The FASTEST Grand Mac Meal Ever Eaten (under 1 Minute!!)

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Following the footsteps of the challenge I did years back, I've grown up and graduated from a Happy Meal to a Grand Big Mac Meal!!!
Just seemed like a fun idea, and I've seen a decent amount of requests to do Grand Big Macs!!
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  1. Sadaqat Munir

    Sadaqat Munir53 minutos atrás

    I saw animals eating like a humans. And now I saw human eating like dogs 👎👎👎

  2. Rodrigo Duterte

    Rodrigo DuterteHora atrás

    Oof that burger totally looks like the same as the commercial and not like some fat fuck stepped on it

  3. Jeevesh Mishra

    Jeevesh Mishra2 horas atrás

    u wasted ur money....😒

  4. DOPE -_-

    DOPE -_-2 horas atrás

    3:23 when your mum says to hurry up because your going to the toy store

  5. TurtLeZGame

    TurtLeZGame2 horas atrás

    How tf can you eat that much. Holly sh1t😂

  6. Aᴋɪᴋᴏ - Sᴀɴ うるがず

    Aᴋɪᴋᴏ - Sᴀɴ うるがず3 horas atrás

    Lol i did it in 20 seconds

  7. David Smith

    David Smith3 horas atrás

    I think someone is pointing a gun at him and forcing him to do this😆

  8. Mr Clickbait

    Mr Clickbait4 horas atrás

    after that he had a grand poop

  9. Orlando Tudla

    Orlando Tudla5 horas atrás


  10. A.Nonny Mouse

    A.Nonny Mouse5 horas atrás

    At least he's being healthy... He got diet coke

  11. A.Nonny Mouse

    A.Nonny Mouse5 horas atrás

    *Monster Mac has requested a battle*

  12. Chronotopia David

    Chronotopia David7 horas atrás

    I tried to eat a burger really fast and i bit the shit out of my finger.

  13. A Baller Cubing

    A Baller Cubing7 horas atrás

    You sitting bored in class for only 1 minute could be one meal eaten

  14. Logan Angel

    Logan Angel7 horas atrás

    McDonald's has the best fries ever well that's my opinion who else agrees that McDonald's fries are better than Burger King's or anywhere else

  15. Kyree Tooson

    Kyree Tooson7 horas atrás

    Are you even starving have the time u eat this shit I mean dam

  16. Sprite Cranberry

    Sprite Cranberry7 horas atrás

    one damn iron stomach


    JOHN TEH TOMATO8 horas atrás

    New challenge eat something like a normal person

  18. Alien Slayer

    Alien Slayer8 horas atrás

    Are you fucking serious !!?? He went at it again !!!

  19. Mkeni

    Mkeni10 horas atrás

    5:33 my friend does that all the time lmaoooo

  20. Elie Jerjees

    Elie Jerjees11 horas atrás

    Imagine eating a handful of fries and just biting your finger

  21. Wolfe Wolf

    Wolfe Wolf11 horas atrás

    how do u stay skinny after all that?? * me eats a crum, gains 1,000 pounds

  22. Jami Egersdorfer

    Jami Egersdorfer12 horas atrás

    He eats like he never ate before wtf

  23. J&C VLOGS

    J&C VLOGS12 horas atrás

    I will just listen to my mum and eat my food slowly, seriously imagine him in a restaurant!

  24. Kyle McCready

    Kyle McCready13 horas atrás

    Do you have diabetus yet

  25. Zayn M

    Zayn M13 horas atrás

    This shit can't be healthy for you bro

  26. Mcdonald French Fries

    Mcdonald French Fries14 horas atrás

    When you get McDonald's and they say "Lunch ends in 3 minutes."

  27. PietyTSM

    PietyTSM14 horas atrás

    If i would be you (and yes this sounds disgusting) but i would eat and drink everything at the same time.

  28. Skyla Love

    Skyla Love14 horas atrás


  29. caidence leadbetter

    caidence leadbetter14 horas atrás

    Like why would you eat so much calories a day it's just not good for u like if u agree

  30. Sam Kayacan

    Sam Kayacan15 horas atrás

    The Joker 5:30

  31. _Big Smoke_

    _Big Smoke_15 horas atrás

    I think he starve himself for a week before eating

  32. Shoxly1

    Shoxly16 horas atrás

    _Big Smoke_ if he did it would be a lot harder for him to eat faster, how do you think anorexia exists? When you start to starve your self it will get harder to eat lmao.

  33. _Big Smoke_

    _Big Smoke_15 horas atrás

    Whem he pulls up to McDonald’s every employee fears him

  34. Àron Polanen

    Àron Polanen15 horas atrás


  35. Yuchan BYUN

    Yuchan BYUN16 horas atrás

    he said 2 mins and 10 secs but it was 1min and ten sec'

  36. SKS

    SKS17 horas atrás

    I respect you✊

  37. zayden the legendary gamer

    zayden the legendary gamer17 horas atrás

    Howcome you never get fat

  38. Danny

    Danny18 horas atrás

    Top strategy gameplays

  39. James Kelly

    James Kelly19 horas atrás

    How is he not obese

  40. xd Nader

    xd Nader19 horas atrás

    He finishes the meal in 1 min. I finish it in 30

  41. Lez Go

    Lez Go20 horas atrás

    How is he not getting fat?

  42. Omar Sukar

    Omar Sukar20 horas atrás

    He finishes the meal without even being able to taste it

  43. R.K Gaming

    R.K Gaming21 hora atrás

    I eating hamburger for (3:22)

  44. Neo 1

    Neo 122 horas atrás

    I wonder how fast he eats normally without challenges

  45. SREE

    SREE23 horas atrás

    Didn't he cross a minute? 🤔

  46. Just a average Potato Face

    Just a average Potato FaceDia atrás

    I am amazed and also really sad because I now want a big mac...


    MÄK WALKERDia atrás

    Please this is nothing compared to the chili cheese Fry video

  48. MDAHAX 11

    MDAHAX 11Dia atrás

    No puede comer como una persona normal

  49. Hi-Tech Dost

    Hi-Tech DostDia atrás

    Does he chewed or just swallows the food ?

  50. EcHo_FlipFlop

    EcHo_FlipFlopDia atrás

    I'm on my second bite in 56 seconds

  51. Seltrix7

    Seltrix7Dia atrás

    Easy except my meal doesn’t take 1 minute it takes 1 hour