Ellie and Jared

We struggled for nearly 3 years to have a baby without success. After an endless stream of doctors and tests, Ellie was finally diagnosed with a type of infertility called PCOS. Fertility treatments and more disappointments followed until finally we got pregnant. We were blessed with a wonderful, healthy baby boy who is now a very active toddler. Then, suddenly, without the help of any fertility treatments we were blessed with another amazing baby boy. We are now enjoying our family adventures and we are excited to share them with you daily!
We are living proof that dreams come true Our channel is about our family including our miracle babies Jackson and Calvin and their growing up adventures. We hope our enthusiasm for life and our positive energy is contagious. Join us for new, family friendly videos every day.
For collaborations, business inquiries, and personal inquiries please contact jaredandellie@gmail.com
Ellie and Jared Mecham
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    Thanks for posting

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    Thanks for mentioning the weather disaster in texas. You are the only channel I have seen who has. We people in TEXAS thank you for your kind wishes...

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    and I Live in Chicago IL

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    hey ellie and jared!! good morning to you guys..i just want to say that when you guys upload your video on your channel i didn't get the notification immediately!! i got the notification after 20 or 25 mintues..why is it so? and i just love your family your both cute little sons jackson and kelvin..ellie is such a cutie pie and jared you are such a good person..just love your guys daily life videos.....

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    Please Subscribe to my Channel HoltzyFam5. Let me know which Video you like of our Family.

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    He Ellie and Jared and kids ponny I am krista Horne I watching your show on you tube I love it so Mach and your family too Have a good time good job on you tube pl call me 5146098276 my mom me and my family too I love you Ellie Jared and kids ponny family

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    have a great life all of you

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    where can i get info on you ivf grant?

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    try to get to 4 likes:)

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    To be honest, I actully started watching you're channel once you started! I was one of you first subscribers! BTW i'm actully not using my actual youtube account/email. I'm not Yolanda Ding. I'm using my sister's account.

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    love youse x

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    Skylar Runaas2 anos atrás

    I love you guys along with your kids! And of course your really cute puppy, Penny! I started watching your channel a long time ago. It has brought so much happiness to me when I am sad or mad. Thank you for everything you do. I live in Wisconsin, and I make sure that I never miss a video. THANK YOU AGAIN!! I LOVE YOU!!

  16. nan mari

    nan mari2 anos atrás

    Hi Ellie and Jared, what you did for those five couples is so phenomenal!! I am wondering if you all are gonna be able to do another giveaway and this time internationally? I have a very dear friend from overseas and if an international giveaway were possible, she and her husband could enter! Bless you both and Merry Christmas! Much love, Nancy

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    Hey guys love u I'm ten yr old 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💙💚💚💛💜💓💕💕💖💗💗💗💝💞💟👏👐

  18. Memories of Mrs M.

    Memories of Mrs M.2 anos atrás

    ❤️ Sometimes it's just faith! First I was bummed that the firtility treatment giveaway is US only and then the next day I find out I'm pregnant!!! ❤️

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    One Million Subscribers! Awesome work guys.

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    are you guys getting a dog

  21. Rebecca Smith

    Rebecca Smith2 anos atrás

    i love watching you two! I have PCOS as well and my husband and i are trying to decided if want to try and have a baby or to adopt. my husband and i also got married on Friday the 13th but in December.

  22. Best Mother EVER

    Best Mother EVER2 anos atrás

    we like you guys ..

  23. Penni Fischer

    Penni Fischer2 anos atrás

    What a joy all of you are in my life! I have cancer and watch you everyday! So happy you are in your new home! Keep loving each other. I will write later if you don't mind❤️

  24. Chloe Hudson

    Chloe Hudson2 anos atrás

    how long did Ellie & Jared struggle with infertility??

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    Love the new house

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    I love watching you

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    its so wonderful to watch you guys YOU are enjoyable!!!!!!!!!!!

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    a mazing

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    Chloe Dyer2 anos atrás

    hi there i love your daily vlogs and keep it up and make people smile

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    RileyTube2 anos atrás

    what kind of cameras you use

  31. Hallee Garfield

    Hallee Garfield2 anos atrás

    hey Ellie, Bryan, (from Daily Bumps) say that you always but dial him! i think its hilaryous

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    hello :> hi

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    I would like to enter the giveaway!

  34. chantelle tait x

    chantelle tait x2 anos atrás

    why haven't they uploaded today yet annyone?

  35. Joshua Ruff

    Joshua Ruff2 anos atrás

    Hey, Jared! My wife, Chrissy, and I just moved to Kansas City from Austria. We are newlyweds who fell in love with the idea of regularly vlogging. We are just looking to start small, maybe once a week. Our goal is to be able to look back and have lots of wonderful memories of our marriage. I was wondering if you had any advice to get us going? I'm not sure what type of cameras/software you use to put together vlogs. We have a MacBook Pro with the built-in video editor on it. We would really appreciate any help/tips/recommendations that you are Ellie may have. Blessings, Josh and Chrissy

  36. The Ricker Fam

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    You should do a my " summer routine" day video with kids schedules !! WOULD HELP A BUNCH ! :)

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    oliver mc leyland is my cousin from san diego if you speak french je pars cette été a casablanca en vacance

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    It's good to see people living life and being so happy :)

  39. JLG 813

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    i cant wait till the house is done!! I am 12 and the house thing and designing is amazing to me!! i love you guys and wish someday to meet you!! Calvin and Jackson are the cutest!!!!

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    Alexis Terracio2 anos atrás

    Calvin is so cute and Jackson your just like me I I love you bye treats

  41. Sophie D

    Sophie D2 anos atrás

    Hey Ellie and Jared! I love your videos and I wish you all the best in life! I hope your boys grow up to be as amazing as you are! Thank you for making me smile!

  42. Sarah Stone

    Sarah Stone2 anos atrás

    Hi Guys! Just finally got your summer mercy shirt delivered so excited! It's the one Ellie has the red tee with sunglasses that have E & J! Love it so happy with my choice! Thanks!

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    Chelsea Wilson2 anos atrás

    happy birthday calvin

  44. Océane G.

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    Happy Birthday to Calvin !!! Today is my baby boy's first birthday too, 05.23.2015 best day ever !!

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    Acetone will very easily clean up gum residue from your dryer and won't leave any smell.

  46. julie bremner

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    Happy birthday ellie hope u have a beautiful u share a birthdays with my little girl anna-may xx love all the way from the UK xxx

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    Jackson is ADORABLE!!

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    i don't know if you will get this sickness wherever you are there is a stomach bug going around so be carefull

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    big fan check me out at Abby Fligel . please request stuff to me and i'll do it because i dont let my fans down