MICHELIN Star RAMEN & SOBA Noodle Tour of Tokyo Japan

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I went to some of the most acclaimed Michelin starred ramen and soba spots in Tokyo. What an incredible experience.


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  1. Aril Bahtiar

    Aril BahtiarDia atrás

    Can You Add Indonesia Subtitle Please??

  2. Poseidon99Jeus

    Poseidon99Jeus2 dias atrás

    $1000 or ¥1000!! I sweat like a swine when you said that.

  3. Rupin Harendra

    Rupin Harendra3 dias atrás

    What is truffle

  4. Fadlie Hidayat

    Fadlie Hidayat3 dias atrás

    Watching this first time... I thought he is Jackie

  5. Eurike Putri

    Eurike Putri2 dias atrás

    you're not alone

  6. avaorchid

    avaorchid4 dias atrás

    The second place just looked so much better. I respect michillin stars and know that they are not just handed out but I also know that changes often occur after a star is given and chefs often move on to greener pastures and the star quality sometimes goes with them if the kitchen crew goes or if the new head chef doesnt keep up standards. I am often suspicious of gimics when eating at places and a ticket with deposit as well as dusting truffle can often be pretense to hid a dip in the quality of food. I am not saying that is a fact here of course just a thing to think about

  7. Ech o

    Ech o5 dias atrás

    18:00 doggy is that you?

  8. Khris 1873

    Khris 18736 dias atrás

    I would have been laughing so hard if he said "OMG THIS IS SO GOOD!!!" OUT LOUD IN THE RESTAURANT AT 20:29. AND EVERYBODY LOOKED AT HIM.

  9. Mahesh Gurung

    Mahesh Gurung7 dias atrás

    You lucky bastered enjoying all that ramen NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM 😍😍😍😍😍

  10. NALDO 300

    NALDO 3008 dias atrás

    this channel is awesome

  11. c02615223

    c026152238 dias atrás

    18:58 - Thats what she said

  12. Nerding Out

    Nerding Out9 dias atrás

    man you easily have the best food review program on youtube. keep up the awesome work

  13. F I N N Y

    F I N N Y9 dias atrás

    Your my hero (Sorry I'm really high)

  14. anand an

    anand an9 dias atrás

    whats your native ? @ strictly dumpling

  15. peanut butter

    peanut butter9 dias atrás

    I found these videos on Facebook yesterday and just watching all his Ramen videos. I'm just jealous!

  16. joseph Salazar

    joseph Salazar9 dias atrás

    I'm so miserable with my life I'm gonna travel the world and be a happy man just me and my son eating together soaking up all different cultures

  17. Karina Montes

    Karina Montes10 dias atrás

    Great video!

  18. Paul T Sjordal

    Paul T Sjordal11 dias atrás

    You clearly love noodles. You need to make a visit to Sapporo.

  19. Imageflexion Cartoons

    Imageflexion Cartoons12 dias atrás

    When zoomed in on text around 1:10, I don't see in japanese the part about needing to deposit 1000 yen.

  20. Monique Lee

    Monique Lee13 dias atrás

    How do you cook an egg like that?

  21. Cristhina Leon Hernandez

    Cristhina Leon Hernandez15 dias atrás

    i can smell the ramen from this video

  22. Noble Man

    Noble Man16 dias atrás

    Chan your just pig eat anything man.

  23. Grant Nordin

    Grant Nordin18 dias atrás

    The ramen in Japan is pure bliss. The broth is savory and smooth, the noodles are firm and soft, the pork, eggs, and green onions. Sooooo good.

  24. Scott Martindell

    Scott Martindell19 dias atrás

    If those were the Maserati of soba noodles then they probably were just okay :/

  25. Drunk Asian

    Drunk Asian19 dias atrás

    Nobody can overcome the ichiran ramen.

  26. Fake Ninja

    Fake Ninja20 dias atrás

    I love your videos

  27. Dahye Kwon

    Dahye Kwon20 dias atrás

    I like your reaction! But I couldn't enter the link of that 3rd soba restaurant you posted. Can I know the restaurant name, plsss

  28. stefano catalani

    stefano catalani20 dias atrás

    always pointing at the food with your fingers or worse with the chopsticks...rude

  29. 기무라 요헤이

    기무라 요헤이20 dias atrás

    Staring into sunset through the boild egg lol

  30. OompaLoompa211

    OompaLoompa21121 dia atrás

    You're a disgusting eater. Constantly chewing with your mouth open, over the top slurping of your noodles. I feel terrible for anyone who has to eat with you.

  31. Anime Mo

    Anime Mo21 dia atrás

    This is SO GOOD, I don't even mind the eating noise!

  32. Shadow LSD

    Shadow LSD22 dias atrás

    2:01 I want to pay these guys to cook me ramen every day

  33. KKB1976

    KKB197623 dias atrás

    Take care of your liver

  34. Catz Chang

    Catz Chang24 dias atrás

    3 bowls for you only?? 🤐 that's.. Hahahaha

  35. Crissel Castro

    Crissel Castro24 dias atrás

    Tú cara después de comer es lo mejor jajaajajajaj soooo meee! Enjoy

  36. myysone

    myysone24 dias atrás

    I'm gonna try soba with tofu And tantanman In December!!!! Yay!!!!!

  37. Nai Fong Koh

    Nai Fong Koh26 dias atrás

    I am salivating watching this..

  38. Dem Bert

    Dem Bert26 dias atrás

    I watch your video while eating. Haha

  39. - mostrandomnerd

    - mostrandomnerd27 dias atrás

    We have a place in Berlin that does Tonkotsu Tantan and I love it so much. I want to taste this one too.

  40. Lego Stuff

    Lego Stuff27 dias atrás

    My mouth was watering watching this video

  41. sestoelemento 80

    sestoelemento 8028 dias atrás

    how come you get two bowls, when they say its one bowl per person? just curious

  42. Prezla men

    Prezla men28 dias atrás

    Sta srces toliko,gori si od mog caleta. :D

  43. Public Disturbance Now

    Public Disturbance Now28 dias atrás

    why did you order both bowls at the same time? can't you ask them to bring you the 2nd after finishing the 1st? just sayin

  44. Gerald

    Gerald29 dias atrás

    you're reactions are hilarious and awesome haha

  45. Mohamed Saed

    Mohamed Saed29 dias atrás

    What the name of the music in the intro plz?

  46. Vyviel

    Vyviel29 dias atrás

    Nice review, Jackie Chan

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    Israel NatividadMês atrás

    i want to go to japan to eat ramen

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    ActedBug GamingMês atrás

    whats with the stranger things music

  49. Gail Fisher

    Gail FisherMês atrás

    🌸 this time I’m prepared my friend, home made hot pot, close enough 😋 Darn, now I want ramen 🤤

  50. Zero Check

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    You cheated on ichiran ramen behind her back.

  51. Rohan Chandna

    Rohan ChandnaMês atrás

    Watching this while having rajma chawal ! "Rajma chawal" you cannot beat this!