Your Wonderful, Beautiful YIAY OUTROS (YIAY #430)

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Did somebody say ants?
That 400 video sync!
The otamatones one!
Ben Folds parody!
Day by Dave's vid!

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  1. Mitchell Waltmann

    Mitchell Waltmann9 horas atrás

    Only 11 numbers thank you I am god

  2. Daniel Parker

    Daniel Parker9 horas atrás

    #YIAYdogs they're fighting over who gets to consume your body when you finally perish

  3. saurav parik

    saurav parik9 horas atrás

    #YIAYdogs they are arguing which is better: Shrek or the emoji movie.

  4. Inhaling Seagull

    Inhaling Seagull9 horas atrás


  5. Supreme IsSwag

    Supreme IsSwag9 horas atrás

    #YIAYdogs That does not look like fighting....... 😉

  6. Ezzat BOSS

    Ezzat BOSS9 horas atrás

    #YIAYdogs because they are deciding who’s more worthy to end your life.

  7. Zyltek

    Zyltek9 horas atrás

    How did Jack grow a bread under a day?

  8. Mr. cringe

    Mr. cringe9 horas atrás

    #YAIYDOGS dogs are beutiful and the way they are treated by you is ridiculous you need to stop this please dont do it anymore jk lel they finna FUCK

  9. Chloe Sherlock

    Chloe Sherlock9 horas atrás

    #YIAYdogs Sundae will not be a Klondike.

  10. Shaughan animates

    Shaughan animates9 horas atrás

    #Yiaydogs they are fighting for being in a video with daddy The forehead not you jack!

  11. Zyltek

    Zyltek9 horas atrás

    #yiaydogs thats just normal fighting...

  12. AntBloxEL Gaming

    AntBloxEL Gaming9 horas atrás


  13. Ugin

    Ugin9 horas atrás

    #YIAYdogs Klondike thinks Sundae is jacksfilms.

  14. Barter Sauce

    Barter Sauce9 horas atrás

    #yiaydogs because lwiay is better than yiay, you unoriginal piece of shit

  15. end maker

    end maker9 horas atrás

    #yiaydogs they aren't fighting. You on the other paw are

  16. Pinkie_ Pemanil07

    Pinkie_ Pemanil079 horas atrás

    #yiaydogs they are fighting for who gets to be in a yiay video!

  17. Greg Akus

    Greg Akus9 horas atrás

    #YIAYdogs that’s actually the representation of the fight of who gets into YIAY

  18. The Desee

    The Desee9 horas atrás

    #YIAYdogs Because Sundae is a twit and Klondike won in the end, Jack. Come on, be a klondike. Today! just go to ;)

  19. mario the jedi master

    mario the jedi master9 horas atrás

    #Yiay The winner gets to live with Erin after the divorce

  20. Mzan55

    Mzan559 horas atrás

    #Yiaydogs I’ll bet you my left NUT he won’t put this in the vid

  21. Mouna Ezzaghwany

    Mouna Ezzaghwany9 horas atrás

    #YIAYdog They don't, they kill

  22. Rtkts

    Rtkts9 horas atrás

    #yiaydogs did somebody say china man?

  23. Jamie BlueInferno

    Jamie BlueInferno9 horas atrás

    #yiaydog This is what happens when you raise them in a household of divorce. They are acting out the future.

  24. RitandeFlodhästen

    RitandeFlodhästen9 horas atrás

    #YIAYdogs Idk I've given up on my ideas to submit 👌 👌 👌 👌

  25. Finn Theuerkauf

    Finn Theuerkauf9 horas atrás

    #yiaydogs because of ants

  26. Darku GD

    Darku GD9 horas atrás

    #yiaydogs *no, they are just pleasuring each other ;)*

  27. ihasnoeyebrows production

    ihasnoeyebrows production9 horas atrás

    Oh why do they fight you ask, perhaps it is because of the generalization of seductive slavery caused by their owner...JENNA MIABLES!

  28. TFreezy Gamer

    TFreezy Gamer9 horas atrás

    #yiaydogs Klondike got triggred because Sundae didnt buy his merch

  29. Zntrix

    Zntrix9 horas atrás

    #YIAYdogs You could just ask them....idk

  30. ez

    ez9 horas atrás

    #yiaydogs yes

  31. Szabolcs Gangl

    Szabolcs Gangl9 horas atrás

    #YIAYgogs Why shouldn't they?

  32. Thumbs Up

    Thumbs Up9 horas atrás

    #YIAYdogs there is one doggo treat left

  33. Jack  Bell

    Jack Bell9 horas atrás

    #yiaydogs one of them ate the others chicken nuggets

  34. ARDIT

    ARDIT9 horas atrás

    #yiaydogs Wrong hole!

  35. Creative Soul

    Creative Soul9 horas atrás

    #YIAYdogs love is pain

  36. -``Yoonie``-

    -``Yoonie``-9 horas atrás

    #YIAYdogs its kill or be killed in this world

  37. SanctumOfTheDin

    SanctumOfTheDin9 horas atrás

    I love that the Ben Folds one sounds almost like he actually performed it. Also, Army is one of the best songs ever!! And because they're Samoyeds, it's just what they do.

  38. MikeNewPFF

    MikeNewPFF9 horas atrás

    #yiaydogs contains paid promotion edit: haha i see loss in that long credits stuff

  39. Ethan Cheung

    Ethan Cheung9 horas atrás


  40. Gamer Kvs

    Gamer Kvs9 horas atrás

    #YIAYdogs They won’t

  41. Enlin Zoo

    Enlin Zoo9 horas atrás

    #yiaydogs you would know

  42. Erich Daquioag

    Erich Daquioag9 horas atrás

    #YIAYdogs there can only be one true winner

  43. Visualgumball 87

    Visualgumball 879 horas atrás

    #YIAYdogs The dogs are fighting because when the ANTlers of a deer fell to the ground, an ANT inhabited it. 10 years later, the ANT took control of the world of animals as we know it. They are the reason cats claw and scratch, the are the reason spiders inject venom into things. They are the reason mother nature’s creation of animals are aggressive. In the middle of the ANT tragedy of 2015, a dog was purchased by a man known as John Patrick Douglass in a local pet smart. John named the dog sundae. But prior to getting sundae, he had already bought another dog: Klondike. The dogs mostly lived peacefully, that is until the ANT lord, who’s name was Ms. Jenna Marbles, by the way, decided to ruin this serene happiness between the two dogs. Sundae felt a wave of anger and hatred within her paws and and her head. Sundae quickly rushed over to Klondike and Bellowed “ JOIN THE ANT-LORD’S REIN OF EVIL OVER THE ANIMAL KINGDOM! JOIN OUR HIDEOUSNESS MS. JENNA MARBLES, OR YOU WILL BE FED TO HER 3 HEADED DOG-FROG, KERMIT! “ Klondike refused the offer, for she was wise, and cunning. Sundae was not happy with her rebellion to Jenna the ANT lord, so she began to attack. Klondike was begging for mercy, and thankfully John had heard their fight. But before he stopped them, he took out his phone and took a photo. He performed a ritual on Sundae to banish the evil demons planted in her mind by Jenna, and it worked. John now lives happily with Klondike and sundae. People even say he got a cat as well, named Garfield. And that is why the dogs are fighting. ANTS.

  44. Floppythingy

    Floppythingy9 horas atrás

    #yiaydogs because of Minecraft emoji mod

  45. Valentino

    Valentino9 horas atrás

    #yiaydogs They fight because Canada is real

  46. Frank Iyeero

    Frank Iyeero9 horas atrás

    #yiaydogs the way I dress doesn't mean yes

  47. David Umali

    David Umali9 horas atrás

    #YIAYdogs Hell yea. They do what they wanna do

  48. Cthulhu Ftagn

    Cthulhu Ftagn9 horas atrás

    #Yiaydogs The Glory of Cthulhu

  49. Bouncer YT

    Bouncer YT9 horas atrás

    for all the erin fans like me she makes a surprise appearance at the VERY end of the video

  50. TobyTopToast

    TobyTopToast9 horas atrás

    #YIAYdog because of you, jack