atrás

    The lottery system in the nba is not working.New players should only go to the top 10 worst teams in the league. I'm A wizards fan but New York needs to come back to the NbA.

  44. James Leon

    James LeonHora atrás

    If Warriors are allowed to have 5 all stars I believe giving 1 all star to LAKERS would be fair! If you think otherwise then FUCK You lol


    CHRIS DIAZHora atrás

    Stephen A want the Lakers to be good so bad 😂

  46. dixonmixin10

    dixonmixin10Hora atrás

    Am I the only one who wants the Lakers to go after Kemba Walker??

  47. Wodz30

    Wodz30Hora atrás

    why are people commenting here as if they are talking about the Warriors TRADING Klay away?! When these various players become FREE AGENTS they will review EVERY OFFER they receive. So we already know the Lakers want ONE of these players and will put an enticing packing in front of them. SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP if you do not want to hear or watch these video, STOP CLICKING ON THE FUCKING LINKS!!!!!!!!!! dumb fucks

  48. SLI-Enthusiast

    SLI-EnthusiastHora atrás

    Stephen A. is First Take Joke

  49. David Pitts

    David PittsHora atrás

    The biggest reason the lakers need klay is to get him off the warriors

  50. Gabo Gooten

    Gabo GootenHora atrás

    Nobody wants to go to the Lakers

  51. TheBayboy29

    TheBayboy29Hora atrás

    Dumb ass argument... why go to the lakers when he’s already winning championships.

  52. Rachel Clarke

    Rachel ClarkeHora atrás

    Klay staying with Golden State!!!!!! Yes I say sooo, now what???

  53. Bacons Strip

    Bacons StripHora atrás

    Klay can’t get his own shot, so how does this solve Lebron and his high minutes and usage problem?

  54. Minister McCallister

    Minister McCallisterHora atrás

    Bro everyone isn't just going to new York or L.A.

  55. Arthur Lager

    Arthur LagerHora atrás

    Media and nba have an agenda to push lebron as the hero of the league like they did to great success with Jordan but he ain’t like mike and it’s embarrassing and pointless ,the nba makes more money when l.a is in the finals as they are the original bandwagon and was a cash cow during Kobe n shaq era ,the media is based in l.a so it’s better for them too, nba is about money off the court and I love that the warriors have ruined their plans to make lebron the king

  56. Fernando Patino

    Fernando PatinoHora atrás

    How about the fucking lakers develop their own players like the warriors did instead of cherry picking. Lakers had their two runs it’s the Warriors turn breaking records

  57. You gotta be kiddin me

    You gotta be kiddin meHora atrás

    No star/superstar is even thinking about joining lebron in LA

  58. Leo Yang

    Leo YangHora atrás

    bruh lowkey i think it's not looking so hot for bron man and im a huge fan of him...biggest one to blame is pg 13, it's a bit of a miscalculation, cuz at this point only stars i can see them getting is AD through a trade and that's if pelicans choose celtics package over lakers. kawhi, kyrie and klay are both lonnnnng ass shot at this point, and brons not superman this is a contact sports it'll hit a point when he starts to decline as he's not a super finesse guy

  59. Idea 86

    Idea 86Hora atrás

    Klay will make every team a championship contender mofos are sleeping on klay

  60. SpartanK07

    SpartanK07Hora atrás

    Klay a front runner, he doesn't want no smoke

  61. james fead

    james feadHora atrás

    Go home ESPN your DRUNK

  62. Jrue Wiley

    Jrue WileyHora atrás

    Enough with Stephen A and The Lakers talk. Please

  63. D Mo seven

    D Mo sevenHora atrás

    Didn't Lakers smoke golden state a month ago?

  64. Tom Kirk

    Tom KirkHora atrás

    Everyone need to chill on the media making narrative for the Lakers fact is Lakers said they want to get a big free agent this offseason they mad the money for it so the media will do media things and talk about witch free agents they think could get and who Lakers might be looking for they not necessarily saying it’ll happen there just saying what Lakers will try chill with all the media on Lakers dicks I’ve heard 100 of times people say kawhi to clippers and no one cry’s then and kd to nyc no one cry’s then or Kyrie to nyc Buttler to nyc so on

  65. LivefromdaStreets

    LivefromdaStreetsHora atrás

    Why do they keep pushing this narrative? Other teams need to win chips to is not all about bron

  66. Phoeut Teng

    Phoeut TengHora atrás

    These gsw team is built to win at least 8 championships before they retired they are still young

  67. damn son

    damn sonHora atrás

    Its not an accident that he makes a show in LA ..... No Bro he didnt wants to win ,he destroyed them so he can go to them .....Stfu Stephen A u have to smoke less weed

  68. marco e

    marco eHora atrás

    At this pace the next espn video will be how jiren from universe 11 will be the Lakers next option

  69. John50 Beach

    John50 BeachHora atrás

    Klay says "I wanna be a warrior for life". ESPN: "klay thompson is auditioning for the Lakers" Kawhi says he never liked the lakers. ESPN: "Kawhi is coming to lakers" So basically they ignore every quote that says they're not going to the Lakers and just make up narratives

  70. Phoeut Teng

    Phoeut TengHora atrás

    Klay is not going any where he's part of the splash brother the original he would be stupid to go any where Stephen curry and klay are the all time great guard combo in the history of the nba

  71. Jay Eff Ess

    Jay Eff EssHora atrás

    He is absolutely a top 5 shooter of all-time but he is so one dimensional. If someone brings up his defense, just shut the fuck up. When you play with 4 all-stars, your defensive tasks aren't difficult

  72. Jess E

    Jess EHora atrás

    Face it Lebron's precious young team sucks. its over no more rings for you

  73. YungNando

    YungNandoHora atrás

    But Lebron Fucking hate Klay Thompson , and I feel like Larry bird and Reggie Miller still the top shooters of all time n I'll throw ray Allen in there also

  74. L V

    L VHora atrás

    The sports media is sickening

  75. Penny Bautista

    Penny BautistaHora atrás

    Can someone please ask Klay if he wants to play with Lebitch Lediva ???? The answer im sure is NOOOOOOO WAYYYYYY

  76. Matt5

    Matt5Hora atrás

    I hate this show now...🤦🏽‍♂️

  77. Dj Nevels

    Dj NevelsHora atrás

    This dude SAS literally said "the ONLY shooters lebron has ever had on his teams were ray allen and kyle korver." Only.

  78. Trent Irvin

    Trent IrvinHora atrás

    I do hope Kylie comes to LA

  79. Bleaveland Bavaliers

    Bleaveland BavaliersHora atrás

    Imagine if every time someone popped off in Football they start discussing how they “could potentially end up playing for Tom Brady” bruh who cares 😂

  80. Bleaveland Bavaliers

    Bleaveland BavaliersHora atrás

    EVERY time an all star pops off WHY does ESPN feel the need to talk about them going to the lakers literally NO ONE cares, I think even laker fans are tired of this

  81. Khadeem 'Bow

    Khadeem 'BowHora atrás

    I'm ridiculously tired of seeing you argue THE MOST USELESS ARGUMENT IN YEARS on this show and the worst part is that you WON"T STOP. NOBODY WANTS THIS.

  82. King Shango Sound

    King Shango SoundHora atrás

    Dream shopping

  83. Nba2k Samurai

    Nba2k SamuraiHora atrás

    Klay is staying in golden state, he has no ego, ain't worried about money, and after there first championship he referred to steph as the best player in the world. Why would he leave?

  84. Bleaveland Bavaliers

    Bleaveland BavaliersHora atrás

    Klay makes 10 3’s in a row. And somehow this video is about him going to the lakers. What

  85. YoMrRice

    YoMrRiceHora atrás

    Lebron has LeSpn out here recruiting Klay, AD, Kyrie, Tom Brady, Ultra Instinct Goku, and an actual Goat🐐 to LeHelp him win another ring. Meanwhile a total of zero top 10 guys want to play scapegoat to Lebron when they lose to GS

  86. YOUNGIN BOYZ YouTube

    YOUNGIN BOYZ YouTubeHora atrás

    We need you Klay, OML we do😩 #LakerGang🔥

  87. k smith

    k smithHora atrás

    lmao these nigga no way Klay going to the laker no matter if his dad went

  88. SuaveTitan

    SuaveTitanHora atrás

    Klay, AD, KD, Beal, Melo how many ppl Stephen A want to play with Bron ?????

  89. Junior Quarles

    Junior QuarlesHora atrás

    Why is this season's narrative is all about who Lebron needs to win a championship. Stop the madness.

  90. Jake Glass

    Jake GlassHora atrás

    I love how it was a weak move for kd to the warriors and its "destroying the league" yet max is like "lebrons way better than anyone in the league and worth 2 allstars" but both of them want either kahwi, AD, or kay to play with lebron like atleast be consistant with your thinking.

  91. Jimel Quann

    Jimel QuannHora atrás

    Clay not fucking leaving. We going to go after the bulls. My team still got a good 4 years left.. And we already got 3 rings.. 1 this year means... 3 more to go. After that... Then the nba can start over. Haaaaaaaaaaa

  92. PierceTheThird

    PierceTheThirdHora atrás


  93. TheTjack0944

    TheTjack0944Hora atrás

    Just wishful thinking by ESPN somebody wants Klay in LA is all!! My guess SAS but he already said he was going to sign again

  94. No Cappin'

    No Cappin'2 horas atrás

    SAS I thought u left this bs in 2018

  95. Jon Gruden Sucks

    Jon Gruden Sucks2 horas atrás

    Klay isn’t going anywhere.

  96. Michael Ward

    Michael Ward2 horas atrás

    Lakers should not acquiesce to Lebron, they need to be thinking about building for after Lebron. Keep Kuzma, bring in Klay or Kyrie, shop Lebron(Davis, beal) for whatever you can get and build the right way instead of thinking James is going to get you a quick championship. How do the Lakers know that the presence of Lebron is keeping top level free agents away.?What if Paul George would have signed with the Lakers if Lebron wasn't there.?

  97. Jhonwelle Nacion

    Jhonwelle Nacion2 horas atrás

    Max only talks about kawhi. Maybe he's inlove with kawhi. Fuck you max

  98. Pepper The GOAT

    Pepper The GOAT2 horas atrás

    The lakers aren’t getting anybody the media is trippin they suck ass

  99. William Teada

    William Teada2 horas atrás

    I wish the sixers could get klay. He's exactly what they need to win a chip

  100. Team Pangaliman

    Team Pangaliman2 horas atrás

    Lakers is not and will not be making to WCF in anytime soon. Don’t matter if they get Klay or AD. Warriors are too great of a team. Nothing will beat the warriors. They will keep winning championships back to back to back.. and so on. Even if weak ass Melo gets traded to Lakers. Still not a factor.