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  1. Sydney Ellen

    Sydney Ellen10 meses atrás


  2. Angel Caban

    Angel Caban11 meses atrás

    Thanks so much for sharing, really enjoyed it

  3. Greeen Shoots Productions

    Greeen Shoots ProductionsAnos atrás

    Your channel is great :) I would be glad if you subscribe me too.Thank you.


    SANTOSH SINHAAnos atrás

    Your channel is great :) I would be glad if you subscribe me and do a favor.Thank you.

  5. Ralph Garrett

    Ralph GarrettAnos atrás

    You have blessed channel!!!

  6. the world of entertainment

    the world of entertainmentAnos atrás

    out of this world

  7. Mad Blade Beats

    Mad Blade BeatsAnos atrás

    this channel is worth my subscription

  8. How to

    How toAnos atrás

    whoever comment on my channel videos i will subscribe to you jiust leave a comment on any of my video and also subscribe to me

  9. Some One

    Some OneAnos atrás

    I got crippling depression after watching a Buzzfeed video.

  10. Cloud den

    Cloud denAnos atrás

    you guys should make a canadian stereotype video

  11. Guru 57

    Guru 57Anos atrás

    awww my feminist friends how i long to meet you once again when we wage war against everyone who dosen't agree with us

  12. Phil McPhilsalot

    Phil McPhilsalotAnos atrás

    I'm a Straight Conservative Christian White Male, am I triggering you yet?

  13. Gorlow G

    Gorlow GAnos atrás

    *Calls it feminism* *is actually sexist*

  14. perii-draws

    perii-drawsAnos atrás

    Feminists = cancer

  15. M. S.S

    M. S.SAnos atrás

    @buzzfeed you should do "try guys try to escape an escape room"

  16. Dank Beauty

    Dank BeautyAnos atrás

    I know this is weird but can you guys do a video about abortions?

  17. _BURNOUT00

    _BURNOUT00Anos atrás

    buzz feed is cyber holocaust when you think about it, they are literally acting like they are the right ones for making others look bad when they fight feminism in offensive ways

  18. Miss Amanda's world

    Miss Amanda's worldAnos atrás

    Not sure why squad wars comment section is disabled but I have stufc to say about episode 8. So will say it here it was great. Eugine you can't carry a squad you did great at dancing though should have put your hair up and your team mates not so much. Eugine is a dancer so expected him to do well. Keith and his team where on the same page and Keith actually gave himself to this dance. Sometimes I feel in other situations where try guys danced he holds himself back a little. I often feel like he is capable of more then he does in dance. Here I felt like he did his full ability. Idk what happened with Keith but it was a good thing. Whose idea was bollywood?' and even though torcher for Keith his messed up tounge being sentive to spice actually gave an advantage.

  19. TheApllo

    TheAplloAnos atrás


  20. meatball kelly

    meatball kellyAnos atrás


  21. Trikomus

    TrikomusAnos atrás

    Can buzzfeed Get any more cancerous?

  22. General Phanter

    General PhanterAnos atrás

    Dear Buzzfeed.......can you please stop making CANCER!?

  23. Corey Murray

    Corey MurrayAnos atrás

    I have an idea for a future video: "Lao People React to King of the Hill's 'Laotian' Characters"

  24. sean clark

    sean clarkAnos atrás

    I once had to go into chemo therapy from watching a Buzzfeed video

  25. Sharkbait64

    Sharkbait64Anos atrás

    Excuse me, but where is the anti-straight white men playlist? I want to see some reverse-racism.

  26. Instagram Hack

    Instagram HackAnos atrás

    You all really buzz my feed.

  27. Angry Englishman

    Angry EnglishmanAnos atrás

    Dear Buzzfeed. Please go bankrupt and close down. Good day.

  28. Dżelu

    DżeluAnos atrás

    Can somebody explain me how is that possible that this channel has almost 12 million subscribers?! Who is subscribing it?

  29. DrWhoZombie

    DrWhoZombieAnos atrás

    A failing channel

  30. Saesneg

    SaesnegAnos atrás

    cuck feed

  31. Clint Morningwood

    Clint MorningwoodAnos atrás

    This channel gave me cancer.

  32. Roope Lindgren

    Roope LindgrenAnos atrás

    This group of channels is the epitome of torture.

  33. Zara for universal lord

    Zara for universal lordAnos atrás

    I am here to confess my awful sins and I'm sorry and I don't deserve your forgiveness but I'm incredibly sorry (I'm a white male)

  34. sir cattington

    sir cattingtonAnos atrás

    this is for your manspreading video, cause you disabled the comments like a baby. what the women are doing in that video, IS NOT MANSPREADING. one of the girls where litteraly LAYING DOWN on two buss seats at once.

  35. Xisle 1482

    Xisle 1482Anos atrás

    You praise equal rights but are extremely sexist? :/

  36. Pokemontas

    PokemontasAnos atrás

    Please delete your channel. It is full of hate speech. I'm offended!!!!!!!!!

  37. CrazyKoala

    CrazyKoalaAnos atrás evananimates

  38. CrazyKoala

    CrazyKoalaAnos atrás


  39. QueenOfSins

    QueenOfSinsAnos atrás

    i'm just waiting for the day somebody will sue buzzfeed


    SCRUBSLAYER69Anos atrás

    If BRtube was a person Buzzfeed would be a Tumour In the brain slowly killing and sending BRtube insane.

  41. The more you know.

    The more you know.Anos atrás

    $10 Bleach Vs. $120 Bleach - Taste Test (please try buzzfeed)

  42. HippoButtSecks

    HippoButtSecksAnos atrás

    Next video idea: *$10 Manspread VS $10,000 Manspread* ...try it you cunts

  43. Amy's TrottingMinis

    Amy's TrottingMinisAnos atrás

    Hello, I sent you guys (buzzfeed) a pm. Please answer.

  44. 伝説Music

    伝説MusicAnos atrás

    kys buzzfeed

  45. wyeth

    wyethAnos atrás

    plz kill yourselves, it's really doing the world a favor

  46. Sem Brami

    Sem BramiAnos atrás

    I hope you choke on your own lame jokes

  47. Bennnnny1987

    Bennnnny1987Anos atrás

    Multiculturalism and diversity are code words for less White people aka. White genocide.

  48. Jesus Christ

    Jesus ChristAnos atrás

    This is basically what it would be like if all of tumblr had a youtube channel.

  49. TheCar454

    TheCar454Anos atrás

    Hey buzzfeed! do you remember the time when you were a creditable news outlet instead of an emasculated false information factory? yeah, neither can I.

  50. Joshua Towner

    Joshua TownerAnos atrás

    cant wait for the videos like "questions white people have for black people" or "questions white people have for Asian people" or "questions guys have for girls" because, you know, they`ve already done the previous ones but switched around.