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  1. jacksfilms

    jacksfilms13 horas atrás

    Just so you know, this video isn't the reason I took a 3-week break. I've been hard at work on a BIG project, which will be revealed in an upcoming "MY BIG ANNOUNCEMENT" YIAY later this month! Stay tuned......

  2. Wee Wat theee

    Wee Wat theee8 horas atrás

    jacksfilms #YIAYtitle "Fall"

  3. DanJD

    DanJD8 horas atrás

    Nudes? Nah. Alexander Hamilton 4

  4. NotAPop Sicle

    NotAPop Sicle8 horas atrás

    1000 macbooks giveaway?

  5. Benjamin IDK

    Benjamin IDK8 horas atrás

    cant wait for the divorce and nudes

  6. Indian Otaku Boy Malodiya

    Indian Otaku Boy Malodiya8 horas atrás

    #YIAYweapon my dog

  7. Cisnacho

    Cisnacho8 horas atrás

    #yiayweapon Logan pauls camera

  8. Hoang Linh Phi

    Hoang Linh Phi8 horas atrás

    #YIAYweapon Don't do it. A divorce is always ALWAYS less messy.

  9. Adam Sbardelli

    Adam Sbardelli8 horas atrás

    #YIAYweapon Kidz Bop

  10. Charlotte F.

    Charlotte F.8 horas atrás

    #YIAYweapon Candy canes. Candy canes. Lick 'em in a spear and kill your enemies. STAB STAB STAB STAB STAB STAB STAB STAB STAB STAB STAB STAB STAB STAB STAB STAB

  11. ZeroPotatoBeansGuy

    ZeroPotatoBeansGuy8 horas atrás

    #YIAYweapon my grandma :))

  12. Vera Choi

    Vera Choi8 horas atrás

    #YIAYweapon deez nuts im really really sorry jack haha no im not

  13. Francisco Garabis V

    Francisco Garabis V8 horas atrás

    #YIAYWeapon Shrek the Third.

  14. Alaina Toni

    Alaina Toni8 horas atrás

    #YIAYweapon my favorite weapon of choice is using the phrase "your mom gay" whenever I feel insulted

  15. Thomas Caproni

    Thomas Caproni8 horas atrás


  16. Dylan 4n

    Dylan 4n8 horas atrás

    #YIAYweapon I would say a book, but I dont have any books, that because I use Audible™ to listen to my books! (30 day trial COMPLETELY FREE, get 2 audio books FREE, use coupon code "Klondike", or text "Klondike" to 800-800 for 30% your first audio book: )

  17. Cookie PowersYT

    Cookie PowersYT8 horas atrás

    #YIAYweapon My Penis

  18. Obunga

    Obunga8 horas atrás

    1 on trending

  19. Ty Pinder

    Ty Pinder8 horas atrás

    #YIAYweapon Your forehead. Woops I mean your fivehead.


    UNICORN ASSASSIN3688 horas atrás

    #YIAYweapon Anything I can bring into space

  21. Josh Power

    Josh Power8 horas atrás

    #YIAYweapon is "Your forehead" taken yet?

  22. Gabe C

    Gabe C8 horas atrás

    #YIAYweapon A good ole' rusty spoon.

  23. Ally Madison

    Ally Madison8 horas atrás

    #YIAYweapon A Movement Watch

  24. the jrm

    the jrm8 horas atrás

    #YIAYweapon the internet

  25. PUMPLE

    PUMPLE8 horas atrás

    #YIAYweapon jacksfilms videos

  26. An5bway starhamanawkdeh

    An5bway starhamanawkdeh8 horas atrás

    “When you have a crush”

  27. I Make stuff

    I Make stuff8 horas atrás

    #YAIYwepon Despacito

  28. Don't look at my picture

    Don't look at my picture8 horas atrás

    #YIAYweapon suckin niggas toes

  29. GraceDoesNotUseOldMemes

    GraceDoesNotUseOldMemes8 horas atrás

    #yiaymurder My self deprecating jokes

  30. A Skeptical Ezio

    A Skeptical Ezio8 horas atrás


  31. halexander Arreaga

    halexander Arreaga8 horas atrás


  32. Flower Wolf

    Flower Wolf8 horas atrás

    #YIAYweapon something living... inanimate objects just don't make the cut.

  33. Sarc

    Sarc8 horas atrás

    #yiayweapon my murder weapon of choice is my murder weapon of choice

  34. NotAPop Sicle

    NotAPop Sicle8 horas atrás

    #YIAYweapon yiay

  35. Robert K

    Robert K8 horas atrás

    #YIAYweapon A simple butter knife, because I can say I was using strawberry jam.

  36. Z English

    Z English8 horas atrás

    Actually a really good song

  37. Darius k

    Darius k8 horas atrás

    #YIAYweapon Blackpink's lightstick

  38. JDi _ 218

    JDi _ 2188 horas atrás

    #YIAYweapon my shoes fresh off my feet. They're cheap tear gas grenades.

  39. Pinguino del Rio

    Pinguino del Rio8 horas atrás

    #YIAYweapon The face you made at 2:59 on this video

  40. Andrew Johnson

    Andrew Johnson8 horas atrás

    #YIAYweapon Shrek the 3rd dvd shuriken

  41. SpoopyBoi

    SpoopyBoi8 horas atrás

    #YIAYweapon A small rubber yellow ball with 2 black dots on it and a semicircle beneath

  42. nootynour

    nootynour8 horas atrás

    #YIAYweapon the most painful, terrible, no good, very bad weapon is “ur mom gay”

  43. luis

    luis8 horas atrás


  44. The Gucciest Tae

    The Gucciest Tae8 horas atrás

    #YIAYweapon Klondike.

  45. Christiany Pisani

    Christiany Pisani8 horas atrás

    #YIAYweapon shreks dildo duh

  46. TheWhaleRunner

    TheWhaleRunner8 horas atrás

    #YAIYweapon A giant Forehead

  47. Aaron Kushlan

    Aaron Kushlan8 horas atrás

    The emoji movie

  48. WilyTooSimple

    WilyTooSimple8 horas atrás

    #YIAYweapon Blasting the video that has 400 YIAYs simultaneously going on, until their ears bleed to death.

  49. Katherine Selby

    Katherine Selby8 horas atrás

    #YIAYweapon *furry Jack I use you*

  50. Diamond Dylan

    Diamond Dylan8 horas atrás

    #yiayweapon your mom am I right?11?

  51. Ddawg McDawg

    Ddawg McDawg8 horas atrás

    #YIAYweapon Telling people the character that they wanted in the next Smash Bros. game won’t be in it. I then lick their salty tears as fuel for my life. I’m looking at you Waluigi fans.

  52. Soph Loaf

    Soph Loaf8 horas atrás

    #YIAYweapon Justin beiber Because his music makes my ears bleed until i actually die

  53. MarkMonday

    MarkMonday8 horas atrás

    Tomorrow There'll Be Sun

  54. The Saber

    The Saber8 horas atrás

    #YIAYweapon MY SSÏÇk BURNS MMmmMmmMmmMMmMMMy dudez