LUXURIOUS All You Can Eat BUFFET in Mumbai India!

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The Seven Kitchens buffet at the St. Regis was full of incredible food! Some stations include dim sum, a tandoori oven, soba and ramen bar, and a weekly special regional food bar. So happy to share this with you guys!
Location Price- $60 USD
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  1. Katie Caufield

    Katie Caufield7 minutos atrás

    No other buffet will compare again.

  2. j shep

    j shepHora atrás

    Love your vids and plz treat yourself to a manicure. It's a fun experience and it makes your "close up" hold of food more enjoyable for your viewers.

  3. Sameer Rathore

    Sameer Rathore2 horas atrás

    This whole vlog was so friggin gorgeous to watch. The food looked so colorful & delicoius, the decor of that place...and your high octane positivity...just amazing. Mike....You're like are fit as eff...and you eat like a Saiyan.

  4. Ram N

    Ram N3 horas atrás

    That's a satisfied homosapiens

  5. Narciso E

    Narciso E3 horas atrás

    This man can eat!!

  6. Maria Galloway

    Maria Galloway3 horas atrás

    OMG why am I not there eat with you hahaha that food looks so yummy thx for showing us this much love

  7. Xes Zki

    Xes Zki3 horas atrás

    Hungry much! 😱❤️

  8. meow meow

    meow meow4 horas atrás

    I m **Obsessed** with Indian food Edit : yayyy and I m living in India now...

  9. Aniruddha Bhaduri

    Aniruddha Bhaduri6 horas atrás

    Indian food is the best in the world!

  10. Kit Kat

    Kit Kat7 horas atrás

    My Lord how can you eat so much 😧😧😧😧

  11. Drew Peacock

    Drew Peacock7 horas atrás

    Sick, Mumbai spends the money to delight

  12. Jerald John Vibal

    Jerald John Vibal7 horas atrás

    I think you just cut your video,every dish you take :)

  13. Jerald John Vibal

    Jerald John Vibal7 horas atrás

    Yes india cuisine is delicious but most of the food halder is not aware of their hygien or cleaniness!!

  14. Alexander Liu

    Alexander Liu8 horas atrás

    Just watching it makes me hungry

  15. akuma4u

    akuma4u8 horas atrás

    how the hell do you eat so much? perhaps filming was over the span of several hours? cuz the editing made it look like you were there for 30 mins

  16. akuma4u

    akuma4u8 horas atrás

    that buffet looks like it costs 149.99 USD per person

  17. Ghostwalker CIA

    Ghostwalker CIA9 horas atrás

    Cha siu bao, my favorite bun. pork bun

  18. Jaycee He

    Jaycee He9 horas atrás

    Definitely got your money's worth. I would be on a 3 day fast after this meal...

  19. ran caes

    ran caes10 horas atrás

    omg mike buffet again! :3

  20. TehloneGamer

    TehloneGamer11 horas atrás

    Wow that band did a good job covering Shakira. Wasn't expecting that song.

  21. Brian Ring

    Brian Ring12 horas atrás

    I was just watching Mark eat raw buffalo with bile. This is definitely more my speed.

  22. Bill Cosby

    Bill Cosby12 horas atrás

    My bill at a Indian restaurant with a family of 3 costs around $100 so all that food for $50 is nothing

  23. Bill Cosby

    Bill Cosby12 horas atrás

    We have found heaven

  24. Bill Cosby

    Bill Cosby12 horas atrás

    Why didn’t the cAmera man turn to the celebs I wanna see

  25. Nael Laine

    Nael Laine13 horas atrás

    wrist flash rocket affect grave can yet place no separate ago.

  26. PaulVlogTube

    PaulVlogTube13 horas atrás

    bruh i would be full already

  27. magicguitarman

    magicguitarman14 horas atrás

    Tell that nosy bitch in the back to get fucked.

  28. ai yan wang

    ai yan wang14 horas atrás

    everytime mike likes something and says how good it is, his first reaction looks like he doesn't like it

  29. Lelouch12160

    Lelouch1216014 horas atrás

    I didn't know Jackie Chang had a youtube channel.

  30. hallmonitor98

    hallmonitor9816 horas atrás

    $50 buffet MmmMMMm

  31. Estrella Perez

    Estrella Perez16 horas atrás

    Omg!!! That good looks incredible!!! I’m starving! Guess this California girl will go have a bowl of cereal!!!

  32. Larry Hampton

    Larry Hampton19 horas atrás

    Dayum Mikie 1M views in 3 days?!! Awesome dude!

  33. Alex Meyyy

    Alex Meyyy20 horas atrás

    Go to Cambodia in Asia

  34. technav

    technav20 horas atrás

    This video was shot over 3 days and edited nicely. Good job.

  35. Cyril Gomez

    Cyril Gomez20 horas atrás

    it's naan, not nun

  36. Maxwell Edison

    Maxwell Edison21 hora atrás

    I would really hate having to share a bathroom with Mikey.

  37. Kunal Shah

    Kunal Shah21 hora atrás

    Bro uve got some appetite

  38. Kayes Hasan

    Kayes Hasan22 horas atrás

    50$ what???

  39. AJFes12

    AJFes1222 horas atrás

    how do u manage to keep in shape

  40. Suren R

    Suren R23 horas atrás

    Thank goodness this video made me hungry... just came back from a night market, I got some fried chicken, salted fish fried rice, nasi lemak and apom baliks to finish 😁

  41. Suren R

    Suren R23 horas atrás

    Oh c'mon man!... don't say no to beautiful broccoli...!

  42. Ravi Kanth

    Ravi KanthDia atrás

    man!! how much u can stuff in.. 🤔😂 you need to take some food challenges too.. that buffet is a stumptous stomach full for my whole family.. 😎😁🤗

  43. navi singh

    navi singhDia atrás

    You need to introduce your crew.

  44. scatsp

    scatspDia atrás

    Where does this guy put it all away??? Fair play to you. I salut you. I'm a regular traveller to Mumbai but never find these kind of places, but this place is on my hit list. Thanks fella.

  45. HASSAN SMITH made in america

    HASSAN SMITH made in americaDia atrás


  46. USA Resident

    USA ResidentDia atrás

    Wow, I would be absolutely sick if I ate that much food.

  47. ghost gamer456

    ghost gamer456Dia atrás

    Omg 40000000 mmmmm

  48. hal900x

    hal900xDia atrás

    Hard for me to watch, knowing the hunger situation in India. A billion people in near starvation, and a tiny fraction living like actual kings. Outside that hotel entire families are sleeping on the sidewalk...the lucky ones, that is.

  49. J A K E

    J A K EDia atrás

    lamb > bollywood stars

  50. H8ME?

    H8ME?Dia atrás

    How are you not dead?

  51. Ryan Blayden

    Ryan BlaydenDia atrás

    Dude a pron is crawfish down south

  52. M3S

    M3SDia atrás

    I went there 4 times back when I was visiting my family. The main reason I kept going back to this buffet was because of that delicious broccoli.


    ASH KYEOODia atrás

    Idk why i keep watching your vids when im hungry af. ㅠ.ㅠ

  54. Dawn Ho

    Dawn HoDia atrás

    Lol! Don't eat anything that's listed as 'Singapore' in that buffet. I like that!

  55. Jeffin J

    Jeffin JDia atrás

    Who's here before trending

  56. Sabrina

    SabrinaDia atrás

    My mouth is watering.... Every single one of those food selection items looks deliccciiiiooouuussss. 😮

  57. Nina Marquez

    Nina MarquezDia atrás

    he can eat damn everything looks delicious I be threw with my 2# plate🤣🤣🤣

  58. Grant Neeson

    Grant NeesonDia atrás

    It's the first time I'm seeing Mumbai as a normal city and not a slum like how it's usually portrayed

  59. Grant Neeson

    Grant NeesonDia atrás

    Siddhant Kumar okay! Good! Well all the best to you sir

  60. Siddhant Kumar

    Siddhant KumarDia atrás

    Grant Neeson Search it up online.3 slums have already been refurbished and multi storey building are standing in their place now.Government has stopped collecting property tax on such housing and there are a lot of incentives for builders to build.Also I would like to tell you that most people living in Mumbai slums are not poor.They make 10-20USD everyday which is enough to lead a life in India because India is cheap.

  61. Grant Neeson

    Grant NeesonDia atrás

    Siddhant Kumar Why is the fairy godmother coming with her magic wand in 2022? There are 5.2 million people living in Slums in Mumbai? I'd be happy to know the plan put in place to make Mumbai slum free in 4 years, cuz it's a shithole currently

  62. Siddhant Kumar

    Siddhant KumarDia atrás

    Grant Neeson Agree lol.btw slum rehabilitation is going on.Mumbai will be slum free by 2022.

  63. Grant Neeson

    Grant NeesonDia atrás

    Siddhant Kumar yeah but it also houses the biggest slum in the world as well as Antillla. It's a city of paradoxes

  64. McPuffs

    McPuffsDia atrás


  65. mashidesu3

    mashidesu3Dia atrás

    Did you figure out who the bollywood star was?

  66. Bailey Henderson

    Bailey HendersonDia atrás

    Buy frsh instead of the video because frsh is worth buying pizza and stock go do one of those options

  67. Bea Hea

    Bea HeaDia atrás


  68. Commonlogicguy

    CommonlogicguyDia atrás

    I would like a burger....

  69. Thunderheade Danno

    Thunderheade DannoDia atrás

    Watching this guy... He is having a better foodgasm than even my best orgasm.

  70. Thunderheade Danno

    Thunderheade DannoDia atrás

    I would have to go 2 days eating only lettuce and nothing else before coming here or nothing at all and I would walk out 50 lbs heavier...

  71. team borut

    team borutDia atrás

    that must be finger liking gooooooooooood have a fun night with your date (the food)

  72. Alex Jones

    Alex JonesDia atrás

    All you can eat rats LMAO

  73. akshay kamat

    akshay kamatDia atrás

    9.17 yes its freakin hott you know wat i mean ))

  74. Ali G

    Ali GDia atrás

    Did you eat all of this on one day ??

  75. Bobo Chimp

    Bobo ChimpDia atrás

    Wow .. That ALL ooks amazing! I just wanna fork full of each little thing👀🍴

  76. Bobo Chimp

    Bobo ChimpDia atrás

    Wow .. That ALL ooks amazing! I just wanna fork full of each little thing👀🍴

  77. bharat vaasi

    bharat vaasiDia atrás

    There is this India, "fresh fork every time you sit down.." and then there is that other one...! Where a whole family lives by their whole life on less than a dollar a day per head, ie maybe 1 square meal a day :) happy eating/stuffing PS: The other India is about 67% of total population

  78. DawgYankee

    DawgYankeeDia atrás

    Love watching this crazy guy eat!! He loves doing what he does and he is so entertaining...watching his vids make me happy...and hungry!!

  79. Khan Majid

    Khan MajidDia atrás

    If you want to try pakistan food so we can go together and

  80. Jp K

    Jp KDia atrás

    Las Vegas has more buffets than anywhere on the planet.A lot closer than India,and you know what your'e eating.

  81. F.N. Bartleby

    F.N. BartlebyDia atrás


  82. Khuram Zahid

    Khuram ZahidDia atrás

    50 bucks for a buffet is actually considered royalty in Asia.

  83. meowmeowdragon

    meowmeowdragonDia atrás

    And here I thought I was the only one with the buffet sense

  84. Edward Huynh

    Edward HuynhDia atrás

    I love mango juice!!!!!

  85. Thomas Varenhorst

    Thomas VarenhorstDia atrás

    I hope all that grub was worth pissing out your asshole the next few days

  86. -_-SKA -_-Ninja

    -_-SKA -_-NinjaDia atrás

    ye melody itni chocolaty kyu he XD

  87. MA AA

    MA AADia atrás

    Foods awesome but how can he eat so much in one go lol

  88. -_-SKA -_-Ninja

    -_-SKA -_-NinjaDia atrás

    MAN ST> REGIS HOTEL !!! I WAS THERE TOO ;((((((( CUDVE MET YOU ! ;((((((

  89. Lonewolfy Xbox360

    Lonewolfy Xbox360Dia atrás

    Hes holding his knife the wrong way

  90. Carrie Hew

    Carrie HewDia atrás


  91. yash sandhu

    yash sandhuDia atrás

    Oh my goodness ! How can anyone even eat that much ? But u know what , everyone can if the food is so delicious. Wow slurps !

  92. Gato Loco

    Gato LocoDia atrás

    I saw online it said 4000 rupees for 2????? thats wrong, right??

  93. leroy huang

    leroy huangDia atrás

    Anyone noticed his knive was Not the right way

  94. Magnus lund

    Magnus lundDia atrás

    i got diabetes from watching that dessert plate

  95. Soma Thomas

    Soma ThomasDia atrás

    you have beastly appetite... man you really enjoy the food... keep up the good work... you really respect .. the food , taste , and culture...

  96. Aanand R

    Aanand RDia atrás

    hey buddy, did you had all these food in one day!!????


    SPECS TUBEDia atrás

    Visit to Tamil nadu to experience the holistic experience of leaf meals,filter coffee

  98. Aliyan CH

    Aliyan CHDia atrás

    try in pakistan also

  99. M Viv

    M Viv21 hora atrás

    Aliyan CH . Shoo

  100. Mitchell A

    Mitchell ADia atrás

    Mouth watering dishes!!!


    BLUE MOXIEDia atrás

    Dude looks like Jackie Chans Brother...LMAO i couldn't putt my finger on it at first.

  102. Blokesky

    BlokeskyDia atrás

    I wasn’t subscribed until today lol. Idk why because I always find myself watching your videos lol

  103. Dblizz_ Filmz

    Dblizz_ FilmzDia atrás

    New youtuber check me out !

  104. Raja Raman

    Raja RamanDia atrás


  105. Justin Weathers

    Justin WeathersDia atrás

    And how many calories did you consume lol

  106. Spooky Skeleton

    Spooky SkeletonDia atrás

    Eating animals is disgusting and wrong