We Tried To Make The Most Intimidating Pasta Dish (Timpano)

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“A little danger adds a lot of excitement to a meal!”
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Recipe Inspiration: Binging with Babish brtube.net/play-video-PIsIE0oHGgo.html New York Times cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/12799-timpano-alla-big-night cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1017886-modern-timpano David Chang instagram.com/p/Bfyor0mDqU5/?hl=en BuzzFeed - Red Sauce www.buzzfeed.com/alisonroman/the-ultimate-spaghetti-with-red-sauce

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  1. 2sacks1

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    Fucking hipsters

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    Gross why!! Lol

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    The Chainsmokers can cook....

  5. Tueem Syhu

    Tueem Syhu2 horas atrás

    Ewwwwww! They eating off of the same Plates!White People; SMH!!

  6. Weed Wilson

    Weed Wilson2 horas atrás

    Thanks to Steven, Andrew gonna be a Food Vlogger when he left Buzzfeed

  7. RogueBun

    RogueBun2 horas atrás

    Wow that one guy is pretty... unenlightened.

  8. Hayley's Corner

    Hayley's Corner2 horas atrás

    They didn't add any seasoning to the meatballs 💀💀🤢🤢

  9. Crocheting Canuck

    Crocheting Canuck2 horas atrás

    There is a similar recipe in Malta called Timpana, but it's not this nuts. It's just pasta in meat sauce (usually a short pasta like macaroni or penne) with eggs mixed in, baked in the dough.

  10. LondonIsBoss

    LondonIsBoss2 horas atrás

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  11. David Yanez

    David Yanez2 horas atrás

    Someone show this to Gordon Ramsay

  12. Rafaela V.

    Rafaela V.2 horas atrás

    Did buzzfeed finally learn that they have to give credit if they make exactly the same video as someone else..(?)

  13. SC1998

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    Finally. Something on the #1 trending that isn't shitty retarded pop rap crap.

  14. Princess Rapunzel

    Princess Rapunzel2 horas atrás

    please make Beef Wellington, like Chef Kalum does in Holborn Dining Room!That's a challenge to you!😒✌

  15. Bethany Lade

    Bethany Lade2 horas atrás

    So this is a giant Italian stoner cake?

  16. Heather Wolf73

    Heather Wolf732 horas atrás

    That looks incredible! Well done, guys. :)

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    ‭(916) 793-5398‬ someone text me

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    such an original idea omg never seen it before .... cough cough..

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    David Seymour where you at?

  21. Alicia Wheeler

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    already done by binging with babish smh!

  22. Brian Lance

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    Great concept for a music video with a bathrub of hardboiled eggs 😂😂😂🍳🍳🍳

  23. Antony Weber

    Antony Weber2 horas atrás

    looks kinda gross all the parts look and are delicious but thrown together? looks like something epic meal time would do

  24. The Sheikhi Family

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    #1 on trending

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    *WHEEZE* like if you get it.

  28. eman297 361

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    Whats with the fish stuff in the sauces?

  29. Abejoie Isidro

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    #1 on trending.. congratulations!

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  31. Olivia Sherman

    Olivia Sherman2 horas atrás

    This is so badass! Y’all did a great job and nowwwww, I wanna make it. Lmao

  32. Palm Springs

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    DONT quit your day job!

  33. FJ 13

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    Now I'm hungry😋😋

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    Adam got his own plate and not left overs 👏👏👏👏

  35. Face Of Caysie

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    That looks amazing omg

  36. Rhea Jackson

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    Timpano looks deeeeliiicious :) P.s. Rie is such a bawse

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    Finally..some thing good on trending

  38. Natasha JB_202

    Natasha JB_2022 horas atrás

    Definitely need a party to attempt this, would be a sin to eat all this by my self. Lol. Looks delish...yummm! You all are making me hungry....

  39. Joshua Soledad

    Joshua Soledad2 horas atrás

    #39 Trending in the Philippines lmao way to go *Tasty*

  40. Mabel Pines

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    OH MY they talked about Babby ❤️

  41. Irina Stephanie

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    Andrew 😍

  42. yikexing

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    omg andrew used andrew's recipe i love legends helping legends

  43. bill smoke

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    Why is epic meal time a dead channel and these similar channels thriving

  44. Ariana Isabella

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    Wanna see my nudes!?- brtube.net/play-video-QY18JkwuPjM.html

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    Big shaq

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    Andrew is becoming Steven

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    Ok but how lovable is Patrick?

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    excellent job guys

  49. S.Y.M. !-_-!

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    Incompetent Asses! I Fucking Hate Them! They Should Just Die, Like For Real Though!

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    Bon appetit❕