The Sinister Disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa

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Season Premiere. What really happened to this famed Mob figure?
BuzzFeed’s hit docuseries Unsolved True Crime follows conspiracy theory enthusiast Ryan as he deep-dives into the mysteries surrounding the most notorious unsolved crimes in history, in order to convince his dubious friend Shane that sometimes, the evidence isn’t always as it seems.
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  1. Misselissa

    Misselissa7 horas atrás

    Shane 😂😂😂😂 "come on in 😄!"


    THE BiG YELLOW23 horas atrás

    Screw ur unsolved sports no one cares bring this back smh

  3. iamscout S P O O P Y

    iamscout S P O O P YDia atrás

    The names of the mafia members are hella funny

  4. Aryan Raj

    Aryan RajDia atrás

    Its funny to see how hard they're trying to be funny. Nerds pffft 😝

  5. Aryan Raj

    Aryan RajDia atrás

    hehe copied biyotches

  6. Blake Billard

    Blake BillardDia atrás

    Ohh yeah such a mystery

  7. Liam Highins

    Liam Highins2 dias atrás

    You guys should do the disappearance of Michael dunahee from Victoria British Columbia. Where I live and never been solved. Was one of if not the largest investigations in Canadian history. I'd say it's a good choice for an episode. Could be good coverage to open up leads.

  8. Josef Stalin

    Josef Stalin2 dias atrás

    Richard Kuklinski aka Louis CK

  9. Angela Gioia

    Angela Gioia2 dias atrás

    Wait what I didn't know this happened in Michigan until the very end I LIVE IN MICHIGAN WTF ...should I run?

  10. Mia has Tacos

    Mia has Tacos2 dias atrás

    All I can think of since 16:40 is “frank sheeran... ed sheeran”

  11. Jared Viceral

    Jared Viceral2 dias atrás

    14:28 why does he look like mr. bean lmao

  12. Mia Ford

    Mia Ford2 dias atrás

    Didn't know buzzfeed unsolved has it's own channel til now. 😂

  13. Holly Buckingham

    Holly Buckingham3 dias atrás

    Some of their names sounding like some sims conversations

  14. Elijah Rodriguez

    Elijah Rodriguez3 dias atrás

    I know Ted bundy isn’t “unsolved” but it was still be cool if you guys would do a video on his story/crimes!

  15. Masked Sweater

    Masked Sweater4 dias atrás

    Time to bindge season 4.

  16. Isabelle Whitaker

    Isabelle Whitaker4 dias atrás

    Such good content❤❤❤hope this series goes on forever

  17. Tegan Roxanne

    Tegan Roxanne4 dias atrás

    How many unsubbed from the other channel just to come n sub for this one

  18. miniber

    miniber5 dias atrás

    my uncle was working at that restaurant at the time, i wonder if he was one of the 5 witnesses

  19. john mac

    john mac5 dias atrás

    LOOK INTO THE MOB PAYING J EDGAR HOOVER MONEY EVERYWEEK AT A RACE TRACK!!! for years hoover said " there was no mob"""" they would pay im with winning horses look it up !!

  20. S Dunny

    S Dunny5 dias atrás

    Hahaha these two make a great team, they always make me laugh.

  21. Trisha Almario

    Trisha Almario5 dias atrás

    Steven Avery case please😊😀its really interesting

  22. River Robson

    River Robson6 dias atrás

    My theory is that Shane's involved with the mafia .Watch me mysteriously dissappear.

  23. Mondo

    Mondo7 dias atrás

    Frank fitzsimmons. Fitz and Simmons anyone


    CHAZ WIKI WIKI7 dias atrás

    maybe Michael Francis wall released the tapes that he side he has form a man that says he says he killed Jimmy Hoffa

  25. Rami Makki

    Rami Makki8 dias atrás

    Do the mysterious dissepirance of meng hongwei

  26. Julianna Giordano

    Julianna Giordano8 dias atrás

    why does o’brian look like chris christie

  27. Libertyy

    Libertyy9 dias atrás

    Shout out patty Kane

  28. han A

    han A9 dias atrás

    Best channel ever don’t @ me.

  29. Dani Emett

    Dani Emett9 dias atrás

    Do the disappearance of macin Smith. See if you can find him, and crack the mystery

  30. Dani Emett

    Dani Emett9 dias atrás

    My sister works in a hotel in Zion national Park Utah and it has a haunted restaurant, also Zion is said to hold many native spirits, and the spirits of many hikers who have fallen to their death. Many people try staying overnight what we call in the canyon and end up leaving after hearing voices and chanting and screaming during the night. Very spooky.

  31. Sami Motaghedi

    Sami Motaghedi10 dias atrás

    I think the mob killed him and buried him in cement and that's it.

  32. Kera Honeycutt

    Kera Honeycutt11 dias atrás

    ok so i worked at UPS for 2 years, and NONE of what i learned here surprises me at all. I hate the teamsters & the union. They literally get away with EVERYTHING!! It's so hard to fire ppl because of the union. UPS is an extremely cutt-throat company. *UPS NOT USPS!

  33. Tony Adame

    Tony Adame12 dias atrás

    So this ad just dissed me & all my youngins before I watched this 😂talm bout we don’t vote

  34. king of games and anime

    king of games and anime12 dias atrás

    The Mob is efficient.

  35. king of games and anime

    king of games and anime12 dias atrás

    Tony Jack: look at me! I’m playin’ squash! I’m 1000% not murdering Jimmy Hoffa right now!

  36. Dru kitty

    Dru kitty12 dias atrás

    ICEMAN Ah-aah-ah

  37. 3D Martin

    3D Martin12 dias atrás

    Why aren't you guys going to haunted places anymore ?

  38. Annie Basson

    Annie Basson12 dias atrás

    PLEASE DO AN EPISODE ON THIS ONE!!! I've recently listened to a podcast about the Daniel Morgan case. Its still unsolved (to my knowledge) but its about police corruption in Scotland yard (i believe)... very intreguing

  39. Kiero B

    Kiero B13 dias atrás

    He's swimming with the fishes

  40. Tanisha Washington

    Tanisha Washington14 dias atrás

    I don't like how they make all of these cases into a joke. Hoffa was a person who had family who miss him. Nothing is funny

  41. Michael Trier-hofby

    Michael Trier-hofby14 dias atrás

    HAHAHAHA hire the mob for moving your couch :D :D

  42. Jessica Kasten

    Jessica Kasten14 dias atrás

    De Niro face 😂😭

  43. Davi Duarte

    Davi Duarte15 dias atrás

    7:56 Shane looks just like Kevin Spacey

  44. FSN_SUDA

    FSN_SUDA15 dias atrás

    Jimmy bofa

  45. Lydia-Jane Thuss

    Lydia-Jane Thuss15 dias atrás

    I live in a town on the outskirts of Metro Detroit and my dad has a theory that Jimmy was tied to cement blocks and drowned in the bottom of Lake Orion (the one in my profile pic). I believe his son still lives in the area.

  46. Sook Byul Man

    Sook Byul Man15 dias atrás

    Why does this have to happen in Detroit? We already have a really bad rap and this doesn't help.

  47. Dann Preme

    Dann Preme15 dias atrás

    I found out about jimmy from this episode

  48. king27th

    king27th15 dias atrás

    Maybe Jimmy Hoffa is in the witness protection program since the mob was trying to kill him because Hoffa told the feds everything about the mob taking the millions of the Pension funds of the teamsters or maybe just maybe the aliens kidnapped Hoffa and are probing him and have him somewhere in outer space and living the life with the aliens

  49. Perfectly Sedate Endscreen Dance

    Perfectly Sedate Endscreen Dance16 dias atrás

    just had the biggest anxiety attack ive had in so long but trust these boys to make me literally happy even after alla that

  50. Octo kitty Kat

    Octo kitty Kat16 dias atrás

    so real quick any girl would fake an alibi for a friend