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  1. paraponera clavata

    paraponera clavata3 meses atrás

    who is this people? where are you? excellent work...but i would like to know more about those guys

  2. policks

    policks3 meses atrás

    ma dude why do you still live in the forest like it cant be good for you

  3. Tofi Torres

    Tofi Torres3 meses atrás

    Have you tried making a tree fort?

  4. balqie al hafizh

    balqie al hafizh3 meses atrás

    it looks like papuan jungle in indonesia.. or some part in australia...

  5. Great Bunbino

    Great Bunbino3 meses atrás

    no need to be meanies to baby crocodile big boolis

  6. Aktiviere Deine Freiheit

    Aktiviere Deine Freiheit3 meses atrás

    ...behind the stage ?

  7. jondevera830

    jondevera8303 meses atrás

    what is the name of the cutting tool you use?

  8. Finca La Fruta

    Finca La Fruta3 meses atrás

    gracias hermano ¡¡¡¡ un abrazo desde colombia sierra nevada de santa marta ...

  9. moxohol

    moxohol3 meses atrás

    Alot of the projects you are doing is labor intensive. You are definitely not surviving by living off the land catching animals or eating bugs. No way you could! I'd like to see your food stockpile or the super market down the road from you.


    SERGIO URIBE GARCIA3 meses atrás

    por que ya no sale el otro seyor


    MILITARY SURVIVAL3 meses atrás


  12. nigger boy

    nigger boy3 meses atrás

    hello yes I would like to know how you keep up doing this everyday?, do you have any friends and does it get little lonely out there in Cambodia?

  13. humanity

    humanity3 meses atrás

    great content!

  14. Heidi Baby

    Heidi Baby3 meses atrás

    Someone wonder how you upload video because you live in the jungle!

  15. PoOoL

    PoOoL4 meses atrás

    do you have internet in the jungle???

  16. Yago games

    Yago games4 meses atrás

    ai like

  17. Ahmet Burak Tekin

    Ahmet Burak Tekin4 meses atrás

    who is recording and how do you upload these videos?

  18. World Wilderness Head

    World Wilderness Head4 meses atrás

    Hi bro Plz Promote My Channal

  19. Isaac Robinson

    Isaac Robinson4 meses atrás

    can you show how to start a garden?

  20. t4rn4ce

    t4rn4ce4 meses atrás

    hi which country is it

  21. Itz Jayla

    Itz Jayla4 meses atrás

    your a good builder

  22. supboy666

    supboy6664 meses atrás

    do you actually live in the jungle?

  23. Emma Fossum

    Emma Fossum5 meses atrás

    I love the pools and everything but i really dont like the animal traps and stuff.

  24. Seth Geary

    Seth Geary5 meses atrás

    I'm so confused- What are they doing in a jungle?

  25. Blactivision

    Blactivision5 meses atrás

    Sure, but I survive the competition, got it?

  26. lobdooks

    lobdooks5 meses atrás