Patriots vs. Chiefs AFC Championship Highlights | NFL 2018 Playoffs

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The New England Patriots take on the Kansas City Chiefs during AFC Conference Championship of the 2018 Post Season.
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  1. AWelsh Celt

    AWelsh Celt17 horas atrás

    What a round. Both title games went OT. The visiting teams winning both. No dogs in these fights. Just appreciate great football. Doesn't get any better than this. Let the trolling begin. lol

  2. Moonroof

    Moonroof17 horas atrás

    Super sad

  3. ede lopes

    ede lopes17 horas atrás


  4. Kayak1088

    Kayak108817 horas atrás

    Both teams should get the ball in OT. Esp. in a division title game. In regular season games then they should kick field goals until somebody misses. But a coin toss shouldn't decide the game.

  5. Martin Clay

    Martin Clay17 horas atrás

    14:04 is why the chiefs lost, cant blame the refs on this one.

  6. J Lorenzo

    J Lorenzo17 horas atrás

    Patriots fans and rams fans can both thank the refs for the wins lol

  7. b b

    b b17 horas atrás

    Eight straight AFC championship games and picking at the bottom of the draft every year.... This league is so fixed.

  8. aSickSpartan

    aSickSpartan17 horas atrás

    “He’s fallen off the cliff” -Max Kellerman

  9. Jon Davis

    Jon Davis17 horas atrás

    I believe the 2014 chiefs woulda won this game at home

  10. Vernonu9

    Vernonu917 horas atrás

    I say, never bet against Brady...

  11. percocet

    percocet17 horas atrás

    Dee Ford smh my head

  12. IBe INsa

    IBe INsa17 horas atrás

    Gg brady winning every toss when it is getting important and in to ot...

  13. Healthy Chef Jimmy Show

    Healthy Chef Jimmy Show17 horas atrás

    Read the box score, this game was never close! KC is weak on the D-line, period!

  14. MNRS E.B.

    MNRS E.B.17 horas atrás

    The cheifs couldn't deeford to lose that late interception

  15. Mr.sinister

    Mr.sinister17 horas atrás

    Romo knew all the plays comn up.. if he was a coach he be dangerous..

  16. MnCalapati415

    MnCalapati41517 horas atrás

    Tom Brady wasn't lying when he told owner Robert Kraft that the orginization made the best choice on drafting him.

  17. Nate Cruz

    Nate Cruz17 horas atrás

    Also notice which team was celebrating obnoxiously and the other was jus taking care of business. That's why the Patriots are a dynasty

  18. Jon Davis

    Jon Davis17 horas atrás

    I know the old chiefs had Alex smith but they also had a great defense. Derrick Johnson Tamba Hali and much better corners. And better run game too. Jamaal Charles was serious if nobody remembers and his back up was great too who I forgot the name. Only thing better these new chiefs is Mahomes

  19. David Oldham

    David Oldham17 horas atrás

    Say what you want about how good Brady is but this game would be over if Dee Ford had not lined up offside talk about fine margins but proud of my Chiefs we will be back Congratulations New England though I'm gutted with the result

  20. Ray Mendez

    Ray Mendez17 horas atrás

    Kansas city got robbed

  21. EL21

    EL2117 horas atrás

    We’re dat #1 Trending 🤔

  22. haliwud24

    haliwud2417 horas atrás

    Tony Romo made this game 100 x better if that was even possible

  23. TakeAShowerStinky

    TakeAShowerStinky17 horas atrás

    The Patriots should have ran it in at the two minute mark of this video.

  24. Jon Davis

    Jon Davis17 horas atrás

    I even think the 2016 chiefs would beat these chiefs

  25. PowerUnknown

    PowerUnknown17 horas atrás

    I hope Brady pays a lot of respect to the referees who made his career when hes inducted into the hall of fame. Thanks Brady for making the NFL a boring sport to watch. The NFL reminds me of WWE where everything is scripted. This year I manged to watch about an hour of football in total. I suspect next year will be approximately 30 mins until it's down to zero.

  26. Terrance McAlpin II

    Terrance McAlpin II17 horas atrás

    One heck of a game

  27. Omar Lopes

    Omar Lopes17 horas atrás

    New England wins Superbowl 53

  28. Brad Mulley

    Brad Mulley17 horas atrás

    It clearly touched hit thumb! Why was that not obvious from the replay?

  29. YourDaddy

    YourDaddy17 horas atrás

    Haters are salty af now hahaha

  30. King Al

    King Al17 horas atrás

    It’s over... Lord Brady is coming for the sixth ring and he’ll finally be able to rule the galaxy with the evil emperor Belicheck. God have mercy.

  31. Erick Lopez

    Erick Lopez17 horas atrás

    i was hoping the chiefs would win so it’s something new, but the patriots are finding their way back to the Super Bowl, great team

  32. Bobba Sparx

    Bobba Sparx17 horas atrás

    Congrats to the Refs!

  33. Nate Cruz

    Nate Cruz17 horas atrás

    Anyone trying to say Mahomes played great obviously didn't watch the game. The 4th quarter was the only part he played well in, which was due to the Patriots defense receding back to their usual "zero coverage" defense that allowed the Seahwaks, Falcons, and Eagles run over them. Thankfully they have Brady to save the day AGAIN

  34. Robert Gibby

    Robert Gibby17 horas atrás

    Yeah can't suck for 3 quarters and be considered great need to watch the Falcons super bowl and realize Brady wasn't all that great either

  35. Roddarius Brooks

    Roddarius Brooks17 horas atrás

    Patriots vs rams this goes a long way boston vs la this is history were about to witness in the Superbowl!!!

  36. Blanco300

    Blanco30017 horas atrás

    Underrated how they stopped hill all game

  37. Q Crew

    Q Crew17 horas atrás

    How amazing was Tony Romo calling the OT drive plays...

  38. Dimitris Kotsalis

    Dimitris Kotsalis17 horas atrás


  39. Carlos

    Carlos17 horas atrás

    Mahomes ain’t special he just has weapons

  40. P Nis

    P Nis17 horas atrás

    Mahomo’s flash in the pan season is over. Teams are on to him now and the chiefs will lose key players, so they won’t be back anytime soon.

  41. stealth323

    stealth32317 horas atrás

    could the refs helped the patriots any more this game, sheesh ,

  42. Phillip Jennings

    Phillip Jennings17 horas atrás

    That offsides penalty boy boy boy.

  43. Chris Blanchard

    Chris Blanchard17 horas atrás

    So tony romo didn't call every play before it happend??

  44. thuglifezeem716

    thuglifezeem71617 horas atrás

    Jeez how do the patriots get such great running backs, and great linemen keeping Brady up right and jeez eldeman gets open like it’s nothing and he’s not even fast .. it’s like this is rigged or something. But of course it’s not great game !

  45. Chris Hamilton

    Chris Hamilton17 horas atrás

    Can someone please tell Tony Romo I like to watch what happens during the game and not know what is about to happen before the snap. I love ya brother but dang man. Your 99% . . I'm having to mute the game just to keep up the suspense. . Please don't announce the Super Bowl. . .

  46. Sarada Sreeram

    Sarada Sreeram17 horas atrás

    Can we appreciate the fact that Tony Romo called half of this game. Make all the jokes you want, but this Super Bowl commentary is gonna be great. Imagine if it was Brees vs Brady. Wow. Cannot wait.

  47. Bill Bored

    Bill Bored17 horas atrás

    Pats aren't that good. Yet back to the Super Bowl they go. Bill is a witch. He gets so much out of his players. Helps to have Brady too. My hat is off to them.

  48. Louie Salerno

    Louie Salerno17 horas atrás

    No highlight. Football died today, 1/20/19

  49. at DERK

    at DERK17 horas atrás

    7:00 where was this ref at the saints game.

  50. Kevin Amaya

    Kevin Amaya17 horas atrás

    How dose romo know what play is going to happen

  51. grey stubbeman

    grey stubbeman17 horas atrás

    Once Brady retires Mahomes is the new Brady proud of my Chiefs we came to play you can blame it on Dee ford but you lose as a team