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    Thanks so much for sharing, really enjoyed it

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    Your channel is great :) I would be glad if you subscribe me too.Thank you.


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    Your channel is great :) I would be glad if you subscribe me and do a favor.Thank you.

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    You have blessed channel!!!

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    this channel is worth my subscription

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    I got crippling depression after watching a Buzzfeed video.

  10. Cloud den

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    you guys should make a canadian stereotype video

  11. Guru 57

    Guru 57Anos atrás

    awww my feminist friends how i long to meet you once again when we wage war against everyone who dosen't agree with us

  12. Phil McPhilsalot

    Phil McPhilsalotAnos atrás

    I'm a Straight Conservative Christian White Male, am I triggering you yet?

  13. Gorlow G

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    *Calls it feminism* *is actually sexist*

  14. perii-draws

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    Feminists = cancer

  15. M. S.S

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    @buzzfeed you should do "try guys try to escape an escape room"

  16. Fruity Tingles

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    can someone just sue buzzfeed already?

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    I know this is weird but can you guys do a video about abortions?

  18. _BURNOUT00

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    buzz feed is cyber holocaust when you think about it, they are literally acting like they are the right ones for making others look bad when they fight feminism in offensive ways

  19. Miss Amanda's world

    Miss Amanda's worldAnos atrás

    Not sure why squad wars comment section is disabled but I have stufc to say about episode 8. So will say it here it was great. Eugine you can't carry a squad you did great at dancing though should have put your hair up and your team mates not so much. Eugine is a dancer so expected him to do well. Keith and his team where on the same page and Keith actually gave himself to this dance. Sometimes I feel in other situations where try guys danced he holds himself back a little. I often feel like he is capable of more then he does in dance. Here I felt like he did his full ability. Idk what happened with Keith but it was a good thing. Whose idea was bollywood?' and even though torcher for Keith his messed up tounge being sentive to spice actually gave an advantage.

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    Can buzzfeed Get any more cancerous?

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    Dear Buzzfeed.......can you please stop making CANCER!?

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    I have an idea for a future video: "Lao People React to King of the Hill's 'Laotian' Characters"

  25. sean clark

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    I once had to go into chemo therapy from watching a Buzzfeed video

  26. Sharkbait64

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    Excuse me, but where is the anti-straight white men playlist? I want to see some reverse-racism.

  27. Instagram Hack

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    You all really buzz my feed.

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    Dear Buzzfeed. Please go bankrupt and close down. Good day.

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    Can somebody explain me how is that possible that this channel has almost 12 million subscribers?! Who is subscribing it?

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    A failing channel

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    cuck feed

  32. I'm Unranked

    I'm UnrankedAnos atrás

    BuzzFeed Got Ruined In 2 Videos

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    This channel gave me cancer.

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    This group of channels is the epitome of torture.

  35. Zara for universal lord

    Zara for universal lordAnos atrás

    I am here to confess my awful sins and I'm sorry and I don't deserve your forgiveness but I'm incredibly sorry (I'm a white male)

  36. Sir.Cattington Cakes

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    this is for your manspreading video, cause you disabled the comments like a baby. what the women are doing in that video, IS NOT MANSPREADING. one of the girls where litteraly LAYING DOWN on two buss seats at once.

  37. Xisle 1482

    Xisle 1482Anos atrás

    You praise equal rights but are extremely sexist? :/

  38. Pokemontas

    PokemontasAnos atrás

    Please delete your channel. It is full of hate speech. I'm offended!!!!!!!!!

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    CrazyKoalaAnos atrás evananimates

  40. CrazyKoala

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  41. QueenOfSins

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    i'm just waiting for the day somebody will sue buzzfeed


    SCRUBSLAYER69Anos atrás

    If BRtube was a person Buzzfeed would be a Tumour In the brain slowly killing and sending BRtube insane.

  43. The more you know.

    The more you know.Anos atrás

    $10 Bleach Vs. $120 Bleach - Taste Test (please try buzzfeed)

  44. HippoButtSecks

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    Next video idea: *$10 Manspread VS $10,000 Manspread* ...try it you cunts

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    Hello, I sent you guys (buzzfeed) a pm. Please answer.

  46. Havøc KING

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    kys buzzfeed

  47. wyeth

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    plz kill yourselves, it's really doing the world a favor

  48. Sem Brami

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    I hope you choke on your own lame jokes

  49. Bennnnny1987

    Bennnnny1987Anos atrás

    Multiculturalism and diversity are code words for less White people aka. White genocide.

  50. Jesus Christ

    Jesus ChristAnos atrás

    This is basically what it would be like if all of tumblr had a youtube channel.

  51. TheCar454

    TheCar454Anos atrás

    Hey buzzfeed! do you remember the time when you were a creditable news outlet instead of an emasculated false information factory? yeah, neither can I.

  52. Josh Towner

    Josh TownerAnos atrás

    cant wait for the videos like "questions white people have for black people" or "questions white people have for Asian people" or "questions guys have for girls" because, you know, they`ve already done the previous ones but switched around.

  53. TheEDOTONY

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  54. Mike Jarrett

    Mike JarrettAnos atrás

    Re film the manspreading video with 2 hacky sacks and a strapon stuck to your groins for a week please.

  55. Lauren Parker

    Lauren ParkerAnos atrás

    Are you going to coming back with the series "Fucked"??

  56. Stop the Hate Media Love each Other

    Stop the Hate Media Love each OtherAnos atrás

    Buzzfeed and its editor Ben Smith are being sued for publishing a controversial and unsubstantiated document... You know what this equals, you guys are spewing ---> FAKE NEWS!!!!

  57. Tyler Disney

    Tyler DisneyAnos atrás

    you all have fake views and fake news

  58. Francis Crisci

    Francis CrisciAnos atrás

    MORE WORTH IT!!!! That show is amazing! Seriously... more worth it plz :)

  59. FZNoor

    FZNoorAnos atrás

    Have you considered doing a video on the social and psychological challenges faced by women living with PCOS/hirsutism, I don't think I have seen a buzfeed video on it yet though its something that a lot of 'youtubers' are coming out about to support other women. Just a suggestion :)

  60. listen4 info

    listen4 infoAnos atrás

    Please stay with it, stuff like "sourcefeed" is just not the same. I have followed you for years now. And been always impressed. My Ideal dream would be to work for you, but I live in IN.

  61. Bobby The Bullet

    Bobby The BulletAnos atrás

    Less Squad Wars, more Worth It. Honestly it's the only reason I even watch your channel.

  62. greenbottle500

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    Why do people on Buzzfeed videos speak like they have an infection?

  63. Jian Heng Chong

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    When's my fav series 'Worth It' season 2 coming out?

  64. brahma86

    brahma86Anos atrás

    did you stop making the "worth it" videos? when is the next gona get postet?

  65. Em 101

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    Hey kids, wanna see what "Rock Bottom" looks like? Oh, I'm sorry, did that offend you?

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  67. Bleach

    BleachAnos atrás

    Wow you bunch of bigoted, biased, cowardly bastards. Turn on the (dis)likes & the comments again on the manspreading video. Or do you just not like being told you're wrong?

  68. clhx33

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  69. Dank Memes

    Dank MemesAnos atrás

    Following your logic, I and any other Asians can be racist to black people because I am a smaller minority group.

  70. Noodle on A E S T H E T I C S

    Noodle on A E S T H E T I C SAnos atrás

    No wonder they disable comments on most of their videos.

  71. Seize the Memes of Production

    Seize the Memes of ProductionAnos atrás

    This is a FAKE NEWS channel!

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    can you try cheap cigars and expensive cigars please

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  76. Allyssa Ibarra

    Allyssa IbarraAnos atrás

    BuzzFeed, I would personally like to see the guys and girls train like Water polo players and do one game against an actual team. Training like a water polo player is hard as damn, I should know for I was on my school's girl's water polo team.

  77. BobaDeadStroke

    BobaDeadStrokeAnos atrás

    I hope you fuckers know that your still going to revive hate for the manspreading video right here.

  78. noway

    nowayAnos atrás

    you are the cancer of yt

  79. Pyscadelic

    PyscadelicAnos atrás

    I have no idea why ppl sub you... ur content isn't even quality, your all sexists, and you make people want to kill themselves

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    Лесни пари от интернет с надомна работа онлайнAnos atrás

    Almost 12 million subscribers. Keep up the great work guys!

  81. Justin Hyde

    Justin HydeAnos atrás

    Your videos need to come with a dose of chemo.

  82. Ball Man

    Ball ManAnos atrás

    yeah i love buzzfeed

  83. Aharon Damiaans

    Aharon DamiaansAnos atrás

    more worth it video's

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    Andrew SnyderAnos atrás

    Cancer in the highest form.

  86. locstar77

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    Yall need to make some new worth its. Those are my favorite

  87. Spiken8

    Spiken8Anos atrás

    this channel is the leftovers of human evolution

  88. Katydid-99

    Katydid-99Anos atrás

    Ever think about doing a "Celebrity Mean Tweets" video where ya'll respond to mean BRtube comments? I think that'd be a pretty cool video.

  89. SteeperTurnip

    SteeperTurnipAnos atrás

    The buzzfeed video upload button is like a trigger to a handgun pointed at your head. And you just keep uploading basically suicidal videos

  90. John L

    John LAnos atrás

    from all of us buzzfeed, Piiece off ya racist phucks

  91. Derpy HoovesAJ

    Derpy HoovesAJAnos atrás

    We want zefrank like and reply if you agree!!

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    You guys do know that disabling ratings/comments doesn't change the fact that people are pissed off about your video, right?

  93. Some random guy from the beyond

    Some random guy from the beyondAnos atrás

    i heard you were a reliable source... i was wrong




  95. A guy who exists

    A guy who existsAnos atrás

    Send the police. They have Keith from CollegeHumor hostage and are forcing him to act for The Try Guys.

  96. Matias Zuran

    Matias ZuranAnos atrás

    You know, removing all coments and dislikes from your cancerous video isn't take out the cancer of your channel.

  97. Janna Reen

    Janna ReenAnos atrás

    Buzzfeed, please do a reaction video of Jollibee's Valentine's Day series. Its titled, "VOW",'CRUSH" and "DATE", respectively. Please.

  98. urstupid udumbass

    urstupid udumbassAnos atrás

    I hope every producer at Buzzfeed has a horrible painful death for making me suffer through all their bs videos

  99. reykatan

    reykatanAnos atrás

    This should've deleted the whole buzzfeed channels

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  101. Holymosesihavewings

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  102. Scum Productions

    Scum ProductionsAnos atrás

    The only reason you can degenerates can sleep at night is because you do not have the concept of personal guilt.

  103. a w

    a wAnos atrás

    Manspreading? What kind of idiotic bullsh!t is that. I'm assuming men don't want to crush their genitalia between their legs and be uncomfortable. Since you're all about "equality", why don't you have your "male" employees try purse spreading. You know, where us women sling their giant a$$ bags where ever they want and take up three seats with their suitcase sized bags. Honestly this channel is just pure dog sh!t now, the content you put out is worse than a rag magazine like Ok magazine or Globe. Stop being so racist and sexist, it's sickening to know that you continue to influence and poison the naive youth. Also. disabling the comment section on some of your videos? Really? What are you, a bunch of preteens who can't handle your feelings because of some mean comments? Toughen up scum bags and try to become a respectable media outlet. Sincerely, never even subscribed.

  104. justin33133

    justin33133Anos atrás

    WOW kill yourselves please

  105. Sonja Komanovits

    Sonja KomanovitsAnos atrás

    @kelsey your show on watchable "am i doing this right" cannot be watched in Austria, could you please check this :D thanks

  106. Nicolas Kim

    Nicolas KimAnos atrás

    kys cunts

  107. TheTimeWulf

    TheTimeWulfAnos atrás

    And here we have a prime example of free speech being used to put down others' free speech. Y'all can say whatever you want, but you will always be sexist. You can't change my opinions about feminism or men, because your arguments, in my opinion, are faltered and grotesquely misinterpreted by your staff. You can also claim to be for equality by having male staff, but just because I have a black friend doesn't completely wash away that I'm in the KKK. You sound absolutely ridiculous talking like that, and by being so against men, you probably put down all of your male employees. Imbecilic.

  108. Mike Wong

    Mike WongAnos atrás

    Will you guys do Season 2 of the $2 Hot Dog vs $169 Hot Dog kinda videos?

  109. I'mAHugeDoucheBag

    I'mAHugeDoucheBagAnos atrás

    stick to $x vs $y z videos your identity politics isnt subscribed to by most people

  110. 11pixels

    11pixelsAnos atrás


  111. DroppingS Bombs

    DroppingS BombsAnos atrás

    This channel is CANCER from the racist to out right sexist how is this channel even aloud on youtube?

  112. John RO

    John ROAnos atrás


  113. Arctic Champion

    Arctic ChampionAnos atrás

    I hate that I now have to pay to watch the try guys. Unsubscribing.

  114. Bateman Boi

    Bateman BoiAnos atrás

    This channel is trash delete it

  115. Barry Allen

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  116. Kiwi

    KiwiAnos atrás

    Bye-bye sub count.

  117. Josedolf Staller

    Josedolf StallerAnos atrás

    We have found a cheat to get a channel's subscribers down. Unsubscribing causes a loss of 2 subscribers to the channel. We can get Buzzfeed to -11,758,045 or lower subs by subbing and unsubbing over and over again. It's declare war on Buzzfeed's subscriber count.

  118. Laughing Walrus

    Laughing WalrusAnos atrás

    Buzzfeed has turned into a big disappointment

  119. dantfm

    dantfmAnos atrás

    more puppy hood

  120. MrPatar15

    MrPatar15Anos atrás

    > Calls other News organizations that don't agree with them fake news > Is fake news ONLY AT CUCKFEED!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. Adrián Eusebio Barreto Padrón

    Adrián Eusebio Barreto PadrónAnos atrás

    i want to see americans try spanish food, something more than wine with coke xDD

  122. Mlg_doggo

    Mlg_doggoAnos atrás

    oh I'm sorry but I just have been diagnosed with cancer due to watching your videos

  123. Ananda Dawa

    Ananda DawaAnos atrás


  124. Cole Hohne

    Cole HohneAnos atrás

    You're fake news.

  125. Shayla Marshall

    Shayla MarshallAnos atrás

    hello may i rquest something could the try gals and try guys do a pottermore quizzes cause i'm curious what they would get :) also HAPPY 2017 stay strong everyone XD

  126. Shrapnel

    ShrapnelAnos atrás

    HAAHAH sued motherfuckers burn in hell!

  127. The Flame Silver Hunter

    The Flame Silver HunterAnos atrás

    i got friends from every race and religon and i'm white, am i racist

  128. The Flame Silver Hunter

    The Flame Silver HunterAnos atrás

    how do you get a girl fat. by making them watch buzzfeed

  129. The Flame Silver Hunter

    The Flame Silver HunterAnos atrás

    how do you get the marvel avenger cast to be hated, by turning them into buzzfeed

  130. The Flame Silver Hunter

    The Flame Silver HunterAnos atrás

    Hey buzzfeed i'm white and i got more black friends than white, am i racist. or am i racist for saying their black you racist

  131. The Flame Silver Hunter

    The Flame Silver HunterAnos atrás

    Hey Buzzfeed how much does geogre soros and hillary pay you

  132. The Flame Silver Hunter

    The Flame Silver HunterAnos atrás

    anyone who find a video where buzzfeed put up a nazi symbol on their video and saing stuff about it in a good will get $50,000 by donald trump

  133. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Anos atrás

    worth it: buzzfeed content vs quality content

  134. Garnet Cristi

    Garnet CristiAnos atrás

    More worth it food videos porfavor!

  135. Joshua Shank

    Joshua ShankAnos atrás

    Praise Kek!

  136. Elliot Backstrom

    Elliot BackstromAnos atrás

    i dont like the fact that they basically made the try guys youtube red

  137. Erik

    ErikAnos atrás

    why havent your channels died yet

  138. Tyler Durden

    Tyler DurdenAnos atrás

    the devil is alive

  139. Utoobe

    UtoobeAnos atrás

    Buzzfeed please delete every channel you ever make with trash content like this :DDD

  140. Paul Mares

    Paul MaresAnos atrás

    How does this cancerous YT-Tumor have over 11 million subs? Just crush and burn already will ya

  141. Not Racist

    Not RacistAnos atrás

    BuzzFeed: Cancerous videos created by extreme liberals

  142. LazyMe420

    LazyMe420Anos atrás

    2 likes and I'll slap my GF

  143. Sam cardon

    Sam cardonAnos atrás

    Fire Natalie Shure for picking on a tiny Baby!

  144. Jezza

    JezzaAnos atrás

    Hey, we need to take this channel down, I know it sounds like censorship, but we need to remove fake news, right?

  145. Lexus LC500

    Lexus LC500Anos atrás

    *BuzzFeed = Fake News* ;)

  146. captain sam

    captain samAnos atrás


  147. Julius Kussoy

    Julius KussoyAnos atrás

    What the hell Buzzfeed?! For all the content in these days.. You know, Buzzfeed used to make good entertaining content where EVERYONE loved to watch them, but now it's a really big shame. Why? 3 examples: Racism: I am Asian and I see a lot of "negativity" towards white people. Videos for example: "Questions for White People", "People Of Colour From Around The World Respond To “White”" (I get that racism is a important topic to discuss, but seeing videos about White people is a joke. Even a video where a white people is talking about his/her own skin) Politics: Recently, I see alot of videos about Trump and most of them are not really nice. I get what I read from Buzzfeed fans that Buzzfeed is a 'Liberal' channel and freedom of speech is Okay too, but could you keep it clean? From what I saw, one of my favorite shows 'The Try guys', had a really dissapointed episode "Trump Grill Taste Test • The Try Guys" and it really looks scripted. It's just bashing on the person who was cooking the food where the person and the food has nothing to do with politics. Feminism on comics: I don't know if this is really important.. There was a video about super heroes poses and I agree on the "message" that there should be a line made for female superheroes, but how they made the video is defintley cringe worthy. Not only did they took the poses where female charachter were battling a villian (those are for many heroes a weird), but they also made a judgement about those heroes who they were posing as without reading the comics about them. You know, everyone wants equality and the comic industry is trying listen to do that, but so far it only has backlash from the fans and not to the people who don't read comics. I'm just upset seeing these kind of content and I hope it will change in the future for Buzzfeed.

  148. giovanni lewis

    giovanni lewisAnos atrás

    is the moving on series over?

  149. Cris Yorke

    Cris YorkeAnos atrás

    Buzzfeed News=Phony FAKE NEWS

  150. Thunderhorse0681

    Thunderhorse0681Anos atrás

    Buzzfeed, where pedophiles are welcome!

  151. Loebas

    LoebasAnos atrás

    Failing pile of garbage

  152. BeauRY

    BeauRYAnos atrás

    kill yourself

  153. Sw0x92

    Sw0x92Anos atrás

    Your channel is a shame for all the respectful americans.

  154. Crybaby From The Badlands

    Crybaby From The BadlandsAnos atrás

    That man spreading video was sexist. You can't just assume peoples genders too. I'm a woman and I sometimes sit like that. There is nothing wrong with that. You are just problematic feminists. I'm a feminist but I have nothing against "manspreading."

  155. I Am Not Professional

    I Am Not ProfessionalAnos atrás

    Hey, guess what I am doing right now. I am man spreading, are you going to send Tan after me?

  156. Ice cup

    Ice cupAnos atrás

    fuckyou you antiwhite pieces of filth.

  157. RoMeow 儸密貓

    RoMeow 儸密貓Anos atrás

    Awesome channel

  158. Lichtblick

    LichtblickAnos atrás

    Go vegan, save the planet, the animals and your health 🌱🐷

  159. gondor532

    gondor532Anos atrás

    Why do you pieces of fecal matter block comments on your videos?

  160. George Kinney

    George KinneyAnos atrás

    Sexist vultures.

  161. Daniel Tipa

    Daniel TipaAnos atrás

    well down on losing ww3, when u guys get drafted you won't last a day

  162. Erick Earwood

    Erick EarwoodAnos atrás

    I cant. just eat sh*t Buzzfeed

  163. Jacqui Watson

    Jacqui WatsonAnos atrás

    In regards to the "Asian-Americans recreate iconic magazine covers" video... While I do believe that everybody deserves the right to feel represented within the media and that white-washing is wrong, I also think that we need to remember that America is considered a white country. Just how China and Korea and Japan are all considered "asian" countries (not just because they are in Asia) and these "Asian" countries have their own culture and media that has almost no white or african people in it, mainly asians. The reasoning for that is because in an Asian country you expect to see Asian culture, people and food. However in a white country you are flooded with all these diversity ads on how we need to include more people of different cultures in our media. However, we seem to include more diversity in our media than the asian or african or really any other media. So, I feel that maybe instead of pushing to have one lot of diverse media (the "white" media) we should have every country have diverse media. So maybe instead of continuing to push on just "white" countries we should make this a world-wide issue and stop attacking white people if your country isn't representing us in your media either. Everyone should be represented everywhere not just in "white" countries. (disclaimer: this isn't meant to offend or be derogatory towards anyone so I'm sorry if I have upset anybody).

  164. TheBrawn

    TheBrawnAnos atrás

    Buzzfeed is total garbage. but I have learned a lot from you. Because of you I learned just how dangerous feminism is. Feminism is definitely a man-hating movement, your videos are proof of this. I hope you assholes keep doing what you do because you're actually pushing people away from your cancerous ideology. So I guess...keep up the good work.

  165. Whiskeyjack

    WhiskeyjackAnos atrás

    That manspeading video is gender hate propaganda. Unsubscribed. Wtf is wrong with your channel. Fire those hateful biatchs.

  166. Nate88888 Music

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  167. Nate88888 Music

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  168. Pro Pastrami

    Pro PastramiAnos atrás

    When anyone says they lie buzzfeed I will show them than "manspreading" video of yours. Looks like you might have a fanbase for a little bit longer.

  169. Jook

    JookAnos atrás

    Hey guys, stay away from here, you'll probably get some form of cancer.

  170. Dremaus1911

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    ERIC HILL-BROWNAnos atrás

    buzzfeed just KYS nobody wants, needs or likes you feminazi

  172. Captain Bodyshot

    Captain BodyshotAnos atrás

    This is what happens when cancer itself gets cancer

  173. Juris Medunovs

    Juris MedunovsAnos atrás

    if buzzfeed was a disease it would be ebola

  174. elijah w

    elijah wAnos atrás

    buzzfeed should do a men try purse spreading for a week video

  175. Emi Chan

    Emi ChanAnos atrás

    Really buzzfeed, F**k off please.

  176. Aufstand

    AufstandAnos atrás

  177. Aufstand

    AufstandAnos atrás

    what is up with all the videos with disabled comments and likes/dislikes??? so no interaction with people only pushing your agenda......

  178. Zein Vexx

    Zein VexxAnos atrás

    This channel is cancer please someone remove it from youtube or something or else this will result to massive braincell destruction.

  179. Rodderick Todd

    Rodderick ToddAnos atrás

    I have tried at least 5 times now to get to the end of your manspreading video and I still can't do it. You people make me cringe so hard the skin in my neck end up in my feet.

  180. Bryanna Noriega

    Bryanna NoriegaAnos atrás

    Hi, Buzzfeed. I just wanna say that I need chemotherapy and a psychologist for your cancerous videos. Would you please be so kind to donate to my cause? I really need it after seeing one video from you whores.

  181. Reggie Brightside

    Reggie BrightsideAnos atrás

    Get thus cancer of the net!

  182. Elf Monster

    Elf MonsterAnos atrás

    Failing pile of garbage

  183. Szr7zMix5kcV6F3

    Szr7zMix5kcV6F3Anos atrás

    can you please delete this channel from youtube (and the internet)? that'd be great. thanks.

  184. Archon3000

    Archon3000Anos atrás

    Hey Buzzfeed I am a man and I have what you call a PENIS and two TESTICLES in between my legs which are required to reproduce how about you try growing a penis and two testicles and see how it feels to not spread your legs its very uncomfortable. Also do some actually research for once in your god damn lives. OH! and by the way go and kill yourselves your cancerous pieces of garbage

  185. gigi

    gigiAnos atrás

    Happy birthday Eugene!

  186. c0rNh0l1o

    c0rNh0l1oAnos atrás

    Do you have to be a lgbt to work for buzzfeed? sort of discriminating, don't you think?

  187. Sean Horace

    Sean HoraceAnos atrás

    Is there gonna be any sequels to the Lesbian Bride of Frankenstein?

  188. nietzsche

    nietzscheAnos atrás

    Why is this such a misandrist site

  189. LordLebu

    LordLebuAnos atrás

    Stop making videos on India. You donot represent our culture.

  190. Nate Davis

    Nate DavisAnos atrás

    BuzzFeed, a heaping pile of garbage.

  191. PePe

    PePeAnos atrás

    V man spread II normal but if doing II hurts like a beach cause there is a :- is wrong then wtf am i suppose to do? male spiders are smaller female spiders are larger its just how things act take that diditty video off help save this catastophy...

  192. datguy729

    datguy729Anos atrás

    Probably the most racist channel on youtube

  193. Something. I Can't Remember Anymore.

    Something. I Can't Remember Anymore.Anos atrás

    To disable comments and ratings on a video because of negative feedback shows a lack of confidence. Be better than that.

  194. joey04ryan07

    joey04ryan07Anos atrás check this video out Buzzfeed, you retards.

  195. joey04ryan07

    joey04ryan07Anos atrás

    #Alllivesmater not just black lives so get off of youtube.

  196. Turteng Spaghnhoff

    Turteng SpaghnhoffAnos atrás

    So cute when they got triggered! Now please, focus on something useful...

  197. Charlye Gray

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    Really, buzzfeed? You are proud to publish known lies.

  198. scotthebruce2

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    God help the people you put in the field, Buzzfeed.

  199. rep

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    Thanks Buzzfeed for telling me I'm the scum of the earth and I should kill myself.