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  1. Ralph Garrett

    Ralph GarrettAnos atrás

    You have blessed channel!!!

  2. Acè Of spades

    Acè Of spadesAnos atrás

    where is new episode of unsolved mysteries, please do it weekly

  3. Laura Bilecki

    Laura BileckiAnos atrás

    You guys need to go to the Old Missouri State Penitentiary in Jefferson City MO. It's super haunted and they do ghost tours! It is a blast!

  4. Roger Duran

    Roger DuranAnos atrás

    Hi buzz feed blue, can you guys do an episode on the Beaumont Children of Australia? Thanks

  5. Daniel Jung

    Daniel JungAnos atrás

    you guys should visit haunted places overseas and do unsolved mysteries abroad :)

  6. steve buch

    steve buchAnos atrás

    A degrading of the male gender. This channel needs to drop a nut sack

  7. meatball kelly

    meatball kellyAnos atrás


  8. Mays Clan

    Mays ClanAnos atrás

    There's the Human Rights Center in ATL. I'd like to see some people try to sit at the "Sandwich Bar" and get through the whole audio clip with your eyes shut and hands on the table. The Human Rights Center is a really cool place to see just in general and you can see a lot of worldly facts about it. For anyone else reading this, go try it out and let me know what you think. I'll tell you now I'm not of color but I still couldn't go through it.

  9. Ryan Edward

    Ryan EdwardAnos atrás

    Have you considered the JonBenet Ramsey case for Unsolved Crimes?

  10. jade.

    jade.Anos atrás

    Could you do a 'Men guess lipstick names' as in the individual shade's name? plsss

  11. etaf33

    etaf33Anos atrás

    How about making "unsolved" videos on a weekly basis? Please... I... need... more... "unsolved" videos....!!!!! Love from Singapore!!!!!

  12. listen4 info

    listen4 infoAnos atrás

    Kelsey is SO amazing!

  13. George Truong

    George TruongAnos atrás

    Make an unsolved mysteries of Kim Jong Nam

  14. Silentshadow _44

    Silentshadow _44Anos atrás

    do a video on the russian sleep experiment!!!!!

  15. Ann Sofie Toft Sallling

    Ann Sofie Toft SalllingAnos atrás

    Unsolved is what i live for please

  16. TheTF fan

    TheTF fanAnos atrás

    please do more [worth it] and [unsolve] vids

  17. Y2K Core

    Y2K CoreAnos atrás

    Wow, no BuzzfeedBlack? Why do you hate black people?

  18. LightningWolf77

    LightningWolf77Anos atrás

    please do the BLACK-EYE CHILDREN!

  19. Ashaar Leacock-Thomas

    Ashaar Leacock-ThomasAnos atrás

    i would like the new buzzfeed unsolved to investigate the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louieville, Kentucky

  20. Ellie Fangman

    Ellie FangmanAnos atrás

    The Mystery of the Mary Celeste would be a great topic for Buzzfeed Unsolved.

  21. Eune

    EuneAnos atrás

    More unsolved please

  22. Kay kay

    Kay kayAnos atrás

    its like half of the people on buzzfeed blue only watch unsolved :) . honestly i'm one of them !!

  23. Heedy

    HeedyAnos atrás

    Unsolved please do a video about Jack the ripper cases....

  24. LKL

    LKLAnos atrás

    I love this channel and please more unsolved!

  25. Craig Moran

    Craig MoranAnos atrás

    more high guys!!! thanks.

  26. Attonko fune video

    Attonko fune videoAnos atrás


  27. Lil Peanut :з

    Lil Peanut :зAnos atrás

    $1 Razor vs $1086 Razor

  28. A true meme master

    A true meme masterAnos atrás

    Whats next? BuzzfeedWhite? Oh wait, you give white guilt

  29. A. B. Larson

    A. B. LarsonAnos atrás

    A slow, painful death unto you, BuzzFeed.

  30. maki oddo

    maki oddoAnos atrás

    can you please do one episode one episode on the Jonestown mass suicide mystery?

  31. ToTsC Twinkie

    ToTsC TwinkieAnos atrás

    at least its better then yellow

  32. David Vega

    David Vega2 anos atrás

    Buzzfeed Unsolved- The Mystery Behind the Death of Kurt Cobain

  33. Kieran Bartlett

    Kieran Bartlett2 anos atrás


  34. Atiqah Ghtnee

    Atiqah Ghtnee2 anos atrás

    please please please BuzzFeed try skydive.

  35. christian tugsen

    christian tugsen2 anos atrás

    Hey Buzzfeed, can you talk about The Axeman or The Cleveland Torso murderer for Buzzfeed unsolved

  36. OVI-Wan Kenobi

    OVI-Wan Kenobi2 anos atrás

    Going to Buzzfeed channel. Hope I don't get AIDS. Just kidding. I'm white!


    THE JL COMPLEX2 anos atrás

    Another unsolved without demons and ghost... I can't watch it. I'm too scared

  38. Lara Valjak

    Lara Valjak2 anos atrás

    do Elizabeth Bathory please :3


    OMAR MOHSSIN2 anos atrás


  40. Rozella House

    Rozella House2 anos atrás

    Hey Buzzfeed, can you do the Lemp mansion for buzzfeed unsolved? It is in St. Louis Missouri and is one of the most haunted places in the united states of america, all of the lemp children except one died before 64, five committed suicide and one was murmured.

  41. Rozella House

    Rozella House2 anos atrás

    Hey Buzzfeed, can you do the Lemp mansion for buzzfeed unsolved? It is in St. Louis Missouri and is one of the most haunted places in the united states of america, all of the lemp children except one died before 64, five committed suicide and one was murmured.

  42. Apricot Theory

    Apricot Theory2 anos atrás

    BuzzFeed = your employees are all targets. Death to fakenews terrorists.

  43. Eelin'in Wonderland

    Eelin'in Wonderland2 anos atrás

    I find this hilarious and intriguing. I love ghost stories and mysteries! Please keep 'em coming!

  44. blueskiesbabe

    blueskiesbabe2 anos atrás

    Go to Mina Dos Estrallas.

  45. Laura Bilecki

    Laura Bilecki2 anos atrás

    Can you do an unsolved story about June and Jennifer Gibbons???? SO CREEPY!!! Thank you!

  46. Tuisto

    Tuisto2 anos atrás

    Fake News. Failing pile of garbage.

  47. AlphaKennyBody

    AlphaKennyBody2 anos atrás

    BuzzFeed is fucking dying. Just let it DIE.

  48. Laurena R

    Laurena R2 anos atrás

    failing pile of garbage lol

  49. Katie_musiclover

    Katie_musiclover2 anos atrás

    One "Unsolved" episode that I think would be interesting could be the story of Peter Stumpp, the "Werewolf of Bedburg" or something like that...definitely hits the notes of "creepy" and "unsolved."